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Chapter 39: Undead battle qi

Chapter 39: Undead battle qi

Ren Tian followed the crowd all the way down the school building, then walked towards the east direction, and after about 10 minutes, a large arranged rooms appeared before the eyes of Ren Tian You. That robust man led all the students in front of the door of number six training ground, then took out a card and insert inside the groove of the door. After that along with the fluctuation of magic, the door opened wide.

Ren Tian You followed the crowd and entered the training ground. Before the eyes of Ren Tian You, a wide training ground appeared, which was almost 60m in radius. And there was an arena at the rightmost side of the training ground.

“Well, I see new faces in the class, so I will introduce myself. My name is Yun Lei Xiao, your combat class teacher. I’m known as crazy lightning warrior, cultivation level at peak of great swords master. First you 2 come in front at once.” After that robust man introduced himself, he pointed at Ren Tian You and Yan Xin Luo and asked them to come at front.

“Well, first tell us your name.”

“My name is Ren Tian You.”

“Yan Xin Luo.”

“Good, since both of you are new student, I want to grasp your strength level. So, Wang Hai Qing and Sun Chu Qian, come here.” After saying few words, he turned towards the crowd and called out two names. Shortly afterwards, a man and a women came out from the crowd.

“First you 2 come over here, they will be testing your strength. Since you two entered the special class, it means your strength should be pretty good. I hope you 2 will not disappoint me. Well, first Yan Xin Luo and Wang Hai Qing will fight.” After instructing, Yun Lei Xiao turned around, pulled a stool, sat down and prepared to watch the match between Yan Xin Luo and Wang Hai Qing. All the other students also scattered around and surround the arena in all direction to watch the match. Ren Tian You was also interested to see this match, so leaning on the wall he carefully stared at Yan Xin Luo. Actually, there was not any suspense in this match, how can a mere great swordsman Wang Hai Qing be an opponent of Yan Xin Luo. Ren Tian You was only interested to see peculiar power of Sishen clan.

On the arena, Yan Xin Luo and Wang Hai Qing were standing facing each other, and their eyes were also staring at each other. Yan Xin Luo still had the same indifference and forever cold looks in his face, and Wang Hai Qing didn’t know why but cold sweat started to sprang out on the forehead. From the viewpoint of Wang Hai Qing, Yan Xin Luo was full of openings but when he wanted to make his move, those openings completely disappeared. A formidable pressure started to appear inside the heart of Wang Hai Qing.

“Cannot wait any longer, those who don’t attack will be defeated.” Wang Hai Qing calmed down his heart, then grinding his teeth he released his green colored battle qi. Then holding the sword which was covered by the wind system battle qi, he rushed towards Yan Xin Luo.

Yan Xin Luo indifferently watched Wang Hai Qing, and he didn’t even react a bit. All the others who were watching the match was terrified. As the distance gradually closed in, Yan Xin Luo still didn’t react. Wang Hai Qing didn’t care about this much, a strong green colored wind system battle qi covered his long sword, and then he stabbed towards Yan Xin luo.

Just when everyone thought that the sword of Wang Hai Qing would stab Yan Xin Luo, along with the sudden appearance of grey colored half-moon patterned rays of lights before everyone’s eyes, “Ding” a metallic sound rang. On the arena, a short sword had suddenly appeared at the right hand of Yan Xin Luo, which had blocked the attack of Wang Hai Qing.

The sudden obstruction of his attack caused a trace of surprise to appear inside the heart of Wang Hai Qing. He had use the battle qi and the also the physical strength of his whole body in that attack, but his long sword was easily blocked by a short sword.

“Is this your full power?” Yan Xin Luo emotionlessly looked at the reaction of Wang Hai Qing and said indifferently.

“What?” Wang Hai Qing lift up his head and answered involuntarily, and seeing the change in the body of Yan Xin Luo, immediately his pupil shrunk.

Yan Xin Luo had suddenly released the gray colored battle qi which was filled with death aura, then Yan Xin Luo looked even creepier. The released grey colored battle qi slowly started to gather around the body of Yan Xin Luo.

“Not good.” The pupil of Wang Hai Qing shrunk. He quickly withdraw his long sword in his right hand, then transferred to his left hand. After that he held sheath of long sword in his right hand. Shortly afterwards, suddenly green colored light beam filled with violent aura was released.

“Blood lineage secret skill, wind spirit flash!”

“Undead shock wave!”

“Hong long long!” Along with the grey colored radiance, followed an ear-splitting explosion sound. Then a huge amount of dust rose above the arena.

“Eh, interesting.” Looking at the scene at the arena, Ren Tan You muttered to himself. A pair of blood colored eyes were closely staring at the arena. Don’t know when but he had already turned on his Mangekyo Sharingan. The sudden explosion had produced the dust, which had blocked the vision of the students. Only after the dust had settled down, they could see the situation on the arena.

Now they saw that the originally flat arena was now filled with bumps and hollows. Yan Xin Luo was standing erect at the center of the arena, and with Yan Xin Luo as a center, there was a big pit. And at this time a green colored light beam suddenly flashed and fell at the edge of arena. After the green colored light disappeared, the figure of Wang Hai Qing appeared in front of everyone.

Wan Hai Qing was half kneeling on the ground and was panting heavily. Looking at the destroyed arena, he looked at Yan Xin Luo with fearful eyes.

“Fortunately, I quickly used the power of blood lineage to dodge, otherwise the consequences…………..” Wang Hai Qing slowly straighten up, and firmly stared at Yan Xin Luo. Just now Wang Hai Qing had relied on his power of blood lineage, which had made it possible to change his body into a wind column and conceal himself high in the air. But the effect of the Wind Spirit flash was more than that, as long as the user have enough strength, they can turn into wind element and flutter in the air continuously. Also this power gives very high speed to the user, which could be the highest level insurance to flee from any battle. But this skill consumes a huge amount of energy and 2 hours later, the user’s body start to ache and temporarily cannot use this power of blood lineage for following 3 days. After slightly recovering, Wang Hai Qing once again immediately charged towards Yan Xin Luo while holding his long sword. With the radiance of Wind spirit battle qi still covering his body, his speed was very fast. When the distance between Wang Hai Qing and Yan Xin Luo was only about 5 meter, the wind spirit battle qi which was surrounding the body of Wang Hai Qing, suddenly turned into a strong whirlwind and started to rotate in a high speed. Along with the high speed rotation, the figure of Wang Hai Qing also disappeared form the midst of that whirlwind. Only the small-sized tornado was advancing towards Yan Xin Luo, and this tornado was surrounded by the strong sword qi.

“Wind spirit 1000 sword dance!”

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