Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 136 - Tier 3 Spiritual Land

Chapter 136 - Tier 3 Spiritual Land

The congregation of essence in the skies of the Frozen Kingdom was palpitating as the old king and many others looked at the appearance of this large floating landmass with caution.

The sight of the Queen standing calmly surrounded by her EPIC guard on Snowy Peak calmed many as a message came across soon after for none of them to worry.

The scene in front of them was spectacular, to say the least, as they looked at this floating landmass that was pulsating with light as if it wanted to expand. The mixtures of blue and white roiled around the Spiritual Land as the transformation continued.


The beasts in the Frozen Plateau Spiritual Land were moving excitedly as they watched the upgrade of the next tier occur, the congregation of mana allowing for the birth of new beasts to be visible to the n.a.k.e.d eye.

Noah was observing the constantly changing panel under {Spiritual Land Management} as he observed the continuing process. The catalysis from him had occurred, and all that was left now was to wait as the process completed itself.

Essence continued to congregate as the panel under the unique skill changed, and soon enough on the section that listed the tier of the Spiritual Land, the number 3 appeared.

A blinding blue and while light resplendently shone all-around at the completion of the process, as a brand new Spiritual Land stood in the skies. The size was only slightly larger, but it seemed to give a sense of pressure as it towered over the heads of the beings below it.


The beasts cheered as their home gained an upgrade, which meant they would have even more chances to increase their strength in the future with the passage of time.

Noah looked at the {Spiritual Land Management} panel expectantly while observing the changes around him.

{Spiritual Land Management}

[Frozen Plateau-3]

Beasts: F-XXX, E-XXX, D-24,650, C-9432, B-5436, A-465, S-85, EPIC-15, LEGENDARY-5

Plants- Whitefall Trees, Snow Vine, Sacred Rye. Available for planting(Ice-fire Persimmon, Pigmy Melon...)

Features- Size Regulation(Unlocked), Movement(Unlocked), Anchor(Unlocked), Boost Surroundings(Unlocked), Architecture(Unlocked), Frozen Barrier(Unlocked), Offensive Maneuvers(Locked), @#[email protected]%(Locked), Time Dilation(Locked), [email protected]##$(Locked)...

Upgrade- Conditions not met. @%%^#$

Three new features had been unlocked with the upgrade of the Frozen Plateau Spiritual Land. Noah looked at the one he had been eyeing when he chose to let the upgrade happen in the center of the Frozen Kingdom.

It was a feature that seemed straightforward, simply being [Boost Surroundings]. So what effect did it have on the surroundings?

A tremendous amount of mana coursed through Noah’s body as he clicked on the feature in the panel, his figure flashing away from the inner parts of the Spiritual Land and appearing higher in the skies to watch the transformation.

The blue and white light that had just died down began shining brightly again, this time going around to encompass the four peaks around it, as well as a portion of the Frozen Kingdom below.

The blue and white light went around every nook and corner of affected lands, leaving a new environment as it receded back into the Spiritual Land soon after. The people felt the land they were in begin to feel much different as the air became easier to breathe in and they could feel a denser collection of essence surrounding them.

On the many acres of land spread out around the Kingdom, the produce yet to be harvested shined ever so brighter as even the land seemed to be affected by [Boost Surroundings]. Noah watched the results of the wide buff that seemed to cover thousands of miles as he became shocked at the effects of a Spiritual Land once more.

This feature that increased the concentration of essence around its surroundings would remain active over time, only reducing in its effectiveness after around two months.

Adelaide was surrounded by guards that were looking around them dumbfoundedly. She had thought she couldn’t be any more surprised, but it seemed she continued to be wrong. Beside the amazement and wonder that she felt, there was still a tinge of sadness as this seemed to be a goodbye gift, even if the goodbye would be short and he would be back sometime soon.

In the skies, Noah’s figure flashed away and reappeared in the inner parts of the Spiritual Land after observing the effects of [Boost Surroundings]. The next feature he was itching to try was [Architecture]. Another plain name, but he would undoubtedly be surprised at what it did.

Clicking on this feature expanded it to give a wide array of options for what the user of the {Spiritual Land Management} wanted to do. When it said [Architecture], it really did mean just that. Grand buildings that could be seen all across the Frozen Kingdom were showing themselves in a blue holographic format, but those were not the only thing.

Skyscr.a.p.ers, houses, and other modern buildings that were definitely not from the Beast World were also possible as options to choose from, giving a wide array of choices on what to do. Besides these were also Classical and Gothic Architecture he had only seen in his homeworld in the past.

There were many possibilities, but he started with a simple one first, and selected a modern home that you would only find the extremely rich be able to afford and play with. The selection of the hologram caused essence to roil in the air as on the snowy land of the Spiritual Land, a structure was being erected.

The soil, trees, and everything around it seemed to be used as they faded into particles of light, and something new that was visible to the n.a.k.e.d eye was forming. Noah watched in amazement as an elegant and sophisticated modern home built itself in front of his eyes.

The house had 3 levels and seemed to be made of mostly reinforced glass and concrete. The land around it became leveled as small [Whitefall Trees] seemingly rearranged and surrounded the house elegantly.

It felt like he had returned back into an old time as he flashed near the door of the house and went in. There was a cool air flowing in the house as a symmetrical formation of luxury fluffy leather couches were in the living room. A rectangular structure was elevated as it had blue flames waving beautifully atop it, giving the room a serene look.

There was a simple styled kitchen shining smoothly in another section of the house, showing a large fridge and other structures you would normally not see in a world like this. On the second level, there were multiple rooms with large beds that seemed to scream softness, each room having its own private balcony with reinforced glass surrounding it.

On the third level was a wider expanse of rooms, as a glass pool was presently covering more than half of this topmost floor. The pool had steam and bubbles dancing off of the clear water as it invited people to come and enjoy.

Noah looked at this astounding sight around him as he realized he had yet to understand just how ridiculous the management skill and this Spiritual Land he held could be.

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