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Chapter 204 - Ren Zeyuan’s Strange Actions

Chapter 204: Ren Zeyuan’s Strange Actions

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Compared to Yan Hua’s side, Ren Zeyuan and the others were still trapped in the darkness. There was no progress at all. No matter what magic power or magic treasures they used, it was useless. They could not break the space here.

“We definitely can’t go on like this. We still don’t know how the City Lord is doing.” Everyone was anxious to find a way out, but no matter how they walked, they could not walk out of this dark place.

The darkness was boundless, as if they could never reach the end.

“Could it be that we’ve broken into some array formation?”

“It doesn’t seem like it. There aren’t any fluctuations from the array formation. If It’s a formation, there should be an formation centre but there’s nothing here.”

If they were in a dark environment for a long time, people would face a sense of oppression and suffocation. Even if their cultivation was high, it was no exception. This was because no one knew what kind of creature would appear in the darkness in the next second.

The few of them huddled together like newborn chicks. They did not dare to take big steps forward.

Fortunately, they did not encounter any monster attacks. Otherwise, it would be more difficult to deal with them in this dark environment.

He Qingyuan voiced out his guess. “I suspect that this place has been completely corroded by the evil energy, so much so that even the space around us has become distorted.”

The people around him revealed an incredulous expression. “President means that we are now in another dimension.”

“That’s more or less what he means. We must break this dimension now so that we can return to our original dimension.”

“This dimension seems to be a completely sealed state. How do we break it?”

He Qingyuan had only heard of such strange things in the past, but he had never seen it before. He did not expect that there would really be such a thing in this world.

He Qingyuan frowned and thought, “I also saw it in an ancient book…” His tone paused, as if he had thought of something. His fingers formed a spell and drew in the air. At the same time, he spat out a few mouthfuls of blood from the tip of his tongue.


As his voice fell, a huge golden spiritual power burst out from his body. A few drops of blood from the tip of his tongue were wrapped in it. When the majestic golden spiritual power came into contact with the air, it was instantly compressed into a thin golden line.

It was strange. Just as it was about to disappear like the last few times, the bright red blood lit up and suddenly became bright. The golden spiritual power that was supposed to be dimming seemed to have found its backbone. The dark color of the blood became much more solid.

Beads of sweat appeared on He Qingyuan’s forehead. He formed a seal with both of his hands and maintained his previous posture. The golden spiritual power was like a flickering candle in the wind, shaking crazily. Then, under everyone’s expectant eyes, it finally stabilized.

“It’s done!”

The stone hanging in everyone’s heart finally fell. The golden thread floating in the air was like a beacon in the dark, guiding them in the direction they should go.

“As long as we follow this thread, we’ll be able to walk out.”

He Qingyuan’s voice sounded a little weak. It was obvious that he had used up a lot of energy just now.

“President, are you alright?”

He Qingyuan shook his head. “We’ll talk about it after we hurry out. This thing won’t be able to hold on for long.”

Everyone immediately stopped stopping and walked along the golden thread for a while. As expected, they saw a small dot of light in front of them. As the world spun, they finally returned to their original location.

Before they could see their surroundings clearly, they found that there was a figure lying on the ground in front of them. Ren Zeyuan’s pupils constricted and he hurriedly shouted, “City Lord!”

However, at this moment, his body was emitting a thick evil aura. Just as Ren Zeyuan was about to pounce over, He Qingyuan stopped him. “Be careful. If you advance rashly, you’ll be easily invaded by the evil aura!”

No wonder they did not encounter any evil Qi along the way. It turned out that the evil Qi had been absorbed into the City Lord’s body and he was already unconscious. No matter how Ren Zeyuan shouted, there was no response.

He Qingyuan noticed that half an inch of black lines had appeared on the City Lord’s forehead. When these black lines grew to the length of a little finger, it meant that the City Lord would be beyond help even if an immortal was here.

Ren Zeyuan quickly said, “The most urgent matter now is to quickly dispel the evil qi for the City Lord. I hope that President and the few elders can help. I am eternally grateful.”

He Qingyuan’s mind flashed. He kept feeling as if something had been forgotten.

“President, is there anything else? The City Lord can not wait any longer. We must hurry.”

Ren Zeyuan’s sudden voice interrupted his train of thought. He Qingyuan looked at the unconscious City Lord and shook his head. “It’s nothing. We can start now.”

The few of them no longer hesitated. They quickly got into formation. He Qingyuan took the lead while the others assisted. The City Lord sat at the center. As he chanted the spell, spiritual power emerged from their bodies and surged into the City Lord’s body.

The spiritual power was like a spring. The evil qi on the City Lord’s body seemed to have been stimulated by something and began to become restless. The evil qi changed its form and looked like countless skeletons from afar. It seemed that many vengeful souls were trapped inside.

They bared their fangs and brandished their claws. Their faces were ferocious and made people shudder. However, they did not have any substantial attacks for the time being. Ren Zeyuan stared at He Qingyuan and the others inside the formation, and a faint dark light flashed in his eyes.

He Qingyuan and the others chanted some words. Those words were difficult to understand, but they contained supreme philosophies. As they chanted, lines of scriptures condensed in the sky and transformed into large golden characters that were branded into the City Lord’s body, the City Lord’s body could not help but tremble violently.

With each word, the black aura on the City Lord’s body would decrease by a little. His facial features were all wrinkled together, as if he was enduring great pain.. He also showed signs of waking up.

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