Imparting My Cultivation To Beasts Gets Me 10,000X In Return!

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Chance Encounter With Chen Wu

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Just as he walked into the martial arts association, he saw a few conspicuous signboards.

The Broken Sword Escort Agency was a small sword that shone with a cold light. He did not know why a corner of the sword was missing, but even so, it did not detract from its dignity. The Green Lotus Medicine Shop was a piece of green leave and branche that were full of vitality. It was filled with an exuberant smell of green.

The Wind And Cloud Daoist Dojo had the symbol of white clouds. It looked free and uninhibited, and there was a carefree feeling permeating. As for the Thousand Beast Chamber of Commerce, it was a ferocious beast head, eyeing the passing crowd with covetous eyes.

Because the Thousand Beast Chamber of Commerce was rich and overbearing, it had the most people on its side. Lin Bai hesitated for a moment before walking over.

According to the current situation of the four major forces, the Thousand Beast Chamber of Commerce had a very high chance of winning first place. It was better to go to it.

When the person in charge saw Lin Bai hand over a high-level membership card, his expression was indifferent. Perhaps it was because they was rich and overbearing, there were already quite a number of people who had signed up previously. High-level members who were usually rare were also very common here.

Everyone was not a fool. There were quite a number of people who had some strength but were not from the four great factions. They also held the same thoughts as Lin Bai and wanted to use this opportunity to obtain some benefits. They all came over to the Thousand Beast Chamber of Commerce’s side.

As a result, they had recruited quite a number of people here, and they were almost full. It was no wonder that he had an indifferent attitude.

“How’s your cultivation level? Let’s take a look at your identification.”

As Lin Bai had been busy with cultivation previously, coupled with the upcoming competition, he had forgotten to update it. As a result, the identification was still written at Houtian level four.

“What! Only Houtian fourth stage!”

The manager looked at the advanced membership card and looked at Lin Bai suspiciously. He said bluntly,

“How could a mere Houtian level four obtain an advanced membership card? Could it be that he used some improper means?”

It was no wonder that he had such thoughts. The names of the advanced members on the list were all at seventh or eighth level. There were even those who were at Xiantian realm. Lin Bai’s cultivation level would not look good on the list.

The person-in-charge impatiently opened his mouth to chase them away. He did not want to deal with Lin Bai anymore. “We are already full. We don’t need any more people. You can go and take a look elsewhere.”

Lin Bai frowned. “But you guys just –”

Before he could finish his sentence, the person-in-charge opened his mouth with an unfriendly expression. “I said that we are already full. Do you not understand human language? Hurry up and move aside. Don’t block the way.”

The person in charge waved his hand, as if he was shooing away flies. Lin Bai gave him a cold glance, picked up the advanced membership card, and turned around almost at the same time.

The Thousand Beast Chamber of Commerce received another person with an advanced membership card, but his cultivation had already reached the Xiantian state.

“Our Thousand Beast Chamber of Commerce welcomes your arrival. We hope to work hard together in this competition.”

Hearing the voice behind him, Lin Bai smiled indifferently. He felt that it was extremely ironic. “Heh — we’re full of people.”

Forget it. Since there was no one left here, there was a place for them to stay. He only hoped that when the time came for the competition, the members of the Thousand Beast Chamber of Commerce would not regret it.

Lin Bai returned to his usual calm appearance. However, there was a hint of coldness in the depths of his gaze.

Just as he was about to head to the Broken Sword Escort Agency, he heard a familiar female voice coming from the southeast.

“Wan Heliang, you’re really going too far!”

Lin Bai stopped in his tracks and looked in the direction of the voice. It was from the direction of the Wind and Cloud Dojo.

“This voice seems to be –”

At the same time, at the Wind and Cloud Dojo.

Chen Wu stared angrily at the man in front of her. Two red blobs appeared on her snow-white cheeks. It was unknown whether she was angry or embarrassed.

“Wan Heliang, you are really abusing everyone in the Wind and Cloud Dojo. You actually dared to touch me in public.”

The man standing in front of her wore a purple robe. It was made from the fur of a superior purple-gold coiling cloud beast. Not only did it have the effect of increasing spiritual power, but its defense was also top-notch.

The purple-gold crown on his head made him look even more imposing. His gaze fell on Chen Wu’s body, which was somewhat revealing, making him appear a little frivolous.

“Why are you so angry? Anyway, it’s only a matter of time before you’re mine. Why do you have to say such harsh words and make everyone laugh at you?”

Seeing his self-righteous manner, his words and words seemed to treat her like a piece of cake.

Chen Wu couldn’t take it anymore. She waved her fan and was about to make a move, but was pulled back by the person beside her. “Senior martial sister, don’t be rash. You’ve fallen for this villain’s trick. This is the martial arts association, we can’t cause trouble here.”

The Wind and Cloud Dojo was already having a hard time. It wasn’t worth it to offend the martial arts association for such a villain.

Chen Wu gripped the handle of her fan and reluctantly closed it. She stared coldly at Wan Heliang. “Get out of my way.”

Wan Heliang smiled indifferently. “You have a bad temper. If we really get married in the future, I’ll teach you a good lesson.”

“I’ll say it again. Get lost!”

The killing intent in Chen Wu’s eyes was almost tangible, but Wan Heliang did not seem to notice it.

“Even if we’re going to fight, we should fight on the day of the competition. Let’s save our energy.”

After saying this, he swaggered off with his men. He gave Chen Wu a meaningful look, his eyes full of determination to win.

Lin Bai happened to see this scene in the crowd. It turned out that Chen Wu was the eldest daughter of the Wind and Cloud Dojo.

In the past few years, the Wind and Cloud Dojo had been declining day by day, to the point that only Chen Wu could be considered to have some strength. Some of the others were good, some were bad.

Fortunately, she was still quite capable. Not only was her talent outstanding, but she was also quite hardworking. However, even so, she still couldn’t save the Wind and Cloud Dojo from its decline. If she couldn’t get first place this time and obtain the spirit vein, their bloodline would be eliminated.

And Chen Wu herself would also be forced to marry Wan Heliang, the Young Master of the Thousand Beast Chamber of Commerce.

“Senior martial sister what do we do. We did not manage to recruit many people today, and all of them were snatched away by the Thousand Beast Chamber of Commerce. If this continues, I’m afraid…”

Chen Wu bit her lip and looked around the crowd. Her eyes met Lin Bai’s gaze, and her eyes could not help but light up.

There was a ready-made helper now. She had experienced Lin Bai’s strength before. If he could lend a hand, she would have a greater chance.

Chen Wu greeted him, “What a coincidence. I didn’t expect to meet you here.”

Lin Bai nodded. “What a coincidence.”

Seeing that Chen Wu seemed to want to say something but hesitated, Lin Bai already had some guesses in his heart. “If you have something to say, just say it.”

Chen Wu might as well get straight to the point. “I want to ask for your help. I hope that you can join our Wind and Cloud Dojo.”

Lin Bai pondered for a short while before answering, “It’s not impossible for me to help. If I can win this competition, you must give me priority to cultivate in the alternate-heaven blessed land.”

“If we can win the competition, that’s easy?”

Lin Bai and Chen Wu looked at each other.. The two of them hit it off.

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