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Chapter 221 - : Divine Beast Helping With The Battle

Chapter 221: Divine Beast Helping With The Battle

Lin Bai knew that this monster’s life was tenacious. The black gas would continuously repair the wounds on its body. It must be known that even the ancient powerful beings were unable to deal with its main body. They could only seal it within. Moreover, every once in a while, the seal still needed to be reinforced. From this, one could see how dangerous it was.

Even if it was a clone standing here, one could not underestimate it. One must know that offense was the best defense. Lin Bai waved out ten thousand sword qi, wrapping the monster layer by layer.

The monster was not willing to be outdone. Black gas split out from its body again and gathered in the air continuously. In front of Lin Bai, there were several identical black monsters. Whether it was their body shape or appearance, they were almost the same. Even the aura on its body was the same. It was impossible to tell whether it was real or fake.


The roar resounded through the air. If it were not for the fact that they were underground and there was a formation outside, such a huge commotion would have been known by outsiders.

The monster opened its bloody mouth and took a deep breath. It was like a whale swallowing countless sword lights. Even Lin Bai felt a great suction force. He clenched his Ruoshui sword and the sword lights shot up into the sky. The monster was cut into two halves.

However, the black gas seemed to have a life of its own. Countless small tentacles grew out of the edges and stuck to his body. The scene looked disgusting, but in just a few seconds, the complete monster appeared in front of Lin Bai again.

Every monster that was split out had its complete strength, and they were very destructive. On the contrary, as long as Lin Bai did not find the real one, they could heal even if they received fatal damage.

Several pairs of cold eyes stared at Lin Bai at the same time, as if they were looking at a dead person. Countless black gas coiled around Lin Bai’s Ruoshui sword. The originally light and graceful sword body seemed to weigh a thousand pounds, and for a moment, Lin Bai could not dodge in time. He did not notice the tentacles behind him.

As if he could not feel the pain, he suddenly swung his sword and cut off the tentacle that had ambushed him which rolled to the ground.

However, a bloody hole was corroded into his left shoulder. Lin Bai frowned and didn’t say anything. Looking at the wound on his body, he saw that even the blood had been polluted. Black blood was flowing out. He hurriedly used spiritual energy to stop the bleeding.

Taking advantage of Lin Bai’s injury, the monster attacked again with its tentacle. It waved in the air like a rattan. Little Red suddenly spat out a long fire dragon, burning the black gas completely. The air was filled with an indescribable smell.

It was like an old rotting corpse or a lump of rotten meat. Even the black gas was stained with a deep green color and glowed with a lustrous light. With one look, one could tell that it contained a lethal poison.

Fortunately, Lin Bai had brought a lot of pills with him. He quickly consumed the detoxification pills and also ate a lot of pills to recover spiritual energy. The Ruoshui sword that had turned dim earlier was once again released a dazzling divine brilliance.

Wherever the sword aura passed by, the tentacles were cut in half. Little Red’s flames could also burn a large area. However, there were simply too many tentacles. In addition to being able to regenerate, it seemed like there was no end to them.

A few rays of light flashed in the air. It was green, black, and a dragon’s roar could be heard. Green scales were like top-quality jade, but they also carried a bit of an ancient aura. It was as if even the air had been purified a lot, and the dragon’s roar was incessant. Even the black fog had been greatly dispersed.

Little Green also revealed its true form. Water-colored light surrounded it, and its bloodline was fully activated. It was like a real dragon. Its dragon whiskers were elegant, and it looked awe-inspiring, who would have thought that its predecessor was just an ordinary two-star little green snake.

A mouthful of true dragon’s breath shot out, and even the walls were stained with water fog. It was different from the cold aura of the black fog. There was the righteous qi between heaven and earth, and those tentacles instantly evaporated.

The phoenix and the dragon were auspicious divine beasts, and they had a restraining effect on these evil creatures. The monsters knew the power of the dragon’s breath, and they landed on the ground, avoiding the danger. However, they did not notice that the ground was slightly protruding.

The black lines were like mountains and the earth, carrying an ancient and heavy feeling. They were like the lofty green mountains of ancient times, suppressing these monsters under their feet. Four limbs were like pillars supporting the heaven and earth, making it impossible for the monsters to escape.

Although Little Black’s evolution was not as comprehensive as Little Red and Little Green’s, its body already had the aura of a black tortoise. Although its lethality was not as strong as the other two, its strong defense could play a very good role in suppressing the monsters.

As for Little Treasure, Lin Bai temporarily did not let it appear. After all, it was not an expert in this area.

“You!” The monster was a little surprised. It did not expect Lin Bai to have so many pet beasts with the bloodline of divine beasts even though he was just a mortal. It was either an atavism or a re-evolution, no matter which one was released, it was enough to shock the world.

It sneered and then said mockingly, “So what if it’s just a divine beast? Even a mature divine beast here can only nourish my soul, not to mention these little things.”

The dragon’s breath and phoenix’s flames interweaved together. Accompanied by the sharp sword qi from the Ruoshui sword, countless black gas evaporated. Even with the continuous supply of black gas, the speed at which the monster’s body was recovering slowed down at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The power of a few types of powers mixed together was actually so great. The black gas was on the verge of collapse, and cracks appeared on the bodies of a few monsters from the middle. They lowered their heads in disbelief, and the sword qi tore them into pieces. No matter how hard the black tentacles struggled, they could not heal.

Even the black gas had dimmed and turned gray. All the monsters, including the remaining tentacles and the black gas, returned to their original forms. Lin Bai knew that this was the first monster and not the shadow that had split out later..

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