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Chapter 257 - Who Is The Scumbag

Chapter 257: Who Is The Scumbag

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‘As they were speaking, a loud rumble was heard. It was as if the mountain had collapsed and the Earth had cracked. Countless pieces of gravel flew in the air. It was as if even the sky had been covered, leaving only a gray area.

Everyone’s ears were ringing non-stop. It was as if there were countless insects and flies buzzing. After a moment, they finally reacted. They hurriedly looked at the spot where Lin Bai had been suppressed. However, it was empty. There was no human figure there.

“No, he’s gone.”

“This demon is indeed very powerful. We actually unable to suppress him. We must be even more careful.”

‘They originally thought that Lin Bai had exchanged blows with the City Lord and the masters from the various major factions in the capital. Even if he was lucky enough to escape, he should have been heavily injured. Now that he had not fully recovered, they could take this opportunity to take him down.

They had not expected that Lin Bai would be so difficult to deal with, not to mention that he still had the strength to fight. This was truly beyond their expectations.

Everyone turned pale with fright and hurriedly looked around to check Lin Bai’s whereabouts. Based on this movement, he should have broken through the suppression and escaped. However, they could not find him anywhere.

They could only hear a cold male voice coming from above their heads. When they looked over, there was nothing there.

It was as if he was far away in the distance, but also as if he was beside them. A vague sense of danger surrounded them, like a sharp knife suspended in the air. The slightest carelessness could lead to the danger of falling.

Under such an atmosphere, everyone’s heart was in their throats. It was as if they were beating drums and feeling uneasy. It was as if Lin Bai was deliberately playing hide-and-seek with them, or like a cat teasing a mouse, making everyone panic.

“If you have the ability, then come out. Pretending to be mysterious here is really not the work of a gentleman.”

Lin Bai’s voice was mixed with some ridicule and mockery, “Didn’t you all say earlier that I was a demon? Why are you talking about the principles of a gentleman now? When you surrounded and attacked an innocent person earlier, I didn’t see any kindness in your hearts.”

The person who had just opened his mouth was choked by Lin Bai. His expression was embarrassed, and he was suddenly unable to speak.

An afterimage floated past, and everyone hurriedly attacked. However, the colorful spiritual power completely missed. Lin Bai’s figure was like a ghost, seemingly omnipresent. However, his figure was too fast, so that no one could catch up to him.

He also didn’t make a move. He just floated around everyone like a ghost. As a result, the people from the Alchemist Association had to put in 120 percent of their energy, afraid that they would accidentally fall into Lin Bai’s trap.

Their high-strung mental state was like a bowstring that was constantly taut. This often consumed more mental and spiritual energy, and it was easy to make people tired. In addition to the attacks that missed and the consumption of spiritual energy, everyone could be said to be physically and mentally


He Qingyuan’s expression was solemn as he saw through Lin Bai’s intentions. “This demon is doing this on purpose so that we will have internal strife. What a vicious method.”

Lin Bai’s voice drifted over from afar. “The same goes for you. Compared to your methods, I’m merely giving you a taste of your own medicine.”

Just as everyone in the Alchemist Association was on guard, a sudden surge of powerful spiritual power descended from the sky. Everyone was caught off guard and was hit by it.

A huge ball of spiritual power exploded from the ground like fireworks in all directions. It was also like a huge wave that was half the height of a person. In the blink of an eye, it engulfed many people.

Countless screams rose and fell. Some people were only able to stop after being swept away by the spiritual power fluctuation for a hundred meters. One had to admit that Lin Bai’s attack was extremely ingenious.

After all, he had already exhausted a lot of his strength from the previous round of battle. His body had not fully recovered yet, and he had also been absorbed of a lot of spiritual power by that strange array and altar. His strength was not as strong as before.

It was definitely not possible to deal with He Qingyuan’s group by force, so he could only rely on his wits. Now, it seemed that the effect was not bad.

He Qingyuan looked at the large number of people beside him who had fallen, and his expression suddenly became extremely gloomy. “As expected of a demon. His moves are indeed insidious. He only knows how to hide in a corner and sneak attacks and stab people. He’s really despicable and shameless.”

Lin Bai was not angered by his few words. “Anyway, you’ve already said that I’m a demon. Since you’ve actually said this, why don’t I just be honest? I hate it the most when others accuse me wrongly.”

He Qingyuan was rendered speechless by his self-righteousness. His face was flushed red, but no one knew whether he was angry or not. He could only grit his teeth and hold back his words for a long time.

“He’s really shameless to the extreme!”

Previously, Fool Li was still worried about Lin Bai. Now that he saw Lin Bai’s victorious appearance, he could not help but clap his hands in delight. “Well done, eldest senior brother. Well done.”

Hearing the cheers, everyone from the Alchemist Association felt extremely aggrieved.

‘Who would have thought that when He Qingyuan heard these words, he seemed to have thought of something. His gaze fell on Fool Li, who was not far away. When he thought of the relationship between the two of them just now, a dark light flashed in his eyes.

“Lin Bai, your time of death is coming!”

He Qingyuan shouted loudly and formed a spell with his hand, bursting out with powerful spiritual power. A huge golden light appeared on his hand, like a small sun slowly rising. The power that burst out from it was incomparably huge.

The golden light rushed towards Lin Bai like a shooting star in the sky. It was so fast that it was difficult to grasp. The light was even more dazzling. After looking at it for a long time, it actually made him feel dizzy.

Lin Bai did not dare to underestimate it. He was fully focused and prepared to face the fierce battle later. However, after the dazzling light, the golden light that seemed to be powerful was actually like a thunderstorm with a little rain. It did not cause any destructive scene at all.

Just as Lin Bai was puzzled, he heard He Qingyuan’s smug voice, “Lin Bai, surrender!”

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