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Chapter 403

Chapter 403: Miraculous Use of The Cauldron

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Lu was not going to let go of this great opportunity. His figure was like a ghost, not making a single sound. He quietly appeared in front of Lin Bai and gently pushed out a palm.

Lin Bai clenched his teeth tightly and used all the spirit energy in his body to suppress the flow of the tainted spirit energy. At the same time, the spirit energy gathered on the tip of his feet. With a sudden burst of strength, his body jumped high into the air toward a spirit deer.


Lu’s palm missed, and another towering tree was turned into dust in the sky.

“Let’s see how long you can hold on!”

Lu’s figure disappeared again and appeared in the high sky. He struck out a palm from the bottom to the top at a tricky angle.

Lin Bai didn’t dare to be careless. He protected the small cauldron and the long sword in front of him and blocked the attack steadily. However, his body was still thrown backward due to inertia.

Lu sneered and his face was gloomy. He did not give Lin Bai any time to catch his breath. He appeared in front of Lin Bai once again. His two hands, which were surrounded by dense demon qi, slapped forward fiercely, sweeping up a strong wind and waves!

Luo Ningyu was quite a distance away from the two of them, and they were in a back-to-back position.

However, after this attack, Luo Ningyu still felt waves of palpitations in her heart.

She began to wonder if she could withstand this attack.

She wanted to help Lin Bai, but Leng Zhuo’s strength seemed to be inexhaustible. He used all sorts of moves, but his expression did not change. Even his aura did not change.

This was the power of the demon’s servant…

Luo Ningyu glanced back, planning to trust Lin Bai this time.

Luo Ningyu herself could not explain why she chose to trust Lin Bai… It was a trust that came from the depths of her heart.

Lin Bai faced the aggressive attack with a calm expression. Although his body was still in the air, he had already started moving.

Lin Bai stabbed the longsword in his hand to the side, and the blade of the sword sank into the tree trunk. As Lin Bai retreated, the blade of the sword gradually began to bend until it was ninety degrees.

But at the same time, the inertia on Lin Bai’s body had been canceled out. He kicked the tree trunk with one leg, and his body and the sword flew to the other side.

He narrowly avoided Lu’s attack.

Lu’s eyebrows raised slightly, but there was no surprise on his face. He said, “Hey, interesting, interesting!”

After Lin Bai landed steadily on the ground, his feet floated, and he put some distance between himself and Lu. Lin Bai took advantage of the short gap to stabilize his breath.

If he hadn’t been quick-witted and forced his way out of the situation, he would have been caught in Lu’s rhythm and would not have been able to take it. In the end, he would have lost to him.

Lin Bai also knew that he could not delay any longer, so he decisively injected a quarter of his spirit energy into the small cauldron.

Suddenly, the small cauldron bloomed with an ancient and holy light that was filled with dao rhythm. It was like a bright lamp in the corrupt darkness, illuminating Lin Bai.


Lin Bai let out a long breath. This breath carried a wisp of impure spiritual energy.

The spiritual energy around his body returned to normal and circulated smoothly in the meridians around his body.

All the discomfort he felt just now had disappeared.

This was an ability that Lin Bai had discovered by accident while he was pondering over the small cauldron’s ability these past few days.

It was able to let the small cauldron’s pure dao rhythm fill his entire body, repelling the demon qi or filth that was tainted his body.

However, Lin Bai did not expect that he would use this method.

When Lu saw Lin Bai expel the turbid spiritual power from his body, a rare look of surprise appeared on his face.

When Lu looked at Lin Bai and the small cauldron again, Lu’s eyes had a hint of greed in them.

After Lin Bai quickly recovered and adjusted himself, his eyes were fixed on Lu, observing his eyes and every small movement of his.

Lu did not use any weapons, or rather, he had not started to use them yet. Even so, Lu’s palms had already been practiced to perfection. It was possible that he was practicing some kind of heaven-reaching skill.

Not only did the palm force contain poison, it would also inject tainted spiritual energy into the opponent’s body, affecting the opponent’s meridians…

This was the first time Lin Bai had seen such a sinister and vicious skill.

At most, he could only hit Lu’s tainted spiritual energy once. If he hit more, he might not have enough spiritual energy to activate the small cauldron to eliminate it…

Just as Lin Bai was thinking, Lu had already silently approached him.

Lin Bai took the lead and took a step forward. His long sword was like a cold ray of light, piercing toward Lu’s usual hand. His other foot was instantly pulled out from the bottom to the top, kicking toward Lu’s kneecap.

When Lu Bai saw that Lin Bai was the first to attack, he originally wanted to use offense as a defense and planned to strike out with his palm. However, the sword light that followed made him have no choice but to dodge.

However, just as he took a step horizontally, a leg was quickly pulled over, bringing with it a powerful gust of wind.


In an instant, Lu, who had fallen into a passive situation, did not show any fear on his face. Instead, there was a hint of excitement on his face.


A sound that made Lin’s scalp tingle rang out.

The foot that Lu had stepped out of caved in mid-air and fractured. At the same time, Lin Bai pulled out a foot and kicked the air through the caved space.

When Lin Bai was about to make another move, Lu had already been pushed ten meters away.

Lu was standing in an open space. His right knee was fractured and caved in, while his left foot was standing straight.


The sound that made Lin Bai’s scalp tingle rang out again.

He saw Lu bend down and forcefully use his hands to straighten his sunken knee. The scene made Lin Bai’s mouth twitch.

He had seen many people who were ruthless to him, but he had never seen someone as ruthless as Lu.

Not only did he not hesitate to hurt his own hands and feet, he did not even blink his eyebrows.

“It seems that I have underestimated you.”

As Lu spoke, his right foot swayed back and forth in the air as if he was trying to confirm whether there was a problem. In the end, he quietly put it down.

“Although I still want to play with you a little more, it’s a pity that I have no choice but to go all out.”

Lu’s voice was calm, but one could feel the coldness of falling into an ice cave.


Although Lu was still standing in the same position as before, Lin Bai could feel the demon qi around Lu’s body boiling and gathering around him.

Lu’s eyes turned extremely scarlet, and his cold face turned a bit more sinister.

Then, a shocking scene happened.

The blurry shadow behind Lu started to grow stronger and wriggle.

However, Lu just stood there and didn’t move at all!

Just when Lin Bai didn’t know what was going to happen, the shadow behind Lu had already turned into a huge monster.


A loud and ear-splitting roar came from Lu’s shadow.

A five-meter-tall demonic wolf with scarlet eyes and a completely black body surrounded by demonic aura and its nails emitting a dim red light jumped out from Lu’s shadow!

Lin Bai looked at it carefully and came to an unbelievable conclusion…

This demonic wolf was not an illusion, but a real monster with flesh and blood!

And it actually jumped out from Lu’s shadow!

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