Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 703 - A Majestic Line Up!

Chapter 703 - A Majestic Line Up!


In the chaotic void not too far away from the Burning Domains Galaxy, Summoning Rifts erupted from his two main bodies as terrifying Animus Summons that released an ancient stepped out.

The terrifying chaotic void around them did bother them one bit, each of their bodies appearing in a stellar fashion as they looked around curiously!

The biggest Summon was the 500-meter large Void Serpent whose twisted body overtowered all of them, only the 300 meter-sized Calamity Bear being able to turn its face towards him as it didn’t seem as minuscule as everyone else.

The unique Variant Oculothorax shone with the essence of Light and Fate as the enormous pupil was about 20 meters in size, ten times the height of an average man as it matched the size of the arrogant Three-Legged Fate Crow that glanced around each of them while keeping its beak high.

"This is..."


The ancient voice of the future Jormugandr rang out as it glanced towards Noah’s two bodies, finding out with surprise that aside from the Alexander it was contracted to, it could also feel a link to the newly appearing body of Noah as it felt even this being could give it commands as well!

This unique situation caused the eyes of the Void Serpent to shine, this being something it had not yet seen in its thousands of years of living. The other pets also noticed this oddity as it shocked them to accept, but the truth was clear as they could feel it with their souls.

Two bodies, a single Master!

The clones could be differentiated as the Animus Summons looked towards each other with an unknown light, the Three-Legged Fate Crow speaking out as it acted like an older summon amongst all of them.

"As the first summon by Master, you all can call me Older Sister Crow. Do you all know what we are about to do?"

Its fiery gold feathers shone splendrously in the chaotic void as its eyes tried not to tremble when the terrifying gaze of the Void Serpent looked towards it with a smile, the eyes of the Crow focusing themselves on the Oculothorax and the Calamity bear as it tried to insert its authority!

"Older Sister Crow, aren’t we besieging a Galaxy filled with powerful enemies? It is nothing much." The strong voice of the Calamity Bear rang out calmly as it didn’t seem bothered by anything, its eyes only locked on to the Void Serpent as it felt its very bloodline quiver when looking at this being.

A second later, the piercing mental voice of the Oculothorax also rang out in the minds of all the beings here as it carried with it a tone of battle intent!

"Master has shared the information of these so-called Fiends. My attacks layered with Soul Damage will reap the lives of those QUASAR Ranked Fiend Rulers as easy as plucking the feathers of chickens...with the Elder Fiends at the GALAXY Realm...being my main targets!"


The future Golden Crow was nodding mysteriously while trying to look wise until it heard the last sentence of the Oculothorax, bringing its fiery golden wings close to it as its golden eyes locked with the enormous eye filled with the essence of light and fate.

The Void Serpent looked at all of this calmly as its gigantic head turned towards the two Noah’s and asked calmly.

"You seem confident to walk into this Galaxy and come out alive even when it is filled with enemies of higher Realms than us, what is the goal?"

"The simply loot! As for our lives, I can guarantee that all of us will walk in there and leave without so much a feather falling off our bodies." Noah answered calmly as he prepared, the body of Alexander going towards the Void Serpent.

"Before we teleport into the Burning Domains Galaxy though, we will merge and bring ourselves to the peak of our strength. The moment we enter will be the time when blood will overflow."


Words filled with confidence spread out in the Void as even the pets weren’t fully convinced, but they trusted their Master when he said none of them would lose their lives, even if they could not explain it!

"The mana expenditure to maintain the merging state not just with me, but with these other three...I know that most Summoners can barely merge with their Summons for a few minutes, are we only going in and out in a matter of minutes?"

The curious Void Serpent continued to ask questions as it tried to get to the root of Noah’s strength, the being in question only smiling as he said simply,

"Mana? That’s something I have even fewer worries about. If I wanted to remain merged with all of you for days, it would not be an issue. Much less a few hours. Let us begin- [One Body, One Soul]!"


Baleful Essence erupted out in large amounts as a golden line appeared between the body of Alexander and the Void Serpent, a hazy light covering the two of them as with another flash of light, they were pulled towards each other as they became one!


Bubbling essence continued to emulate out as when the light died down, the enormous body of the Void Serpent had shockingly grown by another 200 meters, its scales seeming even thicker and l.u.s.trous as its eyes now shone with a gold-red l.u.s.ter.


When the eyes opened, the joined consciousness of two beings was finalized as Noah felt the immense power of the Void Serpent, especially the archaic bloodline hidden deep within it! Memories of its numerous terrifying skills and abilities poured into his brain as they felt like his own, the power of this creature at the QUASAR Realm being elevated by a great amount from the +200% boost in power of the enhanced [One Body, One Soul] perfect merging ability!

But he wasn’t done.

Merging with a summon was only the first step, and he would be bringing out even greater power as he began buffing himself with shocking abilities!

[Incandescent Emperor].

The ability that granted him +1000% to Damage, Attack Speed, Cast Speed, Law Resistances, Defence, as well as +50% Decreased Damage Taken from all sources was activated as on the body of the Void Serpent that had mastered the Laws of Death, Ather, and Chaos- the light of Fate began to dr.a.p.e over it with ease.

Vibrant golden runic lines began to be drawn throughout the enormous body of the creature as on top of its draconic-serpentine head, a golden crown began forming!

The aura it released was only rising higher and higher as the other three Animus watched on in shock at the pressure the Void Serpent released that seemed to be soon going way past the realm of QUASAR.

A shocking powerup and transformation session was just beginning as Noah fully prepared many abilities, planning to be at the absolute peak of strength the moment that his four bodies merged with Animus Summons teleported into the Burning Domains Galaxy!

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