Imparting My Cultivation To Beasts Gets Me 10,000X In Return!

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Next, I’m In A Hurry

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The person in front of him was clearly extremely ordinary, but when he approached, it gave him a feeling of great pressure and danger. At that moment, Li Zhanghong’s hair stood on end, and an unprecedented chill surged into his heart.

Lin Bai smiled indifferently. Heaven Devouring Myriad Phase Art in his hand was already ready, but in contrast, Li Zhanghong’s expression was flustered. He wanted to withdraw his move, but it was already too late.

Outsiders did not know what was going on. Seeing Li Zhanghong’s aggressive approach and thinking of the bloody scene that might happen next, they could not bear and looked away.


After the loud sound, there seemed to be a few clear sounds mixed in. It was unknown if it was because of broken bones or something else.

Sand and stones flew in the arena. Dust and smoke burst out. The aftermath of spiritual power swept over everyone’s bodies, shocking them to take a step back.

“What happened? Why is there such a huge impact?”

“Such a huge amount of spiritual power. Could it be that Li Zhanghong has broken through again?”

As the dust blocked everyone’s vision, they couldn’t see clearly what was going on. For a moment, everyone felt an itch in their hearts, and they stretched out their necks to look.

Logically speaking, although Li Zhanghong’s ultimate skill was powerful, it definitely couldn’t create such a huge pressure.

The members of the Thousand Beast Chamber of Commerce were similarly puzzled. They looked at each other, not knowing what had happened. On the other hand, Wan Heliang frowned, suddenly having a bad premonition in his heart.

“How is this possible!”

After the dust had cleared, everyone finally saw the scene inside clearly. However, they were all stunned.

They only saw Lin Bai standing with his hand. On the contrary, it was Li Zhanghong who had fallen to the side unconscious. Even the saber-toothed tiger, no, it should be called the toothless tiger now.

The two huge and sharp fangs were held in Lin Bai’s hands and he played with them. Everyone finally knew where the crisp voice came from earlier.

Lin Bai raised his eyebrows. “That’s it? The Thousand Beast Chamber of Commerce?”

It was a very short sentence and did not say anything else. However, those who understood understood it. This was even more lethal than saying a hundred words.

When had the people of the Thousand Beast Chamber of Commerce ever suffered such a great humiliation.

The person who shouldn’t have fallen had fallen. On the other hand, the small fry in their eyes were so arrogant. This was no different from an ant showing off in front of an elephant.

“I’m in a hurry.”

Hearing this, Wan Heliang’s face immediately darkened.

The next person to go on stage was Sun Mingze. His strength was even more powerful than Li Zhanghong’s. With Li Zhanghong’s example, he would be even more cautious and wouldn’t let down his guard.

“Kid, don’t be too arrogant. You were just lucky just now.”

Many people below the stage thought so too. No one dared to believe that Lin Bai could really kill Li Zhanghong in one move. He might have used some special method.

Lin Bai spoke very sincerely, “The person who spoke like you just now was already unconscious and carried off. I hope you won’t be the second one.”

Sun Mingze didn’t say anything more after being choked by him. He immediately assumed an offensive stance and summoned his pet beast, a six-star sky-ripping ape.

Similarly, Lin Bai also summoned Little Green to fight.

Sun Mingze wasn’t like Li Zhanghong. In terms of strength, no one present could compare to Lin Bai. After all, he had the Heaven Devouring Myriad Phase Art and Octane Blast’s double buffs.

That was why Lin Bai was fearless just now, taking Li Zhanghong’s attack head-on. However, Sun Mingze had learned his lesson this time, and he drove the sky-ripping ape towards Lin Bai.

Although it was only a test, he had used the sky-ripping ape’s ultimate skill, [ Soul-Subduing Roar.]

Along with the ear-piercing screech of a beast, everyone’s eardrums seemed to be pierced. Some people with lower cultivations had already covered their ears, but even so, their faces still revealed an extremely pained expression.

The others hurriedly circulated all their spiritual power to resist.

The sound waves on the stage swept up streams of air currents, and they were actually able to form corporeal forms. This was sufficient to show how terrifying the sky-ripping ape’s sound waves were.

“Little Green!”

Lin Bai shouted loudly, and little green instantly soared into the air. Like green lightning, it wrapped itself around the sky-ripping ape’s body at a speed that was difficult for the naked eye to catch.

[ Bind ]

The sky-ripping ape was caught off guard and was forced to stop its attack. A circle of green was wrapped around its neck, and from afar, it looked like a leaf. It was Little Green’s masterpiece.

“If I’m not mistaken, this should be a 2-star beast pet.”

“Since when can a 2-star pet be able to bind a 6-star pet?”

Everyone looked as if they were in a dream. Sun Mingze didn’t understand this point either, but he quickly reacted as he had plenty of combat experience.

“Heaven Splitter!”

He shouted loudly, and a deep trench suddenly appeared on the ground. Looking at the scar, it seemed as if it had really been split into two by something. The pressure that emerged from it shocked everyone.

Seeing that the crack was rapidly heading in Lin Bai’s direction and was about to devour him completely, Lin Bai calmly struck out with his palm.

“This is the end. It’s time for everything to end.”

An even more terrifying aura emerged from his hand. It was as if a skyscraper was about to collapse. The sky and earth changed color because of it. That kind of power was as if five mountains could be easily crushed.

This time, everyone could finally see Lin Bai’s actions clearly. He only waved his hand lightly, and Sun Mingze was like a paper man, swept up into the air by the boundless palm force.

Everyone’s mouths were wide open. They saw Sun Mingze fly through the air, drawing a beautiful parabola before he fell heavily to the ground.


Lin Bai said casually. That expression looked as if he wanted to be beaten up as much as possible in the eyes of the people from the Thousand Beast Chamber of Commerce.

At this moment, Wan Heliang’s expression was like the bottom of a pot.

“Let me have a go at you!”

That man was tall and burly. His tiger-like eyes were bright and full of vigor. He looked like he was not to be trifled with. His eyes were cold and stern, and he did not say any unnecessary words.

A golden light suddenly appeared. On his shoulder was a majestic eagle. It was actually a seven star Nine Evolution Thunder Eagle. It flapped its wings slightly, as if there were tiny bolts of lightning shuttling through it. It was enough to tell how extraordinary it was.

The Nine Evolution Golden Thunder Eagle was famous for its speed. It took a person’s head from a thousand miles away. Coupled with Zhao Bo’s unpredictable movement technique, Lin Bai wouldn’t even be able to know how he would die.

Wan Heliang smiled coldly, as if he could already see the scene of Lin Bai’s head being chopped off.

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