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Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Four-Star Pet Beast, Frost Ape

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“I wonder which unlucky person will draw Luo Qin.”

Lin Bai looked at the name tag in his hand. He became the unlucky person that everyone was talking about.

Li Zichen revealed a sympathetic look, patted his shoulder and said, “Brother, your sparring partner is Chen Wu, and your opponent is Luo Qin. Your face is really dark.”

“He actually picked Luo Qin. Lin Bai is said to be a newcomer in the elite class. He seems to be at Houtian realm level five. He has just broken through not long ago, so his chances of winning against Luo Qin are not high.”

“Luo Qin has already broken through long ago. He is now at Houtian realm level six, and his strength is still unknown. It might even be at Houtian realm level seven. The gap between the two of them is quite big. How are they going to fight?”

“If he fought anyone else, it would be fine, but it had to be Luo Qin.”

The crowd whispered among themselves. They did not think highly of Lin Bai from the inside out. Just when everyone thought that he was done for, Luo Qin’s expression on the stage was somewhat serious.

“I remember that I had hoped to spar with you back then. I didn’t expect it to be realized so quickly.”

“I didn’t expect it either.”

Hearing this conversation, the two seemed to know each other, and the crowd felt a little strange. After all, Luo Qin was relatively powerful, and he disdained to associate with others. He was used to being alone in the academy, and they had never heard of him having any friends.

Lin Bai slowly walked onto the arena, and the invisible pressure that he released made Luo Qin frown.

This powerful spiritual power was even stronger than what he had seen last time. Could it be that Lin Bai had broken through again! Thinking of Lin Bai’s performance in the Martial Arts Association, Luo Qin did not dare to let his guard down.

A dazzling white light flashed past, and a cold aura blew towards them. The huge and complicated array on the ground was faintly discernible, revealing a supreme majesty. Everyone could not help but retreat in unison.

A huge beast with snow-white fur appeared in the center of the array. It carried the wind and snow as it came. Even the arena shook. It was the four-star pet beast — Frost Ape!

At the same time, Luo Qin also put on a defensive and offensive stance as he waited.

Everyone was flabbergasted. It wasn’t that they hadn’t seen Luo Qin’s other assessment tests before, but this was the first time they had seen such a battle,

it gave everyone the feeling as if they were facing a great enemy.

“What’s wrong with Luo Qin? He summoned a 4-star pet beast right from the start. Does he still want to let people live?”

“The combat power of this man and beast can be said to have increased exponentially. Could it be that he intends to end the battle quickly this time and kill Lin Bai in one move?”

“The frost ape has extremely high agility and attack power. If one is hit by it, it will trigger the effect of slowing down. Frost Barrage is also a sure-kill skill. If it hits the enemy, not only will it cause great damage, it will also freeze the enemy into ice cubes and make him lose the ability to move.”

Everyone looked at Lin Bai with even more sympathy.

“I wonder what Lin Bai’s pet is. Maybe it can make up for the lack of battle power. At least it won’t lose so badly.”

Only a pet beast of the same star level or a stronger pet beast would have the ability to fight.

“Little Green.”

Lin Bai shouted in a low voice. The green shadow was like a green vine that twined around the mountain. Everyone tried their best to open their eyes wide. Only then did they see clearly that it was not a green vine, but a little green snake.

“Could this be Lin Bai’s pet beast?”

Everyone was even more speechless. This two-star pet beast was not even as thick as an arm of the frost ape.

Just This? It could probably be killed with a slap.

A two-star versus a four-star pet beast, there was no suspense. The level suppression between pet beasts was not just for show. This time, Lin Bai was definitely finished.

“Looks like there really isn’t much hope this time.”


Following Luo Qin’s command, the Frost Ape was like a white lightning bolt as it charged in the direction of Lin Bai. Its speed was simply hard to catch with the naked eye.

Its sharp claws flickered with a cold light. Just as it was about to hit Lin Bai’s body, Lin Bai dodged the attack.. His body was like a ghost. It was like the every changing and unpredictable clouds and mist.

Someone cheered, “Good movement technique!”

Everyone thought that it was some kind of cultivation technique that made the frost ape, which was famous for its agility, unable to catch up to Lin Bai. However, they did not know that it had the buff of Little Green’s skill, [ Soaring Cloud ] .

“It’s not a good idea to continue dodging like this. Blindly defending won’t work at all. When Luo Qin uses his ultimate skill, I’m afraid the battle will be over.”

“Lin Bai doesn’t have any hope of winning if he attacks head-on. However, if he wants to find another way to win through movement techniques and find an opportunity to launch a sneak attack, the chances of success are slim.”

Even so, everyone still didn’t have high hopes for Lin Bai. After all, in the face of absolute strength, all unorthodox methods were like floating clouds.

Everyone thought that Lin Bai couldn’t beat Luo Qin, so he chose to avoid his attacks. They thought he wanted to stall for time so that he wouldn’t lose in an ugly manner.

Seeing that his attacks had been unsuccessful, Luo Qin gradually lost his patience. More importantly, others couldn’t see the battle clearly and would think that he was going easy on Lin Bai.

However, he could see it clearly from the stage.

Not only did Lin Bai look at ease, but he even looked a little casual as if he was playing a game. This made him feel a little uneasy, and he wanted to end the battle as soon as possible.

“Roar –”

A beast’s roar resounded through the sky, and the temperature in the air dropped rapidly. Even the arena was gradually covered with a thin layer of ice crystals.

The light blue crystals, with Luo Qin as the center, spread rapidly toward Lin Bai. Wherever the frost ape passed by, it became even colder, as if even blood had been frozen.

Countless ice crystals condensed in the air and floated around Luo Qin, weaving into a dense net that enveloped Lin Bai. Even if he had wings, it would be difficult for him to escape.

“Let me see how you will dodge this time!”

Even the audience below the stage felt a great pressure. Even the breath they exhaled was stained with frost and snow. They could not help but shrink their bodies and close their clothes.

“Is this Luo Qin’s true strength? The four-star Frost Ape is indeed worthy of its reputation.”

They were all like this, not to mention Lin Bai. Little Green’s scales seemed to have light blue ice crystals. It was as if they would be frozen into ice sculptures in the next second.

However, Lin Bai shook his head. “I’ve never thought about hiding. I’m just waiting for an opportunity.”

What kind of opportunity was it? Luo Qin wanted to ask, but he knew that now was not the time to talk. Could it be that Lin Bai was deliberately mystifying things, trying to disturb his mind.

With a hint of doubt, he said without hesitation, “Frost Barrage!”

Countless ice crystals and tens of thousands of arrows were fired at the same time. The situation on the field was very bad for Lin Bai.

The crowd seemed to have already seen the outcome of Lin Bai and his pet being pierced into sieves. They could not bear to see this and looked away.

At this moment, a sudden change in situation occured.

Under the powerful pressure, Little Green’s eyes burned with a desire to fight. It suddenly straightened its body. Green light descended from the sky and condensed into a huge shadow in the air. It disappeared in a flash.

The stronger the opponent, the stronger it was. Little Green was just a little bit away from breaking through yesterday, and now it had finally broken through!

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