Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 345: Long Tu at Full Power

Chapter 345: Long Tu at Full Power

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Loud bangs came from the spatial cracks. Intense shockwaves moved through the void. Multiple black cracks appeared in space, expanding quickly through the air.

Long Tu broke open a spatial crack and quickly emerged. His expression turned even graver. It was clear he did not expect this blood hand to be so difficult to deal with.

The instant Long Tu came out, he felt something was wrong. When he turned to look, he saw a scarlet hand smashing toward him.

It was actually a second arm the scarlet giant had hid. It moved quickly and grabbed Long Tu in an instant.

As the huge hand snatched Long Tu, it smashed to the ground forcefully. The entire Lingyun Mountain Range shook.

Some of the older buildings could not withstand the force and collapsed. Cracks appeared on the ground, spreading in all directions.

Many peaks immediately exploded, forming a large crevice in the middle.

“It is successful? He has been caught. With such horrifying strength, he should have been smashed into a meat paste,” some of the elders said happily.

Jiang Chi shook his head slightly. He could feel the aura of the opponent. Not only had it not weakened, but it also became stronger.


The other scarlet hand appeared from the void. Both hands smashed to the ground. The force of that could obliterate a small mountain into dust.

When combined, even if the opponent had an impenetrable defense, he should have turned into meat paste.


The sound of the two hands meeting each other had just resonated, and an even more intense sound rang out immediately after. It was like a sudden resounding clap of thunder shaking everyone’s eardrums; even their internal organs were jolted.

A scarlet light filled the sky. Spots of scarlet light fell like rain and scattered across the ground. A massive force blasted the two scarlet hands apart.

Nine azure flood dragons revolved around Long Tu. He smiled coldly and said, “Just that little bit of strength? The Heavenly Profound Blood Slaughtering Formation is merely so-so. Ha ha! Watch me break the formation.”

So, Long Tu had not actually made a move. He merely prodded the strength of the huge scarlet hands. After he discovered their limits, he no longer felt fear.

“Hu Chi!”

Without the interference of the huge scarlet hands, Long Tu recovered his speed. He was so fast that eyes could not react to it; to a regular cultivator, it looked like teleportation.

As Long Tu’s spear moved, the nine azure flood dragons roared.

Long Tu rapidly headed for a scarlet warship. A scarlet light descended from the sky and enveloped the scarlet warship, becoming a dense and solid-looking scarlet light.

“Break!” Long Tu shouted, and the nine azure flood dragons infused into the spear. The purple spear immediately brightened with a resplendent and hot light. It was like a purple sun in the sky. It was so dazzling; no one dared to look at it directly.

Long Tu instantly disappeared, and the solid-looking scarlet pillar of light had a huge hole. The pillar shattered, and the scarlet warship within broke in half, falling toward the ground.

“Break! Break! Break! Break! Break! Break!” Long Tu shouted six times, and he moved about unpredictably in the void. That resplendent purple spear carried a destructive force, and he continuously pierced through all seven scarlet warships.

No matter how unrivaled you are, using profound formations and mysterious skills, even if your killing Qi is as vast as the ocean, I only need one spear strike, using an absolute force to beat you in suppression.

The seven scarlet warships had been destroyed, and the boundless scarlet clouds in the sky slowly dimmed. The scarlet giant sighed and slowly faded.

“Ha ha ha ha ha! How dare the Heavenly Saber Pavilion speak such raving words, looking down on the Divine Dragon Palace despite being so weak. What other abilities do you have; use them all. I, Long Tu, will shatter them with a single spear strike.”

Long Tu laughed maniacally after he destroyed seven warships. His voice was like thunder resounding throughout the land. Everyone in the Heavenly Saber Pavilion could hear his savage words.

Such humiliation made the blood of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s disciples surge. Since when had they, as one of the three great sects, been humiliated like this?

However, no matter how angry they felt, if they did not have the power to back them up, they could only feel sullen in their hearts.

When the Heavenly Profound Blood Slaughtering Formation broke, the formation, formed by the hundred elite Divine Saber Camp surrounding the other six Sage Envoys, immediately showed weakness.

The six grabbed hold of that opportunity and used force to charge through. They immediately broke through the encirclement of the hundred people. Many of the disciples died of severe injuries.

“First Brother, do you need our help? Let’s destroy the Heavenly Saber Pavilion together,” the seventh Sage Envoy asked coldly with a disdainful look.

Long Tu said indifferently, “There is no need. The six of you retrieve the Divine Weapon. That is the most important thing. I can deal with this alone.”

The six nodded and immediately headed for the summit of Qingyun Peak. When the other Peak Masters and Elders saw this, they said urgently, “First Elder, if the Supreme Elders still do nothing, the Divine Weapon will be snatched away. The Heavenly Saber Pavillion will perish at this rate.”

The First Elder had a resolute look as he said, “It is still not time yet. The true enemy has not appeared.”


Two figures soared into the sky. They were Ximen Ying and Zhou Yan. They rushed over once again and blocked Long Tu, who prepared to destroy the Main Hall at the Heaven Viewing Platform.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

The pair drowned in red light; their eyes flashed scarlet, and their strength rose explosively. They had Minor Heavenly Self-Disintegration Techniques that burned their lifeforce.

The state of massacre forcefully rose to the will of massacre. Their cultivation also explosively rose to peak Medial Grade Martial Monarch. After the pair worked together, they managed to block Long Tu’s surging attack.

“You use an unorthodox method, and yet, you dare clash with the orthodox?” Long Tu snorted coldly. He used his spear to create multiple spear afterimages; they looked like multiple azure flood dragons rushing through the air.

Even though the pair had used the Minor Heavenly Self-Disintegration Technique, they could only withstand bitterly. Long Tu was a peak Superior Grade Martial Monarch. He was only a step shy of becoming a Martial Sage; he was simply too strong.

Long Tu was unrivaled below the Martial Sages; none could defeat him.


The six azure-robed Sage Envoys landed firmly on the summit of Qingyun Peak.

Liu Tianyu sat cross-legged on the rock on the summit. His aged face was full of wrinkles. When he felt the six people land, he opened his eyes slightly. His gaze was tranquil like serene old man.

A wooden box stood upright and quietly at his side. The words ‘Like the Emperor Arriving Personally’ were carved on the wooden box.

The seventh Sage Envoy cursed, “Pah! To think I was wondering who the guardian of the Divine Weapon was, it turns out to be trash with a shattered Martial Spirit. Old man, hand over the Divine Weapon. This Lord Seventh will not make things difficult for you. I will immediately send you on your way, not causing you any pain. Otherwise…he he!”

[TL note: Send you on your way just means killing him.]

“Pu chi!”

The four wooden boards of the sides of the wooden box blasted apart and landed on the ground. The Divine Weapon, Heavenly Universe Saber, floated quietly in the air.

Liu Tianyu stretched out his hand and grabbed the hilt of the Heavenly Universe Saber. A bright light appeared in his calm eyes. His aura soared and revealed a sharp brilliance.

The Divine Weapon had been drawn, and a dazzling light blinded the six as a saber light flashed.

Before the seventh Sage Envoy could finish speaking, a bloody wound appeared on his neck, and his head flew off. He did not even seem to realize he was dead; it was a completely painless death.

The other six were greatly startled. When they saw the unsheathed Divine Weapon, they madly fled for their lives. They were all in doubt. Didn’t the Dragon King tell us the Divine Weapon could not be completely unsheathed?

Why is this old man able to draw the Divine Weapon completely? This was totally out of their expectations.

The might of the Divine Weapon could deal with a Martial Sage easily. They were merely Martial Monarchs. How could they dare challenge it? Hence, they executed the various techniques to flee.

Long Tu, who currently suppressed Ximen Ying and Zhou Yan, changed his expression. He pushed back the pair with one move and moved like lightning, heading for Qingyun Peak’s summit.

In the blink of an eye, Long Tu arrived at Qingyun Peak’s summit. When he saw the unsheathed Divine Weapon, astonishment and doubt appeared on his face.


Liu Tianyu watched expressionlessly as Long Tu flew over. He casually brandished the Heavenly Universe Saber, and a plain resplendent saber Qi flew at him.

“Chi! Chi!”

Everywhere the saber Qi passed, it tore space in half. It was like space was a piece of tofu, sliced in half at the middle.

Long Tu’s expression changed completely. This was no longer a strength that he could deal with. Even when he used his full strength, he could only tear a crack in space.

If space were a rock, Long Tu could merely crack the rock. However, his opponent could slice it apart smoothly.

The Divine Saber had already lock Long Tu firmly in place; there was no way he could dodge.


A resplendent light shone on the purple spear. He sent out a semilunar shaped energy and infused it with the will of wind.

This move created multiple cracks in space. Long Tu did his best to block this move.

“Pu chi!”

There was no resounding explosion or surging energy wave. The saber Qi that sliced through space easily destroyed Long Tu’s full-powered strike.

At the critical moment, a jade pendant on Long Tu’s chest exploded with a bright light. It emitted a solid shield of light, encasing him.

It was not strange that a Martial Monarch had one or two life-saving Secret Treasures.


The light shield instantly shattered, and the jade pendant on Long Tu’s chest splintered into pieces. Blood trickled from his mouth as he flew backward a thousand meters.

The sharp saber Qi did not decrease in might after it struck the shield. It simply continued flying into the horizon, to the distant sky, before completely vanishing from everyone’s vision.

“First Brother, are you alright?” The others asked as they caught Long Tu in midair.

The sixth Sage Envoy said, “First Brother, should we still retrieve the Divine Weapon? Seventh Brother is dead.”

The change in situation was simply too sudden. He basked in glory and arrogance in the previous moment, wanting to level the entire Heavenly Saber Pavilion. Now, however, this person easily defeated him with one strike, severely injuring him


“Ka ca!”

Back on Qingyun Peak’s summit, Liu Tianyu still sat on the rock in a cross-legged fashion. He did not move from it at all. He had a calm expression, and the Divine Weapon returned to its scabbard.

The First Elder Jiang Chi wore a doubtful expression. He could not figure out how Liu Tianyu could possibly draw the Divine Weapon completely.


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