Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 346: Divine Weapon in Hand, Unrivaled Under the Heavens

Chapter 346: Divine Weapon in Hand, Unrivaled Under the Heavens

Liu Tianyu held the Divine Weapon with his right hand and pointed to the sky with his left. Several dozen strands of saber Qi revolved around his finger, looking like nails. Then, they quickly launched towards the six people in the sky.

As the nail-like saber Qi flew, they tore a spatial crack that looked darker than the night sky.

The six people in the air immediately scattered and executed their Movement Techniques, trying to dodge his saber Qi.

Liu Tianyun’s right hand, which held the Divine Weapon, flipped over, his palm facing down, and the Divine Weapon spun rapidly. The saber Qi entwined together immediately scattered and chased after the six.

The sharp Saber Qi moved wildly through the air; they were so fast that they looked like bolts of silver lightning tearing apart space.

The six executed their Movement Techniques to their limits. The people below could not see them; they could only sense a blurry flash of light moving about.

Miserable cries came from the air. There was no defense against the sharp saber Qi It broke through the protective Essence shield around them and left horrifying scars.

With the assistance of the Divine Weapon’s might, Liu Tianyu played the six in the palm of his hand.

“Hu chi!”

Just as the six endured bitterly, covered in wounds, an intense spatial fluctuation suddenly appeared. A huge spatial door manifested above the six. When they saw the spatial door, they rejoiced.

The image of a huge azure dragon appeared from the door and swallowed the six in an instant. After that, the huge azure dragon quickly headed back for the spatial door.

Liu Tianyu snorted coldly and said, “Coming and leaving as you wish? What do you think this the Heavenly Saver Pavilion is?”


As Liu Tianyu held the Divine Weapon in his right hand, he stretched his left arm out toward the sky. His ordinary arm immediately became infinitely larger.

Just as the huge azure dragon was about to reach the spatial door, Liu Tianyu forcefully grabbed the head of the huge azure dragon. The dragon struggled and roared angrily, shaking the sky as it tried to struggle free.

The scabbard of the Divine Weapon exploded with light. Liu Tianyu’s left hand seemed to have the power to tear the sky apart. No matter how the massive dragon struggled, it could not move at all.

“Get back here!” Liu Tianyu shouted, and he pulled his left hand back. He pulled the azure dragon away from the spatial door.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The colossal azure dragon’s thousand-meter-long body thrashed about in the air. Within a short period, it shattered many peaks and pavilions.


Liu Tianyu had a grave expression as he flung his hand violently. He tossed the horrifying image of the azure dragon to the desolate back mountains of the Lingyun Mountain Range.

The massive dragon smashed a towering peak into dust. Dust filled the distant land and rocks propelled everything. The image of the huge dragon slowly faded.

The six people in the mouth of the dragon vomited blood as a result of the huge force. They received further injuries in addition to their already severe wounds. They struggled to stand, trying to flee.

The First Elder’s expression turned cold, and he said, “Divine Saber Camp, hear my orders. Show no mercy!”


The scarlet figures on the ground all swiftly headed for the back mountains of Lingyun Mountain Range, rapidly surrounding the six severely injured people.

After Liu Tianyu pulled the dragon back, he looked at the closing spatial door. A murderous intent appeared in his eyes as he drew the Divine Weapon once again.

He fired a strand of golden saber Qi from the saber blade. Right before the spatial door closed, it went through.


Hu chi!”

Several millions of kilometers away, in the Boundless Oceans, up in the sky above an island, a strand of golden saber Qi suddenly appeared. This saber Qi headed for the splendid palace on the island.

Everywhere the golden saber Qi passed, the palace buildings split in half, collapsing and falling apart. Many unfortunate azure-robed cultivators were chopped in half without realizing what happened.

The golden saber Qi kept moving as if it merely cleaved bamboo. Soon, it flew to the main hall of the palace. There was a middle-aged person in azure dragon robes sitting on a dragon throne.

This person looked very majestic, emitting the aura of a ruler. He had a prominent nose and large eyes. At one look, it was obvious he was a person in a high position.

This person’s Qi and blood flourished, his eyes shone with a bright light.

When this person saw the golden saber Qi breaking the palace building and heading over, his expression turned grave. He held up two fingers of his right hand and shouted, firing a strand of azure Dragon Qi.

A dragon on this person’s finger roared and managed to block this all-conquering and unbreakable golden saber Qi.


When the azure Dragon Qi and the golden saber Qi clashed, they gave off an intense explosion. The resulting energy decimated the entire palace hall, turning it into rubble.

Only the single, lonely dragon throne remained of the huge palace. Blood trickled from the corner of the middle-aged man’s lips. His complexion was somewhat pale.

That strand of golden saber Qi had not dissipated yet. It still clashed with the azure Dragon Qi at his finger.

The middle-aged man stood and shouted. He pushed his fingers forward, and there was a loud explosion; the golden saber Qi shattered into countless spots of light.

The light rained down in a violent storm; it scattered everything. The cultivators who rushed over were battered and injured, bleeding all over.

Seven tyrannically figures blasted the surround lights into nothingness before landing beside the middle-aged man.

When they saw blood at the lips of the middle-aged man, they were greatly astonished. The Dragon King they revered as a god actually sustained an injury.

They all quickly kneeled and said in fear and trepidation, “Your subordinates are incompetent; we allowed your majesty, the Dragon King, to be injured.”

The middle-aged man, addressed as the Dragon King, took out a handkerchief and slowly wiped away the blood from the corner of his lips. Then, he brought it before him and looked at the blood; he appeared to be deep in thought.

The Dragon King casually tossed the handkerchief aside, and it exploded, turning into countless strips of cloth. He said soft voice, “Get up. From now on, the seven of you are the new Sage Envoys of the Divine Dragon Palace.”

The seven people kneeling felt their hearts tremble; they did not rejoice. They knew that the previous seven Sage Envoys who went to the Heavenly Saber Pavilion could no longer return.

Seven dead Martial Monarchs, the Divine Dragon Palace had suffered a great loss.

The Dragon King looked into the distance, his eyes filled with infatuation. He thought to himself, The Divine Weapon is indeed strong. Unfortunately, this person did not even use a tenth of its might.


Back at the Heavenly Saber Pavilion, Liu Tianyu, who had executed the shocking move, immediately returned the Divine Weapon to the scabbard. The four wooden planks joined back together and completely concealed the aura of the Divine Weapon once again.

Countless black tentacle extended all over Liu Tianyu’s body from under the rock, appearing very sinister. He frowned slightly and closed his eyes, resuming the endless fight with the tentacles.

“Reporting to First Elder! The six people who barged into the Heavenly Saber Pavilion resisted stubbornly. Many of the Divine Saber Camp’s people are injured or dead. We can not capture them alive and can only kill them,” an officer of the Divine Saber Camp reported to Jiang Chi sullenly; injuries covered his body.

Even though the Martial Monarchs were heavily injured, their destructive powers still astonished this officer.

Jiang Chi looked at the scene filled with injured or dead Heavenly Saber Disciples, as well as the rubble-filled Lingyun Mountain Range. His expression became sullen as he said, “Chop their heads off and hang them at the gates of Saber City forever.”

“Yes sir!” this person immediately replied and followed the orders.

Before this person could go very far, the expression of the First Elder suddenly changed. The expressions of the various Peak Masters and Elders’ Assembly members all changed as well.

They saw ten golden warships outside the barriers of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion heading in swiftly. As they were about to encounter the barrier, they increased their speed.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The golden warships used their prows like sharp sabers. The resilient barrier slowly broke apart at the hands of these ten ‘sharp sabers.’ Loud, ear-splitting explosions filled the air.

“The flagship of the Imperial Dragon Legion has also arrived. What is Nangong Lie thinking of doing?” a few people exclaimed.

Jiang Chi maintained a calm expression as he said, “Pass the orders down; get all the Supreme Elders to come and welcome them.”

After Jiang Chi spoke, he quickly led the group to the warships. They were very fast, arriving before the flagship in the blink of an eye.

Jiang Chi looked at the bow and saw Nangong Lie dressed in a suit of golden Battle Armor. His Qi and blood flourished. Jiang Chi said coldly, “Nangong Lie, what are your intentions?”

Nangong Lie stood under the fluttering golden flag as he gazed at the aftermath of the fight in the Lingyun Mountain Range. He laughed gently and said, “Brother Jiang, there is no need to be nervous. We only saw that a great enemy had come to the Heavenly Saber Pavilion and came forth to assist. We should repel the enemy together; with the aid of the Imperial Dragon Legion, we annihilate of all the enemies.

Jiang Chi smiled coldly and said, “Many thanks for General Nangong’s kind intention. The Heavenly Saber Pavilion has already dealt with the enemy. General Nangong can return now.”

Nangong Lie laughed loudly, “I only have kind intentions; why is Brother Jiang chasing me away in such a rush? You have defeated today’s enemies, but what about tomorrow’s or the day after? The Heavenly Saber Pavilion probably cannot endure such heavy losses too frequently.”

“How about this; our Imperial Dragon Legion can station a warship at the Heavenly Saber Pavilion long term. We will help you to repel your enemies; the Imperial Dragon Legion is fully capable of sparing that much strength.”

“Hu chi! Hu chi!”

The moment Nangong Lie spoke, aside from the largest warship, the other nine warships opened their cannon ports on both sides. Ancient Demonic Energy Cannons protruded from these holes, showing a sinister image.

Countless golden talisman characters appeared around the warships, flicking with a dazzling light.

The expression of the elders behind Jiang Chi turned sullen. Flames raged in their hearts. Nangong Lie saw the damages to the Heavenly Saber Pavilion and came to threaten them.

The Royal Court and the three Great Sects had always kept their guards up against each other. For any nation, the emperor would not want to see another power within the nation that could threaten them.

However, aside from keeping their guards up, the Great Sects and the royal courts also relied on each other to a certain degree.

A nation needed the existence of strong sects. The more sects there were, the greater the overall strength of the nation.

However, there was a condition. The royal court must hold absolute power and suppress these sects. Otherwise, the sects would simply become hidden dangers in the eyes of the royal courts.

The Heavenly Saber Pavilion that possessed the Divine Weapon was one such sect. Twenty years ago, the previous Pavilion Master was an absolute genius. The sect was full of talents and had many experts. They were strongest of the three great sects.

Carrying the might of a Divine Weapon, they were considered a peak power throughout the Tianwu Continent. This made the Royal Court feel tremendous pressure.

However, the Heavenly Saber Pavilion was very unfortunate. They suffered from a Demonic Calamity. Many of the experts from the older generation were all dead. The genius Pavilion Master had perished in battle. The strength of the entire sect plummeted.

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