Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 131 - An Astounding Retreat

Chapter 131 - An Astounding Retreat

Shock and horror passed through the minds of every single ruler of the Demon World as they felt the death of yet another one of their peers, and in such a short instance at that!

Yet another channel of communication was opened as the Rulers congregated, and found the one to be missing was the one they all had immense trust in for the ability to keep themselves hidden and safe as they could disappear to the ends of the world at the slightest sign of trouble.

There was only silence in the communication channel as an inviolable calm voice that was filled with wrath at the same time rang out.

"Pull out all forces from the Beast World."

There was another period of silence after the Rulers heard this command. Nobody could raise an objection to it, its will seemingly descending down across the vast worlds they were in. The voice rang out once again.

"Blacklist this world and add it to the list. It is not worth the losses to continue a battle with an enemy we do not know."

The voice paused for a short moment before continuing, this time directed at a specific person that was also listening closely and seemingly about to erupt.

"I don’t want to hear anything from you, Barbatos. You’ve defied me long enough. Prepare your forces and be ready to descend to the Lost World of Atlantis. The supreme treasure, the Trident of Neptune, might be in our grasp in the coming months. Make haste."


An arrogant huff filled with anger that seemed to be screaming ’I told you so’ was the only reply to come on the other end as the rest of the Rulers remained quiet. The reality of losing two of their peers in this Middle World in the corner of the universe gave them a shock, but a reminder at the same time. No matter how confident they were, there were always unexplained beings and mysteries that could take the lives of individuals as powerful as them.

They didn’t know which terrifying expert they had provoked, but it made no sense to continue sending their forces in a location where even more of them could face true death.

The demons were arrogant, deceitful, and strong, but they knew when to pull back when they hit a tough wall. Not a single Ruler in the communication channel defied the voice that spoke as they swallowed their anger and talked about how they would move thereafter.

The voice that demanded the attention of all of the rulers that neither of them could go against was coming from the Ruler that was ranked first in the Demon World, the Oppressive Tyrant, Baal.


Barbatos sat on a throne made of bones in the center of a destroyed world. A dark miasmic air was floating around as she stood up and looked at her legions of undead that stretched for miles.

Ferocious looking skeletons holding jagged swords, deadly liches that could summon droves of zombies, and bone dragons were just among the many undead that she controlled.

A dark light escaped from her hands, forming into a black pearl that shone its light towards the legions of undead around her. As if escaping in a black hole, all the powerful figures were sucked into this pearl as Barbatos continued to move.

She was furious at the old fool that always called the shots, but she couldn’t defy him. Even with her terrible level of power, Baal still wasn’t someone she could go against. She would have chosen to descend down into that Beast World no matter how many treasures they had to use to bypass the laws that protected the middle world.

As long as the world was lower level, universal laws would not allow powerful individuals vastly surpassing the level of power that is the peak for that world to descend. Otherwise, every single world would be taken over by the Prime Worlds by now.

Yet, for huge worlds, it did not matter what level you were, as the laws were loose when it came to worlds where powerful figures roamed. This made it much easier to use weak pieces to travel across worlds. For someone like her to descend in a world that only had MYTHICAL beings at the peak, the cost was simply too much.

So she would take this loss on this Beast World that reduced the number of Rulers of the Demon World to 68...but she would definitely not leave it alone.

’Hmph, expert huh? What need would there be for you to scurry around if you were such a high being?’

She wasn’t convinced, so she would definitely move to act later. For now though, she would comply with the commands of the Tyrant.

’The Lost World of Atlantis...I haven’t been to the sea in quite a while. Huhuhu, alright my darlings, let’s go have some fun!’

Barbatos waved her hands as the throes of undead disappeared into the black pearls in her hands. Anger and madness could be felt from her laughter, as the Necromancer of Chaos moved.


Things were rapidly changing as huge movements began to occur with the demons at the center of the Beast World. The demons that had been advancing this entire time began taking defensive positions and pulled back towards the center of the Draconic Kingdom.

The unwilling Demon Kings looked at the world that they would have in doubt taken down in time as the command of retreat rang throughout their minds. There were just too many things they didn’t know, with the enemy holding a power that directly countered them.

It would mean senselessly throwing themselves to get killed if they continued to poke around in the North trying to find out just who held the power to cause a True Death. Their losses were huge, so they would take them and try to recuperate for the time being.

A congregation of essence was abundant around the Draconic Kingdom as red lights shined out, the forces of demons constantly reducing as they were transferred back to the Demon World.

The powerful Demon King Asmodeus oversaw the retreat as he stood atop the head of the old ruler of the Draconic Kingdom and wildly released his power. The retreat was very quick and unexpected that even the Mythical Kingdom’s forces had no time to move as they watched cautiously.

When the day turned into night, only Asmodeus and a bone dragon were left standing at the center of Draconic Kingdom. Asmodeus looked around the lands he already had under his control, and thought about the ones he missed just because of this one incident.

His heart was ablaze in flames just like all the other Rulers about the death of two Demon Kings, but it seemed he was still too weak to do anything about it. A red light began to shine out from him that covered the entirety of his body and the bony figure of the Mythical undead dragon as the most powerful Demon King in the Beast World...disappeared.

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