Imparting My Cultivation To Beasts Gets Me 10,000X In Return!

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: The Four Major Power Factions

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After the competition ended, everyone wanted to find Lin Bai to congratulate him, but they realised that he had long disappeared.

To Lin Bai, time was money. If he had the time to deal with irrelevant people, he might as well use it to cultivate properly.

Moreover, he was very interested in the ‘Heaven Devouring Myriad Phase Technique’ that he had just obtained.

“I need to obtain a lot of cultivation. With the return system in hand, what I don’t lack the most is cultivation.”

Lin Bai, whom everyone had been unable to find, had already appeared in the abandoned basement at the back of the mountain. No one would have thought that the person who had just obtained first place in the academy would actually be able to stay in this narrow room.

Lin Bai studied the cultivation technique in his hand. It was unknown what material the ancient book cover was made of, but it looked rather old. The yellow curly corners all spoke of the long history of this book.

The Heaven Devouring Myriad Phase Technique!

The words on the cover were strong and powerful, and the overbearing aura that came at him seemed as if as long as he could cultivate it, even the heaven and earth would be under his control. In reality, no one could tell what was going on.

After all, since ancient times, the number of people who had cultivated it could be counted on one’s fingers. Some people said that if one cultivated it to the extreme, it could really swallow the sky, while others said that this cultivation technique was useless.

This was because the cultivation and spiritual power it required in the later stages were simply too terrifying. It was like a bottomless pit that never had an end. No matter how much ample spirit force cultivation one had, it would be all consumed.

He remembered that there was once an ancient aristocratic family who did not believe in this and used the entire clan’s strength to support the disciples of the clan who were able to cultivate this cultivation technique. That person had indeed lived up to their expectations. After cultivating this cultivation technique, his strength increased by leaps and bounds and he became the chosen one of the generation.

However, as time passed, regardless of whether it was resources, cultivation, or spiritual power, the requirements became greater and greater. It was as if a whale was swallowing them. Even the ancient aristocratic families could not afford it, and they almost died because of it.

Fortunately, they stopped their losses in time and gave up. Even so, their vitality was still greatly damaged. Falling from a first-rate aristocratic family was enough to show how terrifying this technique was.

Lin Bai circulated one cultivation cycle and could already feel the profoundness of this cultivation technique. It was as if there was a force flowing through his meridians to all parts of his body. It gave people the feeling that a new meridian had opened up in his body.

It was based on force. Ten forces were one ox, ten oxen were one elephant, and ten elephants were one flood dragon.

It went on like this and it was given the name “Heaven Devouring Myriad Phase Art”.

If one could cultivate this art to ten thousand elephant force, one could imagine its power. It was a pity that the person who cultivated the highest record in this cultivation technique seemed to have only cultivated to the strength of a thousand elephants and stopped there.

“But this consumption of cultivation is indeed large.” Lin Bai was a little surprised. The spiritual energy he had accumulated was only enough to circulate a few cycles before it was swept away, forcing him to stop cultivating.

“No wonder it’s a money-burning cultivation technique. If one don’t have any spiritual stone veins at home, he wouldn’t even dare to cultivate it.”

Although Lin Bai didn’t have any mines at home, he had the system. He looked at the environment around him and immediately showed a disdainful expression.

Alternate heaven and blessed land was very important to cultivation. If one could cultivate in a good alternate heaven and blessed land, their effiency would almost double.

And the alternate-heaven and blessed land were divided according to rank. from high to low, they were heaven, earth, mystic, yellow, and unrated.

The living environment in the basement was too poor. The conditions were even less rated than unrated. He had to find a way to change his residence.

Lin Bai calculated his own wealth. All the crystal stones he gained from before were used to buy storage bags and spiritual energy water. Now, he only had the 100,000 bonus that he had just received. It was a drop in the bucket. It was far from enough to buy a better place.

“A penny can defeat a hero. It seems that I still have to earn money.”

Lin Bai Thought for a moment and decided to go to the martial arts association to accept missions.

After all, with his current strength, not to mention high-level missions, at least mid-level missions would not be a problem.

When he walked to the martial arts association, compared to the usual few people, there was now three layers of people inside and outside. It was almost impossible to get through the door.

He did not know what had happened, but today was especially busy.

On both sides of the street, there were many people who were watching the show.

Lin Bai could not help but ask, “What’s going on today? Everyone is crowded here. Could it be that something special happened?”

That person said excitedly, “You don’t know yet, right? If it’s an ordinary member selling money in name, they can get 1,000 crystals. If It’s a senior member, they can get 5,000 crystals!”

Hearing this, Lin Bai was even more confused. “What do you mean by selling money in name?”

He revealed a surprised look. “You don’t even know such a big piece of news. The four major forces are all rushing to snatch people.”

Lin Bai was completely focused on cultivation, and he didn’t talk to anyone from the academy. It could be said that he didn’t pay attention to the outside world. He only found out after asking in detail.

There were four major forces in the city, namely the Broken Sword Escort Agency, the Green Lotus Medicine Shop, the Wind and Cloud Daoist Dojo, and the Thousand Beast Chamber of Commerce.

It turned out that they had recently discovered a new paradise. It actually had a middle-level mystic grade spirit vein.

Coincidentally, this spirit vein did not belong to any of the powers. Therefore, they all wanted a piece of the pie. In order to determine the ownership of the spirit vein, the four major powers had many disputes. In the end, they decided to hold a competition.

For the sake of fairness, it was only limited to the younger generation’s participation. The final victor would receive half of the spirit vein, and the remaining three powers would split the rest equally.

The competition would be conducted as a team, and external assistance could also be sought.

Therefore, everyone ran over to the martial arts association’s side to recruit people. Among them, the Thousand Beast Chamber of Commerce was extremely wealthy, and they had spent a large sum of money. It seemed that they were determined to obtain the spirit vein this time.

“Then what will be the reward for their victory in the competition?”

That person shook his head, indicating that he did not know. “How could people like us know? Perhaps we will only know after we participate in the competition. After all, the four great factions have joined hands to organize it, so the rewards should not be too bad.”

“Even if there are no rewards, if we can go to the alternate-heaven blessed land to cultivate for free, I think it would not be a loss.”

He revealed a self-deprecating smile. “However, for small figures like us who do not have high cultivation levels, we can only go there as cannon fodder. It would be good enough if we can get the money, but forget about the rewards.”

The four major factions in the city could be said to have occupied the best alternate-heaven blessed lands. Unfortunately, they were not open to outsiders and were only available for people from their own factions to cultivate.

After explaining everything to Lin Bai, that person hurriedly ran into the martial arts association.

“I won’t talk to you for now. If the Thousand Beast Chamber of Commerce has hired enough people, then I’ll suffer a great loss.”

Lin Bai watched him leave, his heart slightly moved.. Whether it was for the unknown rewards or the opportunity to cultivate in the alternate-heaven blessed land, participating in this competition would only bring him benefits and no harm.

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