Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 137 - Advancing

Chapter 137 - Advancing

There were still many things yet to be checked out as the ones that were looked at continued to bring more and more surprises. There were new plants that would undoubtedly have even more spectacular effects to look at, as well as the third feature that was unlocked, the [Frozen Barrier].

It seemed like a significant amount of time would have to be given just to play around with [Architecture], but that could wait for later. Noah wanted to check one last feature before he began moving towards the next steps laid out in his mind.

He clicked on the last feature, [Frozen Barrier], as he felt the congregation of essence erupt yet again. This time around, it formed into runic sigils that appeared in a circular formation around the Spiritual Land.

The blue sigils shone and had complex lines connecting and running around, coming all together to form a huge net that covered the entirety of the Spiritual Land that was larger than a city.

When every single runic sigil connected, a transparent blue shield formed over the Spiritual Land. It shone a light blue light all around as it made the floating landmass look even more magnificent. This [Frozen Barrier] was a feature of the Spiritual Land that allowed a protective barrier that defended against most attacks from those at the LEGENDARY stage.

If you were to hide like a turtle in a shell in your Spiritual Land, the barrier would only be broken through when attacks continued to rain down until the reserves of energy being used to maintain it rang out. Noah watched the strong barrier surrounding him, and then observed after 1 minute as it began to fade.

It was a barrier that was powerful enough to block attacks from LEGENDARY beings as long as mana was provided, it would not come without its restrictions. The [Frozen Barrier] could only be activated once every 24 hours, and it provided ultimate defense against the Spiritual Land’s invaders for an entire minute before the runic sigils faded away for another use 24 hours later.

Noah smiled at this stupendous defense as his eyes moved to the LEGENDARY beasts around the Spiritual Land. They were at their happiest now and moved around with vigor. He would put them to work as soon as he began moving.

He would check out the other new things later as his hands reached towards the Spiritual Land once again, this time using [Size Regulation] as the grandiose floating landmass became small with speed visible to the n.a.k.e.d eye.

The landmass shrunk down until it could be placed on the palm of his hands, as the hidden Noah who was only visible as a blinding light towards a certain Queen used [Anchor] to attach the Spiritual Land to himself.

He then moved with excitement as he activated a new skill which would become one of his main cards to propel him even further as time passed, {Spatial Travel}. The unique skill was an upgraded [Teleport] essentially, just much better with a whole lot less restrictions.

The unique thing about the skill was that it allowed you to transfer to a place that you had seen. As long as you had been to any place and seen it, you could go back to it as you wished. The further the distance you wanted to travel, the more mana you needed before the skill could be activated to bring you to the position you had in your head.

The skill made it possible for Orias to do many crazy things, with one of them being traveling across the worlds she had been to as she wished. She bypassed the making and using of [Plane Crystals] to go across worlds and simply used her skill to get there, and now, Noah would be doing the same.

He had a light smile on his face as he thought back to an area he was in not too long ago. Blinding red light flashed as the unique skill, {Spatial Travel} was activated, and Noah’s figure flashed away.

Just as it had appeared, the floating landmass disappeared from the skies of the Frozen Kingdom. The only thing it left behind was the boosted environment that had a higher concentration of essence, as well as the amazement and dumbfoundedness of those that saw it.

The four peaks and the land that was affected by the buff shone brilliantly. The old king looked towards his kingdom as he felt a semblance of peace, while the newly anointed Queen looked into the skies with a sad expression.

Noah had talked about all of these events and how he would start moving soon, after that he would be able to come back routinely to check how things were going. There would not be any approaching enemies any time soon, and in the case there was any he promised to come back in a blink of an eye.

But if there wasn’t any danger to save them from, when would he actually take the time to come back? Would it be a week, month, or even more? She recalled the many EPIC cores and a few LEGENDARY cores he had left for her to do as she saw fit. The expression of the new Queen had a tinge of sadness as these thoughts passed through her.

The Shadow Guard, Night, was observing her Lady with a complicated expression as she found the one she served to be showing more and more emotions she had never seen before.

Especially today, what had happened to give her an air that made her seem like a brand new woman? Her questions wouldn’t be answered, as the truth was something that wasn’t even an option in her head.

She knew very little of the movements of the Esteemed Sir, but the miraculous event that just happened now was definitely through his hands. Now, when would they see him again?

At the same time as these thoughts passed through the mind of this Shadow Guard, a fiery red light was crossing the skies towards the Frozen Kingdom from another location in the continent.

The [Imperial Phoenix] that Noah had come across and provided the help that allowed him to obtain the Spiritual Land was coming to check just how this human had progressed, as well as understand his clash with the Demon King and how it was connected with the retreat of demons from their world.

There were many questions passing through her head, but they would not be getting answers any time soon as the person she was looking for had just disappeared from the Beast World.


A flash of red light, and Noah’s first spatial travel across two worlds from the use of a skill had occurred.

He appeared in the skies of the small village that was surrounded by a light barrier that protected them from many things in the outside world. Landing on the ground, Sophia’s figure flashed out from the Spiritual Land as she looked at her home with a smile.

"Big Brother, how much time will you spend here?"

Here. The here she was talking about wasn’t just the mountain and village they were on, but the world they stood on.

"Not too long. There are still many things to do, and I can’t waste it needlessly."

There were a few people he actually wanted to see. The confident Kazuhiko that was now EPIC ranked, the woman that was taking charge of a small city where he came to prominence, and the stout man with a spear that stood as the protector of the Empire.

"I’ll give a few people a visit some other time. Before the journey to the Lost World starts, I will just give a little help to their lands."

The spectacular sight of him traveling across worlds with a skill had just finished, and he was about to move with the Spiritual Land to boost the environments of the places where most humans congregated to increase their power.

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