Imparting My Cultivation To Beasts Gets Me 10,000X In Return!

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Who Is The One Asking To Die

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“If you really can’t do it, just admit defeat and let your eldest martial sister marry our young master directly.”

“Who says so? Now that the Wind and Cloud Dojo is out of people, it’s a waste of our time to struggle here.”

The people from the Thousand Beast Chamber of Commerce looked condescendingly and immediately burst into laughter. Their eyes were filled with contempt and disdain.

The people of the Wind and Cloud Dojo were so angry that their bodies were trembling. “This is too much! I must teach them a lesson!”

Seeing that a disciple was about to forcefully stand up, Chen Wu ordered him to leave. “You can’t beat them at all. If you go, there will be meaningless casualties!”

The referee announced the rules of the competition with an expressionless face. “At the last moment, if no one else goes on stage, you will lose the qualification to compete.”

The pale-faced young man coughed and said, “Cough, cough — senior martial sister, let me go. I can still do it.”

“No, martial brother Zhang, you were seriously injured in the match just now and haven’t recovered yet. If you go up now, you will only be courting death. You can’t joke about your own life.”

“Even if I die, I will fight until the last moment. I will never let that scumbag Wan Heliang succeed.”

Zhang Haoran coughed even harder when he talked about his excitement. However, how could she let him go on stage in his current state.

Chen Wu’s eyes were red. Her heart was filled with deep despair. Could it be that there was no room for negotiation.

Just as the referee was about to announce the results, a cold male voice was heard.

“I’m late.”

To Chen Wu, it was like the sound of nature.

She suddenly turned her head back. It was the late Lin Bai.

“I’m sorry, I was too engrossed in my cultivation and didn’t pay attention to the time. I’m not too late, am I?”

“Not too late! As long as you’re here, it’s good. I thought…”

Chen Wu lowered her head in embarrassment. She didn’t finish her sentence, but the people from the Thousand Beast Chamber of Commerce were filling in for her.

“I thought you were a coward. After hearing our name, you didn’t dare to appear.”

The Thousand Beast Chamber of Commerce was still wondering who the external aid Chen Wu had invited was. When they saw that it was actually an unfamiliar face, it was fine if that was the case, but the identity plate also showed that he was at Houtian level 4, so they didn’t take Lin Bai seriously at all.

Chen Wu glanced at Lin Bai worriedly, worried that he wouldn’t be able to handle it. “Lin Bai’s people from the Thousand Beast Chamber of Commerce are indeed not easy to deal with. If you choose to withdraw now, I won’t blame you.”

She was already very grateful that Lin Bai could come. Just as Wan Heliang had said, the matter was already settled. Even if Lin Bai was powerful, it was simply impossible for him to win four matches in a row.

Moreover, the few great experts of the Thousand Beast Chamber of Commerce hadn’t even entered the arena yet.

Lin Bai gave her a reassuring look. “Since I’ve promised you, I’ll definitely do it. There’s absolutely no reason for me to retreat at the last minute. You just need to remember one thing and prepare the alternate-heaven blessed land.”

His face was calm as if all the difficult problems could be solved easily. Chen Wu was stunned as she watched Lin Bai walk onto the arena, still in a daze.

The unrestrained and uninhibited back view was frozen in her eyes. For some reason, it actually made her feel somewhat at ease.

However, senior brother Zhao and a few other senior brothers and sisters from before revealed suspicious gazes and said uneasily,

“Senior sister, is this person you’re looking for okay? He’s only at Houtian state level four.”

“He definitely can do it.”

For some reason, Chen Wu had an inexplicable trust in Lin Bai.

“But his cultivation level…”

“Cultivation level doesn’t mean everything. He once defeated me in a competition in the Academy.”

Hearing this, everyone couldn’t help but gape. After all, Chen Wu was publicly acknowledged as the most powerful person in the Wind and Cloud Dojo.

Wan Heliang looked at the commotion and could not help but narrow his eyes. He asked the people beside him, “Does anyone know this kid?”

Everyone shook their heads to show that they did not know. The people beside him said fawningly, “I think he should be a small fry, the kind that is not famous. Young Master Wan, don’t take him to heart.”

However, Wan Heliang saw the interaction between Lin Bai and Chen Wu. He had already treated Chen Wu as his own possession. Seeing her suddenly show such a dependent expression towards Lin Bai, it was extremely glaring.

He sneered and said, “Find someone to play with him properly. Don’t let others underestimate the strength of Our Thousand Beast Chamber of Commerce.”

His subordinates understood the hidden meaning of his words and immediately nodded in agreement.

Originally, to deal with a character like Lin Bai, it would have been fine to just send a random person. But now, it was Li Zhanghong who had appeared.

Chen Wu couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise, her expression slightly unsightly. “How could it be him! ?”

Initially, she had been hoping for a fluke, thinking that the people from the Thousand Beast Chamber of Commerce would underestimate their opponent. This way, Lin Bai would be able to win one round effortlessly, and the subsequent matches would be more assured.

Who would have thought that he would actually be one of the three great experts of the Thousand Beast Chamber of Commerce? Li Zhanghong, who was known for his strength and believed in using his strength to defeat all living things.

On the stage, Li Zhanghong clearly didn’t put Lin Bai in his eyes.

“Even if you want to stand up for someone, you should first weigh your own strength. You’re just a mere Houtian fourth stage, yet you dare to step onto the stage. You really don’t know how the word ‘death’ is written.”

Lin Bai’s gaze was cold, and his expression was a little impatient as he said, “Why are you talking so much nonsense?”

Li Zhanghong saw that his attitude was even more arrogant than his, and he instantly became angry out of embarrassment. “You’re courting death!”

The instant he finished speaking, a huge array lit up on the stage, and a faint tiger’s roar could be heard.

A six-star saber-toothed tiger leaped out from within. It was so awe-inspiring that even the deaf could hear it. It stared coldly at Lin Bai, as if it was looking at food on a plate. Its two fangs flickered with a sharp light.

The figures of a man and a tiger overlapped in the air. With every step that Li Zhanghong took, the ground trembled a little. It was as if a ferocious tiger had descended from the mountain, bringing with it a crushing force as it pounced towards Lin Bai.

Because the force was so strong that the ground could not bear it, spider-web-like cracks appeared on it.

This was Li Zhanghong’s famous ultimate skill — Tiger Roar Mountain Forest!

A powerful pressure came at Lin Bai’s face, weaving into a huge net that covered Lin Bai. Lin Bai did not even blink, showing no intention of avoiding it.

Everyone could not help but sweat for Lin Bai.

“It’s over. If he gets hit by Li Zhanghong, it will be a problem whether his corpse will be intact.”

“The people of the Wind and Cloud Dojo should just wait to collect his corpse.”

“He’s such a fine young man, yet wants to provoke the people of the Thousand Beast Chamber of Commerce. Now, he’s scared silly and doesn’t dare to move.”

Seeing that Li Zhanghong was almost within reach, Lin Bai finally moved. However, he didn’t dodge, instead, he assumed an offensive stance.

Seeing this, everyone was dumbfounded.

“Is this guy a fool? Li Zhanghong is famous for his strength, but he still wants to fight head-on?”

Even Li Zhanghong looked at Lin Bai in disbelief, revealing a bloodthirsty smile. “Goodbye, you reckless brat.”

Lin Bai’s expression did not change. The Heaven Devouring Myriad Phase Art was circulating in his body, and no one could see where he was. The ground had already sunk in, as if the Pangu giant had descended.

Just as Li Zhanghong thought that he had won, his smile suddenly froze on his face, replaced by a look of extreme fear.

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