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Chapter 222 - Did We Win?

Chapter 222: Did We Win?

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The monster roared. It could not believe that it had suffered such serious injuries. All of its doppelganger phantoms had been destroyed by Lin Bai. After it had escaped from the seal, its journey had been smooth sailing. It had easily bewitched the City Lord and successfully occupied Ren Zeyuan’s body. It had suppressed Ren Zeyuan’s original soul and played with these mortals.

In fact, everything had gone according to his plan. However, he had never expected that Lin Bai would come out and escape from his plan.

“A mere ant dares to hurt me!”

Black mist rose around the monster, and countless tentacles materialized. They were like numerous black dragons, waving at Lin Bai. Their speed was as fast as ghosts and spirits. They were so fast that it was difficult for people to catch them with the naked eye.

Unfortunately, a beam of fire descended from the sky, and countless tentacles burned ashes. Flying ashes floated in the air, making it seem even stranger. Little Red was flying in the air, like a real Phoenix Divine Beast. Its magnificent tail feathers were not stained by any ashes.

At the same time, countless tentacles were frozen into ice. Little Green cast the clouds and rain, and everyone seemed to have arrived at the top of the clouds. Clouds and mist surrounded this place, and the dragon’s body was faintly discernible. It was especially solemn and dignified. Whenever it came into contact with the water mist at the top, it would instantly freeze on the spot.

Even the ground was guarded by Little Black. Its mighty and huge body moved like a mountain, and the world changed in just an instant. Although its movements were slow, every movement could suppress the countless black mist and make it unable to escape.

Although Little Green and Little Red were still not fully evolved divine beasts and this monster was powerful, in the end, it was only a clone that escaped from the seal. Although it could continuously regenerate, there would eventually be a day when it would be exhausted.

Moreover, so much black gas had been consumed. Every time Lin Bai killed it, it would have a certain impact on its origin. Its huge body was no longer the same as before. It had spent a lot of energy just fighting these little ones much less seeking trouble with Lin Bai.

Even though it was difficult to get close to Lin Bai’s body, before the tentacles could attack, a sharp sword light slashed down from the sky. Lin Bai held the Ruoshui sword in his hand and watched coldly as the black fog dissipated.

Taking advantage of the monster’s inability to be in two places at once, Lin Bai muttered to himself. He held the sword in his hand and a sword shadow formed in the air. His speed was simply too fast. Even though he clearly had a sword in his hand, he gave off the feeling that he did not have a sword.

In just a few breaths, he had already brandished countless sword spells, leaving many marks on the ground. They seemed to contain a supreme sword principle, but also seemed to be mysterious patterns formed through sword intent. They looked complex and powerful and contained formations.

He formed a powerful sword formation just by himself. Lin Bai and the Ruoshui sword were the eyes of the formation. Little Green and Little Red were Lin Bai’s pet beasts. They had a spiritual connection with him, and they had long been tacitly pushing the monster towards Lin Bai.

Because the monster’s energy had been greatly reduced, it had long become extremely agitated. It only hoped to get rid of the little bugs in front of it as soon as possible, so it did not have the mood to pay attention to their actions and intentions. It also did not know what Lin Bai was thinking. It was falling into the sword formation step by step.

The sword light was the command. Red, green, and black lights rose up from several directions.

Countless densely packed swords surrounded the monster. Spiritual energy interweaved with sword qi and gathered into the purest power. It was the biggest nemesis of these monsters. Seeing such a large formation, even the monster’s eyes flashed with fear.

The monster let out a painful howl and tried to break through the sword formation. However, as soon as the black fog touched the formation, the edges seemed to be charred. White smoke rose from the edges and instantly shrank. There was an inescapable net in all directions. There was nowhere to hide and nowhere to run.

“Ten thousand swords returning to the origin!”

“How dare you!”

Even though he could not see the monster’s facial features clearly, he could guess its ferocious and twisted expression. Lin Bai could feel a cold and vicious gaze, which made people feel a chill all over their bodies. It was as if this kind of terrifying shadow and curse would accompany him for his entire life if he did this.

For a moment, Lin Bai felt a slight pain in his brain. A cold and gloomy feeling spread and almost swept over his entire body. Only the Ruoshui sword in his hand emitted a warm and firm light, which slightly dispelled the chill in his heart.

Lin Bai held the Ruoshui sword tightly. He knew that this was a spiritual attack from the monster. He smiled coldly. If it was anyone else, they might have faltered. However, his spiritual sense was extremely powerful. In addition, with the protection of the Ruoshui sword, he quickly recovered from that feeling.

He said without hesitation, “Die.”

As Lin Bai’s voice fell, tens of thousands of arrows shot out. They almost pierced the monster like a sieve. It was like a big black hedgehog. Countless black fog rose endlessly. Such a huge monster seemed to have evaporated in an instant.

Only a small ball of black gas was left struggling. Its color also became dim. It seemed like it would be blown away by the wind in the next second. It no longer had any ability to fight.

He Qingyuan did not dare to believe that the monster that had troubled them had been destroyed by Lin Bai just like that. He said somewhat absent-mindedly, “This, it’s dead like that?”

Lin Bai was also somewhat stunned. Logically speaking, this monster had come from the ancient battlefield. It had gathered the evil energy between heaven and earth and the resentment of the dead. It should not be so easily destroyed. After all, those ancient powerful beings could only seal it. Even if it was just a wisp of divine soul, it should not have such combat strength.

One had to know that even the City Lord and Vice City Lord had fallen into its trap. In order to break the seal, it should have made many arrangements. How could it not have a backup plan?

Lin Bai opened his mouth and was about to say something.

However, that small ball of black gas transformed into a human form. It was Ren Zeyuan. Perhaps his vitality had been greatly damaged and the black fog had completely dissipated, so he could only be revealed in his human form.

He revealed a sinister smile. “I didn’t expect you to force me to this extent. However, all of this is about to end.”

The moment he finished speaking, his body instantly soared into the air and charged upwards. A star in the middle suddenly exploded and dust scattered in all directions, instantly releasing a huge amount of energy into the surroundings. Even Lin Bai had no choice but to take a few steps back.

But Ren Zeyuan had already disappeared.

What was this damned thing trying to do?

A crack suddenly appeared above his head. It was only a small crack, but the gloomy and cold aura came back again, and it was even stronger than before.

“What, what on Earth is this….”

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