Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 105 - Making History I

Chapter 105 - Making History I

Powerful figures were watching the ending of a perilous battle with rapt attention. In the scene being shown on the wide glass mirror at the depths of one of the Spiritual Lands in the North, a large [Walrus] was seen rolling with its last breath.

In the destroyed grassland, the bodies of a [N.a.k.e.d Molerat] and [Polar Bear] could be seen alongside poisonous puddles of pus and molten ground. The thick skin of the walrus was finally pierced as even with its resistance to the cold, frozen gashes were present all over its body as it vehemently moved even to its last essence.

An excessively large incarnation holding a sword was shooting down like a star, the blade aiming true and bringing an end to the second stage of the Trial of Supremacy.

The weakened bodies of the three beasts that were participating in the trial flashed out soon after as they breathed heavily, still recalling the feeling of the cold blade, poisonous breaths, powerful falling icebergs, and chasing lines of thunder and lightning.

This was not to even mention the feeling of despair as they watched their enemy constantly heal from the wounds they inflicted as if it was nothing. Their origins were severely weakened as a part of themselves was taken with their deaths. This was something they could not control, and had to act as the defenders the moment they chose to contend for the seat of the champion.

The transparent woman overlooking this particular trial was looking closely at the dissipating incarnation as the human grandly appeared in the trial space. His face looked somewhat weary, and yet seemed excited at the same time. She smiled at this sight and sent out a command.

"The final stage will start in an hour. You, you, and you..."

Her hands pointed to multiple figures of the beasts that were watching the matches so far as they rose up somberly. If this human were to really pass the Trial of Supremacy, the consequences for them would be huge. They would not allow this to happen.


I was holding down my ever so increasing excitement as the fight between three EPIC beasts finally finished. I had gained two more EPIC skills that were in no way less powerful than the ones I continued to receive from this floating land that was actually a Spiritual Land.

The beasts this time dropped a skill or an item each on top of the cores, making me assume the area I was transferred in was similar to a dungeon as the repetition of getting 2 skill books or items from EPIC individuals did not repeat itself.

This would be fine though, as there should be a ton of surprises I don’t currently know, and would find out as soon as the next stage is finished. No new contenders or a change of scenery occurred as it seemed like I would be given a breather.

I’ve been making sure to hold back and not show all of my cards as I wasn’t sure if the powerful woman controlling things or the beasts could observe everything in here. [Corrupted Sword Saint’s Incarnation] was turned off as I observed the new skills and items while absorbing the EPIC cores to max my attributes.

From these last three beasts, as well as the first [Winged Spider] I faced, I was able to gain two items and skills on top of a few cores.

[Bone Spears] :: Your knowledge of death is increased as the bones of the dead form at your command. Soul Burn effect is applied to those struck.

[Bear Emperor’s Fur] :: The luminous fur of the Bear Emperor surrounds you and grants you protection. +300% Defense. All Body Covering is applied.

The items were even more exquisite.

[Rat King’s Mask] :: Has the effect of completely concealing your aura and changing your face.

[Primatic Guardian] :: Forged from the extremely tough skin of a mammal, it never breaks from attacks of the same level.

My excitement couldn’t be kept down because of these new spectacular skills and items. I patiently waited for the final stage to arrive as I was expectant of how many beasts I would face before passing this trial. Something like this could only be passed by the toughest beasts that dominated the EPIC stage with their defense and offense, and I was bulldozing my way through because I had just that and even more.

I would be careful not to show too much to this powerful figure that attributed my quick rise of power to a unique skill. Even more of my attention was placed on this idea of a Spiritual Land. If the least of the rewards was something that helped beasts advance to the next rank, what other rewards were there?

I didn’t wait too long as a bit over an hour later, the scenery around me changed once again. This time, a snowstorm was active all around as I appeared atop a frozen mountain. I looked forward to the next opponents as I activated my old and new EPIC skills together for the first time.

The incarnation of the corrupted sword saint descended as my body fully gained control of the massive 8-meter figure. [Bear Emperor’s Fur] was cast next, the incarnation undergoing a change once again.

This time, sleek white fur sprouted out, fully covering the entirety of the large body, even the horn on top of the head seeming like a furry white bump. The fur glistened in the light as [Absolute Zero ] was also activated, increasing the glorious white sheen even more. I equipped the [Prismatic Guardian] shield and watched as it expanded to five meters, becoming the same size as the blade I held.

I looked like a glowing white-furred beast as my large figure towered in the snowy surroundings while holding a long blade and a large shield. The environment even further improved the roiling storm of destructive ice elements caused by [Absolute Zero] to go wild.

I was fully ready as five figures flashed into the frozen mountains nearby. The [Emperor Penguin] was at the forefront as it looked at me with extreme caution, its eyes that normally shone with arrogance fully alert.

The other four were the [Arctic Wolf], a [White Mamba] that was larger than 10 meters with the most vicious yellow eyes I’ve come across, a [Snow Leopard] with glistening white fur, and a dangerous [Wood Frog] that shone multiple bright colors of light.

The fight began rapidly, with the beasts not even getting near me and separating far from each other, circling me on the frozen mountain peak. The [Emperor Penguin] at the lead had his body shining in a dense silver light as its large flippers shone menacingly, its voice ringing out.

"I won’t be the cause for the incident of the first human owning a Spiritual Land. Prepare yourself, as we will be going all out."

The cold voice was heard clearly from this sleek beast as the moment it finished, its large figure disappeared. I smiled at the encirclement of beasts as I felt all the skills wrapped around me. The large blade in my right hand glistened as I also disappeared through [Instant Transfer], my first target being the poisonous [Wood Frog].

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