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Chapter 404

Chapter 404: Bizarre Demonic Wolf

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This was not a spiritual beast.

Lin Bai quickly determined that the demonic wolf in front of him was not a spirit beast at all.

However, it was flesh and blood… a living creature?

While Lin Bai was still in shock, the demonic wolf had already pounced forward. It waved its dark red sharp claws and ferociously clawed at Lin Bai.

Lin Bai subconsciously moved his feet to his side and slightly stepped forward.

However, from the corner of his eye, he saw a figure approaching him at an extremely shocking speed like a ghost.

The step that Lin Bai took heavily landed on the ground, causing the ground to sink deeply. In the next second, his entire body was like a compressed spring, directly dashing towards the demon wolf in front of him.

Lu was slightly stunned. Although he did not know what Lin Bai was up to, he knew that he had to stop him no matter what. Just as he was about to make a move to stop him, he brushed past Lin Bai.

The eyes of the demonic wolf that was in mid-air rolled around as it saw a human figure approaching it. It felt an instinctive sense of danger. It opened its bloody mouth and spat out a few rays of scarlet light, but it was easily dodged by the person.

The demon wolf roared and its two sharp claws clawed at Lin Bai, who was below it, with a loud sound of air being pierced.


Lin Bai heard the sound of air being pierced and decisively took out the small cauldron to protect his body. The small cauldron collided with the claws, making a deafening sound.

At the same time, the long sword in Lin Bai’s hand stabbed straight at the left side of the demon wolf’s ribs.


Blood gushed out from the left side of the demon wolf’s ribs and poured down.

Lin Bai only felt a thick, stinky black liquid splashing onto his body.

However, when he heard the demon wolf’s heart-wrenching roar and how it fell heavily to the ground after losing its strength, Lin Bai let out a long breath.

Little Red, Little Green, and Little Blue were entangled with Si.

Little Black acted as a guard in the convoy to prevent those spirit beasts who were affected by the demonic aura and who were cast by Lu’s secret technique from attacking the convoy.

If he did not choose to deal with Lu and the demon wolf first, he would have to face the situation of one against two.

Even though it was only a single exchange, Lin Bai could feel the power of the demon wolf.

In the situation of one against two, he would definitely be at a disadvantage. When that time came, a blink of an eye, a second of absent-mindedness, and a small mistake would cause him to die at the hands of one man and one beast.




At this moment, clear clapping sounds were heard from afar.

“Not bad, you actually managed to injure my demonic wolf. You should be quite proud of yourself.”

The corners of Lu’s mouth were raised high. His eyes were half-closed, revealing a fake smile.

Lin Bai was just about to say something.

Gulp, gulp, gulp…

The sound of bubbles appearing appeared. The demon wolf that was originally lying on the ground slowly stood up.

This strange sound was coming from its body.

The left rib of the demon wolf started to swell with black bubbles, flesh. The balls were densely packed, but the blood that was pouring out stopped, and the wounds that could be seen with the naked eye quickly healed.

Before long, the demon wolf had already walked to Lu’s side, and its eyes were staring at Lin Bai. The look of being on the verge of death had completely disappeared.

It was as if the heavy injuries it had suffered just now were fake!


The demon wolf raised its head and roared loudly at the bright moon in the night sky.


Lin Bai only felt that his vision was in a trance for a moment.

There was a mysterious power behind the demon wolf’s roar!

He hurriedly filled his ears with spiritual energy to resist the sounds of the outside world. However, when he could clearly see the things in front of him, he saw the demon wolf and Lu Yi attacking him from both sides.

The demon wolf had learned its lesson this time. Instead of jumping up high, it opened its mouth and spat out many arcs, sealing off Lin Bai’s escape route.

Lu Bai’s figure was half hidden in the dark night. Only his pair of scarlet eyes were exceptionally dazzling and strange.

A moment later, a man and a beast approached Lin Bai and launched a cold coordinated attack.

Lin Bai gave up on using the small cauldron to attack and used it in front of his chest to resist all kinds of attacks.

Even so, Lin Bai still felt that it was quite difficult.

Lu also felt a headache.

From the beginning, Lu had believed that Lin Bai and Luo Ningyu could be easily dealt with by Si alone without his help. Even if he encountered some problems, they could also be dealt with by Leng Zhuo of the Black Cloud Stronghold.

However, Lin Bai had brought him surprise time and time again.

Even now, under the pincer attack of him and the demon wolf, everything around them had turned into ruins. The small hill where the two of them and the demon wolf were standing had been leveled to the ground by all kinds of powerful and fierce attacks.

When facing him and the Demon wolf, Lin Bai had been at an extreme disadvantage at first, but he had found the rhythm step by step. From the disadvantage to now, he could fight with Lu Bai and the magic wolf on equal footing.

“What’s wrong? What’s with that expression?”

Lin Bai naturally would not let go of any opportunity to attack Lu. Whether it was physically or mentally, he said mockingly.

At the beginning, he did not even have a second to spare. However, at this moment, he was able to spare a bit of energy to mock Lu.

Lin Bai also felt that this was a little miraculous.

Perhaps, after he was in an extremely dangerous, life-and-death situation, the gains that the system brought to him were slowly being absorbed by his body and put into practice.

Lin Bai suddenly urged a large amount of spiritual power into the small cauldron.


The small cauldron suddenly shone with golden light. In this darkness, it was like a small sun.

A holy light that was filled with dao rhythm and laws swept towards the demon wolf.

It was extremely fast, and the demon wolf only had time to swing its claws in front of it. At the same time, it spat out a few arcs.

When Lu saw this attack, he also felt that something was wrong. He hurriedly struck out three palms towards the golden light.


An intense explosion sounded.

The ground where the demon wolf stood was deeply caved in, and deep ravines and cracks spread out in all directions.

“Weren’t you very strong just now?”

Lin Bai laughed lightly and stepped on the ground. His body was like a long rainbow as he arrived in front of the demon wolf in the blink of an eye. He waved the long sword in his hand and was about to chop off the demon wolf’s huge head.

After a few exchanges, Lin Bai was already very clear.

It was true that the demon wolf had a very strong self-healing ability, but it seemed to be unable to heal the wounds of severed heads and limbs…

An unprecedented fear appeared in the demon wolf’s eyes. It looked at the longsword as it slowly approached.

The demon wolf once again opened its mouth and spat out a few arcs. The sharp claws in its hand slashed towards Lin Bai’s arm.

However, these attacks were steadily received by the small cauldron.

There wasn’t even a trace of a scratch on it.


Just when Lin Bai thought that victory was certain, he spat out a mouthful of blood with a stupefied expression.

The spiritual energy in his veins was rampaging, rolling, boiling, and surging uncontrollably.

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