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Chapter 203 - Concoct Pills

Chapter 203: Concoct Pills

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Before the storm came, the sea was always calm. Yan Hua had a feeling that he was in an endless sea. It seemed calm, but in fact, it was turbulent.

He kept feeling that something was wrong. Everything was too smooth, and there was no movement.

Before this, the evil qi would riot from time to time, and each time, it would become more and more violent. It would cause a ruckus that took a lot of effort to suppress it.

Now that Ren Zeyuan and He Qingyuan had led people to purify the evil qi, it was impossible for there to be no abnormal movements. This kind of silence was definitely not normal. However, it was time to refine pills and he really didn’t have the time to be distracted.

“Elder Yan, it’s useless for us to think too much now. Perhaps you’re overthinking things. Perhaps the Vice City Lord and the president have everything going smoothly and have successfully purified the City Lord. Why don’t we hurry up and refine the pills and go meet up with them?”

If there was a slight mistake in the pill refinement process, the whole game would be lost. Even if Ren Zeyuan and the others succeeded in purifying the evil qi, they would still fail in the end without the evil dispelling pill. The consequences were even more immeasurable. Therefore, Yan Hua could only suppress the unease in his heart.

Fortunately, there were no problems with the refinement of so many medicinal ingredients. As the last person’s furnace flame extinguished, it meant that the refinement of ninety-nine types of medicinal pills had been completed.

Everyone present refined a few different types of medicinal pills. The process was complicated and they did not dare to make any mistakes. Their hearts were in their throats. By the time the refinement was completed, they were already drenched in sweat. They carefully took them over to Yan Hua and the others to check.

“There’s no problem.”

Hearing this answer, everyone’s hearts were finally relieved. They had overcome a small obstacle in front of them, but the bigger problem was still to come.

Now, they actually had to mix these ninety-nine medicinal pills with medicinal ingredients to refine a grade nine pill. Just thinking about it was enough to know how difficult it was.

Moreover, they had never heard of this method before. If they hadn’t seen the ancient pill formula with their own eyes in, they probably wouldn’t have believed it.

After all, there were so many pills, and many of them had conflicting medicinal properties. This required an alchemist to have a superb method to resolve it. It was the most testing of an Alchemist’s ability. In the Alchemist Association, other than He Qingyuan, Yan Hua’s skills was the highest.

“Elder Yan, everything is ready.”

Yan Hua took a deep breath and looked at the dazzling array of medicinal ingredients in front of him. There were also so many pills. Success or failure depended on this one move.

“Form the formation!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the few elders beside him received the order and sat in the east, south, west, and north directions respectively. They formed a seal with their hands and sat cross-legged. Their bodies emitting a faint light.

At the same time, a faint white line seemed to be connected to their bodies, closely connecting them together. Even the magnetic field around them had an inexplicable change. Spiritual energy lingered around and slowly accumulated here.

The unintelligible scriptures turned into characters from their mouths, imprinted on the ground and Yan Hua’s cauldron.

“I heard that the Alchemist Association has a unique array formation. Only elders or people with high status know about it. It is said that when refining pills, using this array formation can lock the spiritual energy and achieve twice the result with half the effort, increasing the chances of forming the pill in the end.”

“But very few people know about this cultivation technique. Moreover, it requires several people with high cultivation and different spiritual power attributes as the core of the array. Ordinary people can’t cater for such conditions. This is also the first time I’ve seen it. It really lives up to its reputation.”

The people around whispered to each other. Otherwise, how could it be said that they were refining a ninth-grade pill? Just by looking at the situation, one could tell that it was different from refining ordinary pills.

“The highest grade pill Elder Yan has refined before is around the eighth grade. This is also the first time he’s refining a ninth grade pill. I wonder if his chances are high.”

“Aren’t there other elders who have formed a formation to protect him? I think he should be able to do it. Moreover, I heard that elder Yan already has the strength to refine a ninth grade pill, but he’s been stuck at a bottleneck and unable to break through.”

If He Qingyuan was here, his confidence would be a little higher than Yan Hua’s. However, Yan Hua didn’t know cleansing cultivation method, nor could he control the defilement pearl. The City Lord had to have someone to purify the evil qi, otherwise, even if he refined the medicinal pill, they wouldn’t be able to succeed.

Both things had to be done otherwise, it would be impossible to completely purify the evil qi in the City Lord’s body. In the end, it would all be for naught.


Yan Hua shouted loudly, and a raging flame descended from the sky. It was as if a Sun had fallen into the furnace. The Flames shot out in all directions, and the originally dim environment became as if it was daytime. Everyone retreated in shock.

This fire looked extremely overbearing, but it was actually quite gentle. The temperature in the surroundings gradually rose. Everyone felt as if they were in a huge furnace. Their faces were flushed red, and they all felt a little hot.

Those pills seemed to have been summoned by some invisible force. They circled around the furnace and finally fused into it. The fire burned even more vigorously, turning from orange to scarlet red.

The fire rose bit by bit, and the bronze-colored furnace was burned red. Immortal herbs and other patterns appeared on the walls of the furnace. Exotic flowers and plants were vivid, as if they were about to come to life.

Everyone could tell at a glance that this cauldron was extraordinary, and they couldn’t help but sigh. Even Lin Bai couldn’t take his eyes off it. Suddenly, he felt that the small broken cauldron in his hand had become even more broken.

As the strange flowers and plants bloomed more luxuriantly, the cauldron fire burned more and more vigorously. Yan Hua began to add other medicinal herbs. He was extremely careful when putting each medicinal herb into it, afraid that there would be any mistakes.

No one dared to make a sound and disturb him. They just watched from the side..

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