Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 130 - 30 Seconds!

Chapter 130 - 30 Seconds!

A plan can be made perfectly, but then many things can go wrong after. One of the only ways to make a plan successful is to be the one holding the most information and account for all the possibilities.

The possibility that a lone Demon King that was proficient in spying and quick movements would come to collect information about the place where a momentous event occurred was high.

The question after was how would you know who this Demon King was, and even possibly get your hands on them. The memories from a close-knit individual from their ranks gave all the answers, and brought about the outcome occurring now.

Multiple posters had been passed out over the last few days showing the very clear face of a little girl, a gallant man, and a poor old lady that were in Gremory’s memories over the many soldiers and guards around the kingdom. The moment they were to see any of these figures, they had to quietly report right away. Shadow Guards were placed on the front lines with their covert abilities and had been working overtime these past few days.

Yet, this was just one of the cards that I played. Another one that was even more foolproof was the unique skill of my favorite princess, {Golden Rule}. The skill allowed the user to see different colors of light depending on what intentions and possible effects a person could have on the user. The effects that a demon king could bring were huge, so Adelaide would be able to confirm whether I was facing a demon king the moment the eyes spread out all over the kingdom found any resemblances of the pictures drawn out.

Among the many forms she took, Demon King Orias’s favorite form was that of a defenseless girl that any disgusting pervert would try to get their hands on. Orias’s favorite hobby was flaying these perverts slowly as soon as they showed themselves to her. This was the form I placed a high chance of seeing.

So all I had to do was to first find her as soon as she appeared in this form, confirm I made no mistakes with Adelaide’s eyes, and put on a play of something she had been used to seeing. The moment the communication came through that a girl matching the description had been found, I felt the adrenaline rush through me as the plan seemed to be perfectly falling into place.

I silently moved Adelaide out of the Spiritual Land and watched as her face drained of color when her eyes landed on the figure of a little girl moving around Snowy Peak. After getting this confirmation, everything was ready to move on to the next phase. The battle had to take place at a completely different location, as too many lives would be lost if I attacked her right in the throngs of moving people.

I changed into the most extravagant clothes I prepared and rushed out with a carriage towards the location she was moving in. Shadow Guards were on stand by as they got ready to clear the area out at the slightest signs of any issues. Putting my emotions in check, I opened the carriage doors and acted the part of the vilest human in existence, and I was able to get my hands on her before I cast [Teleport] on the both of us.

The next part of the plan lies here. This demon king was one of the few that held two powerful unique skills, one for quickly moving anywhere she wanted, and another for changing into her many forms.

She didn’t have high battle power, but could simply use her unique skill that was leagues above [Teleport] to simply leave as soon she felt a threat to her life. This was the next thing that I had to counter.

Amazingly enough for me, after using the demon’s [Power Jewel] on my LEGENDARY skill and creating [Corrupted Sigil of Hegemony], a beautiful new feature that perfectly countered the powerful spatial skill of the demon king was there.

[Corrupted Sigil of Hegemony] :: A highly protective sigil establishes itself as far as 30 meters around you, empowering you and your allies while hindering your foes for 30 seconds. Another 30 seconds are required before the runic forces can be activated again. Absorbs half of all damage dealt while active. +300% Casting and Attack Speed. +300% damage to enemies in sigil. +300% Speed. -75% Enemy Elemental Resistances. -75% Enemy Speed. Restrict Movement is applied.

Restrict Movement.

This newly added function after being enhanced by the [Power Jewel] allowed the skill to heavily restrict any movements while enemies were in the range of the skill, and this also applied to spatial movement.

This meant that the Demon King’s unique skill that allowed her to teleport anywhere she wished would be of no use for 30 seconds. It was in these 30 seconds, that I had to kill her!

If these seconds passed and she was still alive, she would run away in the next instant and they would finally have information about me. In these next 30 seconds, I couldn’t even allow her to think.


The [Emperor Penguin] and other beasts were already waiting on standby in the underground area of the Spiritual Land. They threw out their most powerful attacks where the figures of me and the Demon King just appeared as a blue runic sigil inlaid with red was already spreading out to cover all of us.

[Corrupted Sigil of Hegemony] was initiated. 30 seconds!


Orias quickly adapted as she found herself in this perilous situation, her body quickly transforming to become blood red as her figure exploded in size. Hellish flames began to swirl around her as they formed into multiple layers of shields.

My attacks were already flying out as every single powerful skill I had was initiated. {Primal Conjurer} was cast beforehand as two terrifying [Trolls] carrying heavy weapons struck down on the body of Orias, smashing through the fiery shields and mangling her flesh while grounding her bones as her body received the full debuffs of the [Corrupted Sigil of Hegemony] and a recently cast [Enfeeble] , all while my summons were heavily boosted by it.

The two [Trolls] summoned from the {Primal Conjurer} skills were extremely physically powerful LEGENDARY beasts, their strikes causing panic to appear in the blood-red eyes of Orias. The Holy Blight had the hordes of [Defiled Corpses] already throwing themselves at the blood-red demon as they exploded spectacularly, a poisonous breath rolling out from it right after.

Not a single inch of breathing room was given to the Demon King as attacks continued to rain left and right.

20 seconds!

My body was moving backwards from the center of this explosive mess as the incarnation of a corrupted sword saint wrapped all around me, [Bear Emperor’s Fur] wrapping it up right after and [Demon King’s Haki] activating and making the entire area around me tremble, pushing Orias’s figure into the ground as freezing storms of ice elements surrounded me from [Absolute Zero].


A red light was blooming from the Demon King’s body as she tried to retaliate the swarming of two LEGENDARY [Trolls], EPIC beasts, and the Holy Blight’s attacks. All that met her was an [Arctic Breath] that was thrown out from me next, freezing everything in a storm of destruction that was dissipating right after.


Her figure let out a wail as the hazy outline of a terrifying banshee formed around her, elevating her injured body while trying to heal the heavy wounds she was dealt.

10 seconds!

My now large figure spun rapidly in midair with a humongous blade in hand, gaining speed as I shot myself down like a missile with the sword stretched outright. [Bone Spear] was cast as multiple deathly pulsating spears appeared en masse and went down with me towards the struggling body of the Demon King.

The hazy outline of a red banshee was broken through and scattered as the blade pierced down towards the frozen earth.


The blade broke through the freezing ice and the figure of the Demon King that was held in place, meeting the forehead of the demon and nailing it to the ground.

I breathed heavily from the adrenaline as I watched the destructive cold elements split apart muscle and bone, a red light shining thereafter as the 59th ranked Demon King...met her end.

0 seconds.

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