Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 307: Profound Ice Flower

Chapter 307: Profound Ice Flower

The two of them were roughly equal. The instant the fist and palm met, they both retreated five steps. Both of them felt their right hand go numb, the Qi and blood in their bodies was surging greatly. All their internal organs were shaken.

“Enough, if anyone makes another move, you can immediately leave. I, Duanmu Qing, will only say it once. If anyone doesn’t believe me, you can try it.”

Duanmu Qing’s cold eyes, her extremely gloomy expression, and icy tone led everyone to not doubt her determination.

Ji Changkong looked at the calm Xiao Chen; he knew that he could not deal with Xiao Chen within a short amount of time. He could only let Xiao Chen go. The stars behind him immediately vanished and peace returned.

I still have not tested his true strength. It seems like there is one more competitor in this fortuitous encounter, Ji Changkong thought regretfully.

In the Ancient Remnant at the Savage Forest, Ji Changkong had benefited greatly from the fortuitous encounter there. Hence, his desire and competitiveness over fortuitous encounters were more intense than others.

Seeing Ji Changkong withdraw, Xiao Chen did not have any intention to continue fighting. He knew that the other party was only trying to test his strength out. It was far from being an irreconcilable conflict.

Duanmu Qing turned around and said to Xiao Chen, “I still have not asked for your name. Also, please show me the mission contract and your Heavenly Saber Pavilion identity token.”

Xiao Chen handed over the mission contract and identity token. Then, he said, “Qingyun Peak’s Ye Chen.”

Qingyun Peak?

When Duanmu Qing heard this words, she was somewhat astonished in her heart. She had a slight understanding of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s situation. According to what she heard, Murong Chong left the Heavenly Saber Pavilion because he lost to a Qingyun Peak disciple.

The person before her could be that person. After inspecting his identity token and the mission contract, Duanmu Qing said softly, “Please take a seat. This mission is yours.”

After Xiao Chen took a seat, Duanmu Qing said in a soft voice, “Without me having to say it, everyone should be familiar with the Fire Li Sect. During the Tianwu Dynasty, all the Secret Treasures on the continent came from this sect. After the Ancient Era, this was the only sect that knew how to make Secret Treasures.

“However, the purpose of our Duanmu Clan this time is not the Fire Li Sect. Instead, it was a Profound Ice Flower in front of the remnants. As long as everyone can help me obtain the Profound Ice Flower, I will help everyone to open the Fire Li Sect branch hall remnant’s entrance.”

Hua Yunfei said indifferently, “The Profound Ice Flower is not an ordinary Spirit Herb. Why should we relinquish it to you? How can you prove that there is a Fire Li Sect branch hall remnant beside the Profound Ice Flower?

“If you immediately left after you obtained the Profound Ice Flower, then we would be played for fools by you. You have to give everyone a reason that can convince us.”

The Profound Ice Flower was very mysterious. Originally, the Tianwu Continent did not have this Profound Ice Flower. According to legend, an Emperor expert, Bing Hou, in the Ancient Era died, her blood fell on the ground and turned into flowers.

The entire flower was made up of the purest ice-attributed Spiritual Energy. It was crystalline and was incredibly pure.

This flower could not improve a cultivator’s cultivation. However, if an ice-attributed cultivator ate it, their body could be turned into the legendary Spiritual Body.

They would be able to comprehend the state of ice to the limit. Furthermore, when cultivating ice-attributed Martial Techniques, they would be several times faster than regular cultivators.

Legend had it that the Duanmu Clan were the descendants of Bing Hou. The Profound Ice Incantation that they passed down was derived from Bing Hou’s Cultivation Technique.

Hence, to the Duanmu Clan, this Profound Ice Flower held more meaning to them than regular cultivators.

If Duanmu Qing obtained the Profound Ice Flower, it could rapidly improve the strength of the Duanmu Clan. To the other noble clans, this was undoubtedly not good news for them.

Hua Yunfei’s words had voiced what everyone was thinking. Duanmu Qing had to give them a reason to give up on the Profound Ice Flower first by proving to everyone the existence of the Fire Li Sect branch hall remnant.

Duanmu Qing had clearly anticipated that everyone would have such doubts. She calmly said, “The location of the Profound Ice Flower is within a Demonic Beast forest. There is a seal from the Three Holy Lands there. Cultivators and Demonics Beasts with cultivations higher than Martial King will not be able to enter. This time, I will be only bringing four people with me to enter.

“If the Fire Li Sect’s remnant does not exist, you will be able to kill me easily with your strength. After I have obtained the Profound Ice Flower, I will not take any treasures from the Fire Li Sect.

“As for the proof that you want, I am not able to take such a thing out. However, I can use my life as a guarantee. If you believe me, then you can follow me. If not, you can leave now.”

After everyone heard Duanmu Qing’s words, they all started making calculations in their heads. Although Duanmu Qing did not take out any evidence, no one expressed an intention to leave even after a long time.

They could not help it. The lure of a fortuitous encounter was too great. If they left, and the other geniuses like them obtained a treasure in the fortuitous encounter, they might be left behind in the dust forever. By then, it would be too late for regrets.

Furthermore, everyone believed that Duanmu Qing did not have the guts to cheat everyone.

Everyone in the front yard had aa power backing them that was at least equivalent to the Duanmu Clan. If Duanmu Qing incurred the wrath of everyone here, it would be a matter of one or two days for the Duanmu Clan to be razed to ashes.

Suddenly, the silent Chu Chaoyun opened his eyes. He asked, “Demonic Beast forest…which Demonic Beast forest?”

Duanmu Qing replied softly, “The Ink Forest below the Ink Mountain Range.”

“How could it be the Ink Forest!?” When everyone present heard the words ‘Ink Forest,’ they all took in a breath of cold air. Their expressions changed and many people started hesitating.

The Ink Forest was a Demonic Beast forest that was five thousand meters below the ground. It was situated right below Ink Mountain Range.

The entire Ink Mountain Range was a Demonic Beast mountain range. It was a famous danger zone of the Great Qin Nation. The Spirit Vein of the entire mountain was contaminated by Demonic Qi already.

Within a radius of five hundred kilometers, the vegetation there could cause one to die if they were not careful. If you were not a Martial King, entering the core zone of the mountain range was like sending yourself to die.

Furthermore, the Ink Forest was like a forbidden zone. The corrupted Spirit Vein Origin was in the Ink Forest under the Ink Mountain Range.

Situations where an entire Spirit Vein Origin was corrupted by Demonic Qi were very rare in the Tianwu Continent. Back in the past, the Three Holy Lands had no way to completely seal them. They could only lay a barrier, preventing Demonic Beasts stronger than Martial Kings from leaving.

Otherwise, if the horrifying Demonic Beasts came out, they would cause devastating disasters in the surrounding cities.

Duanmu Qing said softly, “Everyone doesn’t have to worry about entering the Ink Mountain Range. The Duanmu Clan’s Profound Ice Palace will deliver everyone safely to the entrance of the Ink Forest. Furthermore, the Profound Ice Flower and Fire Li Sect remnant is not in the core zone of the forest.”

Even so, the hesitation on everyone’s faces did not lessen. They quickly calculated the risks and potential benefits.

Fortuitous encounters came hand-in-hand with risk. They were often found when one was walking the line between life and death. There was no such thing as a risk-free fortuitous encounter. Even if there was one, the benefits would not be significant.

Before everyone came, they had already made mental preparations. However, when they heard that they had to go to the Ink Forest, they were caught unprepared and started to hesitate.

Fortuitous encounters were good. However, if one lost his life while getting it, it would all be for naught.

Chu Chaoyun thought for a moment before saying sullenly, “If it is only at the peripheries, we can give it a try.”

“I, Hua Yunfei, am willing to give it a try as well. It is merely the Ink Forest, I want to see what is so scary about it.”

“I, Ji Changkong, dare to do this.”

“Mu Yanxue is willing to give this a try!”

After Chu Chaoyun said something, the other people started to agree to it. In the end, no one backed out, and everyone decided to stay.

The reason why was easy to figure one when one thought about it. Everyone here was an outstanding talent. No one would be willing to admit they were weaker than the others.

Even though they knew of the dangers and knew that someone would probably die, they felt that the one to die would not be themselves.

Xiao Chen looked at the crowd filled with fighting spirit and shook his head slightly. Probably only a small number of the people in this room had experienced the danger of a Demonic Beast forest. Probably half of these people would not be returning from this trip.

Seeing everyone agree, Duanmu Qing said, “Would everyone please go back and rest tonight. We will begin our journey tomorrow. Do not cause any trouble within the residence. Otherwise, if you anger the elders, I will not be able to save you.”


Late in the night, the moon hung high in the sky. The golden light lit up the ground. Xiao Chen was currently in the guest room when he suddenly heard soft footsteps.

Xiao Chen opened his eyes and extended out his Spiritual Sense. It was Yun Kexin standing outside. He quickly got up and welcomed her in.

Yun Kexin’s delicate face had had a graceful smile on it. She said, “Congratulations, Senior Brother Ye. You have defeated Murong Chong. Now, your name will spread throughout the entire Xihe Province; everyone will know your name.”

Within the sects, strength had always been the most important thing. Now that Xiao Chen had defeated Murong Chong, any disciple within the Heavenly Saber Pavilion would have to address Xiao Chen as Senior Brother Ye regardless of how long they were in the sect. However, Yun Kexin clearly had a mischievous tone, she was probably half-joking.

Xiao Chen smiled and said softly, “There is no need to regard me as an outsider. Senior Sister Yun can just call me Ye Chen. Come, take a seat. Why are you looking for me?

Yun Kexin slowly sat down and took out a manual. She smiled and said, “You can call me Kexin as well. I came this time to pass the manual to you. I have already comprehended the Inferior Grade Heaven Ranked Cultivation Technique. Take a look.”

Xiao Chen received the manual and took a look. The words were written very neatly, it must have been Yun Kexin’s handwriting.

After taking a couple of glances at it, Xiao Chen found himself engrossed. After a long time, he emerged from his examination of the manual and said, “Thank you. You are probably the only person who is willing to share a Heaven Ranked Cultivation Technique.”

Yun Kexin smiled casually and said, “Just a reminder. You should not cultivate this Cultivation Technique for now. I can do so immediately because of my Martial Spirit. Your Martial Spirit should be lightning-attributed. The Roaming Dragon Incantation is wind-attributed.

“Given the tyrannical nature of a Heaven Ranked Cultivation Technique, it would immediately destroy all the lightning-attributed Essence in your body. Within a short time of cultivating, your cultivation realm will drop. Furthermore, it would be very difficult to merge other attribute Essences in the future.”

That was indeed so, Xiao Chen could be said to have experienced the tyranny of a Heaven Ranked Cultivation Technique. After the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation reached the fourth layer, it no longer tolerated Essence of other attributes.

Currently, all of the Essence within his body was lightning-attributed Essence. Furthermore, it was extremely pure.

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