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Chapter 256 - Heaven Overturning Seal, This Demon Has Been Subjued?

Chapter 256: Heaven Overturning Seal, This Demon Has Been Subjued?

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“You’re still stubborn even at the end of your life. Let’s see if you have the ability to do so!”

Everyone immediately rose up to attack. After all, when faced with such a demon, they couldn’t wait to get rid of him. There was no need to talk about morality anymore. They all swarmed over.

The red spiritual power brought with it the pure power of fire. It was like an erupting volcano. It brought with it a scorching aura as it rolled towards Lin Bai. In an instant, it seemed as if the temperature had increased by a lot.

Because of the excessive temperature, even the air became distorted. The rolling magma transformed into an incomparably huge beast that rapidly condensed into form in the air.

It roared at Lin Bai furiously. It came menacingly and its body was huge. Along with its footsteps, there would occasionally be falling magma and small sparks falling onto the ground, instantly burning small holes in the ground. This was enough to show just how high the temperature was.

Lin Bai had already contracted with Little Red, so he could share the power of flames with his body. This little bit of temperature was still tolerable for him. However, he was a little worried about Fool Li.

“Why is it suddenly a little hot?” Fool Li fanned himself with his hands. His reaction was always slower than others, and he still didn’t understand what was happening. Other than his flushed face, everything else was normal, which made Lin Bai feel a lot more at ease.

Even so, he was still worried that Fool Li would be hurt by accident. He casually drew out a streak of spiritual power and wrapped it around Fool Li’s body, using it as a protective shield. At least it could protect him.

“Go to the side. It’s dangerous here. Be careful of getting hurt.”

Although Fool Li was ignorant, he listened to Lin Bai’s words and quickly hid to the side.

“You should be more concerned about yourself!” The person who attacked smiled coldly and chanted a spell. The monster formed by the lava also attacked rapidly. If it wasn’t for Lin Bai’s fast speed, he would have already been wrapped in a large lump of lava and burned.

Lin Bai held the Ruoshui sword in his hand and gently waved it. A small stream of water appeared next to him. It looked ordinary and did not have any power. It surrounded the lava monster.

Clearly, that person did not take such an attack seriously. He mocked, “What is this? Do you think that you can restrict its movements just like that? You are too naive.”

‘Water. Water was good for everything and was not aggressive. Lin Bai ignored his words and willed with his heart. The water flow continued to split into countless strands and wrapped around the giant’s body.

‘The lava monster that was attacking quickly became sluggish at this moment. It let out meaningless roars and wanted to break free from the restraints of the water flow. Who would have thought that it would only sink deeper and deeper.

The air was filled with the smell of burning. Along with the continuous sizzling sounds, countless flames and lava were extinguished and evaporated due to the contact of these water currents. They turned into water vapor that floated in the air.

‘The originally huge body had shrunk by more than half in the blink of an eye.

That person shouted in disbelief, “How could this be!” He could not believe what he saw. Lin Bai had easily dissolved the lava monsters. It could even be said that it was effortless.

After all, he had the bloodline of the Divine Beast Azure Dragon. The water that Little Green had blessed him with and the power of the Ruoshui sword had definitely multiplied the effect. Naturally, it was not something that a mere lava monster could compare to.

Seeing that the situation was not good, he continued to chant. Even if the lava monster had become several times smaller, it was still several heads taller than Lin Bai. Its strength was still not to be underestimated.

Just as they were fighting, a pair of enormous hands appeared in the sky. They contained a heavy pressure and formed countless complicated and enormous seals. They slowly approached Lin Bai. Sensing the shadow in the sky, Lin Bai raised his head and looked up.

“Heaven Overturning Seal!”

This was the famous secret technique of a certain elder. The hand seal was incomparably huge, as if it really wanted to flip the sky over. Its purpose was to suppress Lin Bai.


Aloud sound could be heard. The huge hand brought with it an intense pressure as it suddenly overtook Lin Bai and rushed over. Its speed was so fast that it was like a meteor falling at a rapid speed. No one was able to react in time.

In the blink of an eye, Lin Bai had already been suppressed under the ground. There was no longer any movement.

‘The huge hand also transformed into the shape of a mountain rock. It stood there for an eternity.

“This demon has been subdued?” Everyone looked at each other and slowly surrounded him. They began to compliment the elder who had just attacked. “Elder Mo is indeed powerful. His Heaven Overturning Seal is indeed worthy of its name. Even this demon is not a match for him.”

“That’s not true. It’s all thanks to everyone’s help that I was able to successfully suppress this devil in this place. Otherwise, how could it be so easy?”

He Qingyuan frowned. He felt that things weren’t that simple. The City Lord’s estate had racked their brains to capture this person, yet they were able to subdue him so quickly?

Moreover, Lin Bai had fought against the City Lord previously, and was able to escape from the hands of the various large clans and factions. This showed how powerful he was. Now, with just the few of them, how could they easily subdue Lin Bai.

“President, you also said that this monster had gone through several fierce battles earlier. In the end, he was lucky enough to escape. Perhaps his cultivation hasn’t recovered yet, and that’s why he fell into our hands.”

‘What he said wasn’t without reason. He Qingyuan thought that Lin Bai hadn’t recovered from his heavy injuries yet and run into them. If anyone was to blame, they could only blame Lin Bai for being too unlucky.

“Crack –”

Just as everyone was talking fervently, a faint sound came from underground, as if something had broken.

Suddenly, a disciple opened his mouth and asked, “Did you guys hear any sound?”

His companion beside him laughed and said, “There’s no sound. I think you’re overthinking and are hallucinating.”

As the sound became more and more obvious, many people heard it. He Qingyuan’s eyes narrowed. “No, that sound came from here!”

Everyone looked in the direction he pointed.. That was the place where Lin Bai had been suppressed!

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