Imparting My Cultivation To Beasts Gets Me 10,000X In Return!

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Breakthrough In Battle!

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Looking at the faintly discernible magic formation on Little Green’s body.

Luo Qin’s pupils suddenly dilated, and an idea flashed through his mind. He seemed to have understood what Lin Bai meant by the timing.

“You actually –”

It turned out that Lin Bai wanted to use the pressure of the four-star frost ape to temper Little Green. After all, it was only one step away from advancing to the next level, which was why it avoided the battle in the beginning.

Not to mention Luo Qin, even the others did not expect Lin Bai to be so bold in this aspect. After all, it was difficult for a two-star beast pet to withstand the pressure of a four-star beast.

The slightest carelessness could cause irreparable damage.

However, Little Green was different from the other two-star beasts. It had the powerful Azure Dragon bloodline in its body, so how could it be afraid.

The few elders sitting on the high platform also saw through the trick, and their eyes were filled with amazement.

“I didn’t expect him to use such a method to level up. After all, a newborn calf isn’t afraid of a tiger. He wants to try everything.”

“As expected, the new generation surpasses the previous generation.”

Although the others didn’t know why Luo Qin’s expression changed, they could feel that the atmosphere on the stage was a little strange.

Like the calm before a storm, everyone’s mood became a little nervous.

Little Green’s skill [ Suppression ] had been upgraded to [ Bloodline Domination ] .

The originally aggressive frost ape actually showed a timid attitude at this moment. It retreated a few steps back and actually didn’t listen to its orders.

“What’s going on?”

Luo Qin sensed that something was wrong. There seemed to be an insurmountable gap in front of him, pressing him down so hard that he couldn’t move. His circulation of spiritual energy also became sluggish.

Bean-sized beads of sweat dripped down from his face. Luo Qin’s eyes revealed a rare look of panic. The ice crystals that were originally suspended in mid-air were actually slowly falling down because they were not supported by spiritual power.

The corner of Lin Bai’s lips curled up. He slowly spat out two words, “Headbutt.”

Little Green’s head was instantly covered in a layer of dark green armor. All the power in her body was concentrated on her head. Her body was petite, but it was indestructible, like an arrow that had left the bow.

The shadow behind her also revealed a mysterious section.


The earth and the mountains shook. Everyone almost thought that the arena was about to collapse. The ice crystals that filled the sky turned into icy rain that sprinkled down. Everyone felt their faces turn ice-cold.

At the same time, a man and a beast flew out of the arena. It was Luo Qin and the frost ape. Their clothes were drenched, as if they had just been fished out of the water.

Everyone was dumbfounded. They had not expected such an outcome. The entire arena was silent. Even the referee was stunned for a moment before he reacted. He stammered as he announced,

“This round, Lin Bai wins!”

The entire arena was silent. The expressions on their faces were strangely similar. It was as if they had seen a monster. Then, an uproar broke out.

“How is this possible? Lin Bai actually won.”

“What exactly happened just now? I think I saw the phantom image of a giant beast. Could it be that I had an illusion before I woke up?”

They did not dare to believe what they had just seen even though they had seen it with their own eyes. They felt that this world had become even more mystical.

Little Green was a pet beast with a two-star aptitude, but it was able to crush a frost ape with a four-star aptitude. Since when did a two-star become so powerful.

“I think this is more like 20 stars.” Someone couldn’t help but tease, but said what many people were thinking.

If all two-stars were as powerful as this little green snake, who would buy those three-or four-star ones? It was simply against common sense.

Admiration, shock, and confusion intertwined with each other. They all fell on Lin Bai, who was in the center of the arena. At this moment, he was almost the center of everyone’s attention. No one had thought that Lin Bai would win.

Lin Bai’s expression was neither arrogant nor impatient. The few elders beside him saw his calm expression and nodded in admiration:

“Whether it’s his strength or temperament, he is different from others. He is a talent that can be molded.”

“Just now, I saw that his pet beast is a two-star green snake. It might have some flood dragon bloodline in it. That’s why it was able to ignore the talent suppression and affect the frost ape.”

An elder pointed out the secret, and everyone suddenly understood. “I was wondering how this two-star pet could be so powerful. It’s because of this.”

Flood dragons were fierce beasts. They were naturally strong and outstanding combat strength. They could be encountered but not obtained. It was even more difficult for ordinary people to tame them.

Since ancient times, only a few people had the ability to tame flood dragons.

Although pet beasts with the flood dragon bloodline were rare, there were still some. All of them had outstanding talent and could crush pet beasts of the same level.

Although everyone still had doubts in their hearts, the power of the bloodline was too overbearing. They only thought that little green had mutated. They did not expect that its bloodline was not a flood dragon, but an azure dragon.

Although the two were similar, they were worlds apart. After all, dragons were legendary creatures. A single breath of the dragon was enough to overturn mountains and rivers.

Hearing everyone’s discussion, Lin Bai merely smiled and let them misunderstand. This could also be used to conceal Little Green’s true identity. It could also be considered a trump card.

Luo Qin tidied up his clothes and walked over. Although his face was a little disheveled, he did not suffer much injury. Lin Bai stopped where appropriate.

But it was because of this that he admired Lin Bai even more. It could be seen how precise Lin Bai’s control of strength was.

Luo Qin revealed a self-mocking smile, but he was completely convinced. “Congratulations, I thought our strengths were about the same, but I didn’t expect you to be far above me.”

“You’re not bad either.”

To be honest, if it wasn’t for the system, it would have been a little risky to fight Luo Qin.

“Looks like Lin Bai will be a dark horse this time. He even defeated Luo Qin. I think there are only a handful of people in the academy who can match him. Top five shouldn’t be a problem for him.”

Everyone wanted to walk over and congratulate him, but they didn’t expect Lin Bai to disappear after speaking with Luo Qin.

“Strange, they were all here just now. Why don’t I see them anymore in all of a sudden?”

Lin Bai left his group behind. Rather than wasting time here to deal with the crowd, he might as well watch the other people’s arena matches.

He had always believed that only through actual combat could he improve. Similarly, watching other people’s battles would also allow him to gain a lot of insights.


Waves of cheers could be heard from the arena not far away. One could only see the heads of people moving about there. There were three layers on the inside and three layers on the outside, and it was almost impossible to pass through.

Lin Bai walked over. An antique fan drew a sharp arc in the air. It was gorgeous, but it was filled with killing intent. It brushed past the edge of the arena. Even he could feel a powerful aura.


A figure fell heavily to the ground. His eyes were closed, and he had lost the ability to fight.

“Chen Wu wins!”

The person standing on the arena was none other than Chen Wu.

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