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Chapter 38: Sishen clan

Chapter 38: Sishen clan (Death clan)

Ren Tian You carefully listen to the explanation of that sexy beautiful woman who was standing at the platform. After listening her explanation, he got more understanding about the cultivation system of battle qi of this world. And soon, an hour passed very quickly, and the class was over.

“Ok, time’s up. Next class is the actual combat class lead by teacher Wei De. Everyone, get ready.” After speaking, Wang Jia Fei turned around and left the class.

After seeing that the teacher had left the class, all the students started to talk and introduce among themselves.

“Hello, I’m Ren Tian You.” Ren Tian You also left his seat, came in front of that mysterious youth, and extended his right hand.

“Something wrong?” That mysterious fellow merely lifted his head and without any expression looked at Ren Tian You and indifferently said few words.

Ren Tian You awkwardly touched his nose, he didn’t expect that this youth was cold as an iceberg and indifference like this.

“It is nothing, only trying to make friend, nothing more. From the aura of your body, I think you are from one of the 100 clan, Sishen (death) clan.” Ren Tian You said confidently.

“How did you know? Who are you?” After hearing Ren Tian You, a cold light flashed in his eyes and firmly staring at Ren Tian You, he coldly asked.

“Yesterday when you completed your test, that thin aura of death around your body betrayed you. Very unfortunately for you, I happen to see the book which introduce Sishen clan. At that time, I was curious, so I read and remember about it in my mind.” Ren Tian You answered.

Ren Tian knew the information about Sishen clan from the memory of Ximen Tian Long. In those years, Ximen Tian Long had accidently caught the sight of a worn out book in the study of Ximen Tian Ba. Since this race was extremely mysterious, he had always remembered about this clan in his mind. Yesterday afternoon, when this fellow had just came out from the testing ground, a unique aura of death surrounding his body had not disappeared yet. So Ren Tian You sensed something unusual, so at this moment he had only guessed.

Sishen clan, one of the 100 clan of Devine wind continent, they possessed unique blood lineage of heart death. This is blood lineage could be ranked between mid or high Saint Class blood lineage.

Soul death, the special power of blood lineage of Sishen clan, no outsider clearly knows about how powerful this blood lineage is, nevertheless few special effects of this blood lineage is known. First, this allows the member of Sishen clan to possess special undead battle qi.

This undead battle qi is filled with the aura of death. On the surface it doesn’t even have the destructive power comparable to ordinary fire or lightning system, but they can fatally harm the enemy. If anyone outside the member of Sishen clan got this battle qi to enter their body, then this battle qi will corrode everything inside the body of that person including their battle qi source.

This corroding is not simple like the corroding ability of dark attributed battle qi, it is far more unusual. This undead battle qi could even corrode energies, and once it enters the body, it is very difficult to expel it. Also, it consumes a huge amount of vitality to expel, as a result even if you completely expel this undead battle qi, your huge amount of vitality would be drained. So, thanks to this disgusting ability, most of the people are unwilling to battle against the member of Sishen clan. As there is a huge chance that both sides would suffer after the battle.

Second ability of this blood lineage of heart death bestow the member of Sishen clan the ability to summon the undead. They can use their power of blood lineage to open the passage between this Divine wind continent and Death plane, and summon formidable undead to help them in their battle. As a result, you should fight against the Sishen clan, only if you possess extremely high level of strength, or you have many helpers, otherwise it is definite that you would be surrounded by numerous undead and beaten.

Merely with these two ability, Sishen clan firmly occupies one of the top 10 position among 100 clans from ancient times. But even though they possessed such a scary and evil ability, they don’t engage on the terrorism activities. Rather they pursue, ‘if other let me alone, I’ll let them alone’ policy. But once you provoke them, you would definitely end up with an extremely wonderful bad fate i.e. death.

In the ancient time, when Divine Wind continent was invaded by Devil world, members of all 100 ancient clans united together to resist. Although finally, they had forced the members of Devil world to retreat, and sealed the opening of Devil world, nevertheless Divine Wind Continents lost many experts, which was a critical loss. Most of the clan from ancient 100 clans didn’t have a strong ability to reproduce, as a result they closed off their clan and no longer contacted with the outside world. Because of this, for thousands of years, there was not any traces of these clans.

Because of this, Ren Tian You was extremely surprised inside his heart to meet a member of Sishen clan, inside this Supreme light academy. ‘Could it be that they already started to appear again in this continent?’

“Do you know? In general, curious people are very likely short-lived.” That youth furiously stared at Ren Tian You with an ice cold eyes.

“Oh, is it? I feel like, I have never heard this sentence.” Ren Tian You said carelessly and sat comfortably on the top of table. “Also I am the type to have heavy curiosity, I firmly believe curiosity must be cleared. Otherwise you cannot sleep well. Oh, that’s right, tell me your name. It is not very convenient to call you hey.”

“Yan Xin Luo.”

“Yan Xin Luo, I will remember. I have already introduce my name, still I am called Ren Tian You. Also don’t stare at me with those eyes, even though I know I am very handsome, still I am not interested in men.” After speaking, Ren Tian You went away from the seat of Yan Xin Luo, then he walked out from the class.

Outside the classroom door, Ren Tian You lean on the guardrail. Standing at the 5th floor, he looked around the campus ground.

Seeing many peoples coming and going inside the campus ground, and hearing the sound of laughter everywhere, Ren Tian You slowly smiled. ‘Actually the local conditions and customs of this different world was not very complex, it was interesting to live throughout to live here, but unfortunately I don’t belong here, my home is on the Earth. I am quickly get stronger and find the way to return my home.’ Thinking this, Ren Tian You looked at his Naruto system. ‘After changing the eyes of Obito, and other things, perhaps it would be extremely interesting to take revenge against Ximen clan.’ At this time, when Ren Tian You was staring blankly at the school ground, a lofty man with robust muscles came over from the stairs and entered his classroom.

“This should be the teacher of combat class, interesting.” Ren Tian You muttered few words and entered to the classroom and walk over to his seat.

“Well, brats, are you all ready? The most nerve-wracking combat class is about to begin immediately. Everyone, follow me and assemble at number 6 training ground.” That robust man roared and led everyone towards training ground.

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