Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 106 - Making History II

Chapter 106 - Making History II

[Enfeeble] was the first skill that landed on the poisonous [Wood Frog], unexpectedly slowing it down and causing it to lag, allowing the swing of my sword to pierce into its body and leave a gash. Each swing of my sword carried with it an S rank skill I didn’t think I would be using, [Smouldering Sword Strike], that added another layer of damage to the already destructive sword.

I flashed away in an instant as attacks from the other four beasts landed in the location I was just in, [Crisis Avoidance] working in full force letting me know where they were all coming from.

[Instant Transfer] was used repeatedly as I flashed to the [Arctic Wolf] next, stopping the deadly ice beam it was about to shoot out once again. I used another skill I never thought I would have the chance to use to smash into the face of the wolf with the full force of my boosted physical damage by using the rank S [Shield Slam] I received and never used a while back.


The strike reverberated out as the wolf’s mouth lost a few teeth and became bloody. [Corrupted Sword Saint’s Incarnation]’s physical damage and speed boosts were nothing to laugh at.

I was watching the entire battlefield with constantly shifting [Regal Archer’s Eyes] as I saw attacks honing in my location again, this time the [Emperor Penguin] flashed right above me letting out a deadly strike with its wide flippers. The other three beasts neared the location to land their attacks as I smiled and transferred away once more.

Their attacks only met air, but not for long as a humongous [Iceberg] smashed into the location that I just left.


The impact caused the beasts to become disoriented and lose their momentum as jagged glacial spears pierced onto some of them, and they were about to rise when the shadow of the 30 meter [Iceberg] appeared again.


A screech came out of the [Emperor Penguin] as a hazy silver light emanated outward from his body and covered the nearby beasts, transporting them far away in an instant.


The iceberg smashed down to one unlucky [White Mamba] that wasn’t close enough to the penguin.

Without letting them have any time to recoup, the large white snake only felt pressure as above the broken glacial chunks, a [Poisonous Breath] barreled down towards it from the mouth of the Plague Bearer.

The battle was fast-paced as I acted to be sure that no time was given while I flashed around all over the snowy plain. [Thought Acceleration] was churning at full capacity as my white-furred figure flashed at the poisoned and injured [White Mamba], and the blade layered with destructive ice elements pierced its disoriented head from top to bottom.


A horrid sound came out as the blade jaggedly tore apart the head of the beast, the Freezing Touch spreading throughout the muscle and brain matter, finishing it instantly. I pulled out the large blade and stood upright, looking at the four remaining beasts at a distance. A dense essence of light had already flown in my storage pouch. That was one down.

My next target was the [Snow Leopard] that had been shooting what seemed to be a combination of wind and ice blades to every point I appeared. They appeared as jagged crescent blades that exploded on impact. I instantly flashed to its location as my sword deflected the icy blades that appeared right in front of it.

The Plague Bearer was getting ripped apart as it held off the three other beasts behind me, soon exploding in a shower of poison that showered everything nearby. It was fully summoned again in the next second as I continued to slash even faster at the leopard in front of me.

All of its evading was for naught as the storm of destructive ice elements slowed it down, with every strike that landed wounding it even more. When it seemed to be making its last-ditch attempt and a green light surrounded it, [Enfeeble] was cast and the momentary delay would be all I needed.

[Bone Spears] was casted as more than ten extremely large spears letting out pulsating dark energy rushed towards the beast. Multiple rifts had also appeared behind it as flames and lightning pierced it from the back, with my sword coming down from the front.


A whining sound was the only thing that was then heard as the second beast fell, essence filling up my storage pouch once again.

The [Emperor Penguin] appeared a moment later as its flippers struck out again, the deadly light collected on it being able to slightly injure my large body that was layered with a ton of skills.

I observed the other two beasts to be tangling with my Plague Bearer, so I simply sent another [Iceberg] their way to keep them busy. Both my summon and beasts were smashed down, with the summon exploding right after to just increase the pain before it reappeared brand new in a few seconds.

My frozen sword met the strikes of the penguin as we moved around at high speed. Each strike was deadly enough to shave off the surrounding landscape and leave behind restructured frozen landscapes as the penguin disappeared and reappeared multiple times around me. Any strikes of his that landed would quickly be closed up by the constantly active [Saint’s Return].

The battle continued like this as the two other remaining beasts, the [Arctic Wolf] and [Wood Frog], blasted out of the frozen glaciers. The sight that met them only caused them to despair as the Plague Bearer was right on top preparing another poisonous breath, while near them were the two bodies of dead EPIC beasts that were moving again, their eyes blank and bodies a deadly shade of green.


The [Emperor Penguin] screamed again as it looked at this losing battle and the strikes that were not very effective, its entire body shining a silver light that formed into the shape of a blooming flower which exploded between us.


The impact occurred around the same time as the moving corpses of the first two killed beasts wrapped themselves around the [Arctic Wolf] and [Wood Frog], the explosion of the EPIC beasts taking the already injured ones to their deaths.

The snowy battlefield was silent as the [Emperor Penguin] appeared above the skies where the poisonous explosion occurred. It was the only one left.

Various injuries sn.a.k.e.d across its body as my large incarnation floated in the skies towards it. My incarnation that was filled with fur and looked like some sort of ferocious beast was leaving behind a trail of cold air as it moved.

There was no place for the [Emperor Penguin] to go to as it looked to my coming figure unwillingly. Its body glowed with that silvery light as it dashed towards me at full speed. The destructive storm of ice around me raged as I unequipped the shield and held the long blade with both of my hands.

The [Dark Slayer Sword Style] that came with the incarnation was active as I held the blade in a beautiful drawing stance. The poisonous summon appeared beside me as well as multiple rifts opening up behind me. The spears of bones filled with malevolent energies also appeared in mass, fully prepared for the silvery figure of the rushing [Emperor Penguin].

It was but an instant, but the impact let out a blinding light all around.


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