Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 306: Tiger Leaps Dragon Soars

Chapter 306: Tiger Leaps Dragon Soars

“You dare show off such a small amount of electric fire in front of me? You overestimate yourself; break for me!”

Sun Wei shouted, and his fist wind struck Xiao Chen’s Purple Thunder True Fire like a pillar.


The purple flames exploded; the generated shockwaves moved chaotically through the air. The huge force startled Sun Wei.

Sun Wei’s fist had not scattered the purple flames. Even after the purple flames exploded, they generated so much force.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Before Sun Wei could react, Xiao Chen waved his right hand three times, and three balls of purple fire flew at Sun Wei from different directions.

Sun Wei turned his body in the air and whipped out his leg. The crack of a whip sounded in the air, and a ball of purple flame immediately exploded, turning into purple shockwaves.

Using this kick as a purchase, Sun Wei quickly changed position and avoided the other two purple flames flying at him.

“Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Xiao Chen’s expression did not change; he simply sent out another four balls of purple flame, aiming for Sun Wei.

Sun Wei’s expression was livid. He prepared to strike Xiao Chen earlier but was continuously forced back, dealing with these purple flames.

Following Xiao Chen’s casual movements, Sun Wei moved through the air as a string of explosions rang.

However, Sun Wei could not get near Xiao Chen. Instead, the purple flames forced him further and further back.

“Purple Thunder True Fire, merge!”

Xiao Chen shouted, and all the remnant purple electricity in the air merged to form a large ball of purple flame.

This ball of electric fire was incredibly ferocious. The moment it appeared, the temperature within the front yard raised by a thousand degrees. All the plants in the front yard burned to a crisp before turning into ashes.


Sun Wei, who was in the air, was caught off guard. He could only quickly put up an Essence shield.

Then, the ferocious ball of fire stuck Sun Wei. There was a loud sound, and his body was blasted back like a sandbag. He fell miserably to the ground before rolling into the distance.

Watching Sun Wei roll like that, everyone’s expressions changed. Their gazes no longer held the look of disdain that were present earlier.

Nearly everyone took a deep breath of cold air. Sun Wei’s strength ranked, at least, within the top thirty among these hundred people.

However, Xiao Chen did not move from where he stood and had only casually waved his hand a few times. Yet, he knocked Sun Wei flying. This level of strength made them fearful.

Many had tried to imagine themselves in that scenario. Their conclusion was, while they could knock Sun Wei back, they could not do it with as much ease as Xiao Chen.


Xiao Chen shouted, and two fingers on his right hand gathered together. The scattered purple shockwaves in the air rapidly flew to Xiao Chen’s fingertips. In the blink of an eye, they transformed into a huge flaming whirlpool.

The purple fire continuously compressed, eventually becoming a small fire seed dancing on the tip of Xiao Chen’s fingers.

After Sun Wei tumbled one final time, he pushed his feet off the ground and quickly stood again. His expression was incredibly sullen as he revealed a murderous intent in his eyes.

Sun Wei quickly reached for the sword hanging at his waist. Unarmed combat was his weak point. Because Xiao Chen had not used a weapon earlier, he had not unsheathed his weapon. He did not expect to be humiliated in front of so many people.

Sun Wei did not think his strength was weaker than Xiao Chen’s, a Medial Grade Martial Saint. Furthermore, he was a cultivator with an inherited Martial Spirit. He believed that, when he was at full power, Xiao Chen would be no match for him.

“No one can save you today. Die! Destructive Solar Burst!”

Sun Wei shouted and drew his sword. A sun appeared from nowhere and turned into resplendent sword light, flying at Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and said softly, “Release!”

The quivering fire seed on the tip of Xiao Chen’s fingers suddenly transformed into a roaring fire dragon. It contained countless electric lights and heat waves as it leaped into the sky.

Duanmu Qing’s expression turned grave. She knew that, if this continued, someone would end up severely injured. This would not benefit this operation.

Her dainty white hands stretched out into the air, and a wall of air rose from the ground. It formed between the fire dragon and sword Qi.

The temperature of the air plummeted. Despite the blazing sun in the sky, everyone felt as if they were in an ice cave. A layer of frost covered everything in the front yard.

The strange cold energy from the ice wall assaulted the sword Qi and the purple fire dragon. Those present watched as the two quickly froze.


When the sword Qi and the fire dragon was five meters from the ice wall, they froze solid. Then they crashed into the ice wall and immediately shattered into countless tiny shards of ice.

Duanmu Qing simultaneously broke the two’s Martial Techniques. This move shocked the surrounding crowd.

Xiao Chen was mildly astonished. After not seeing her for a year, Duanmu Qing’s strength had reached such horrifying levels.

Duanmu Qing withdrew and scattered the ice wall. The temperature in the front yard immediately restored to normal. The cold feeling instantly vanished.

“Sun Wei, if you wish to participate in his mission, you better keep your mouth shut and withdraw your sword,” Duanmu Qing expressionlessly warned.

Sun Wei snorted coldly and sheathed his sword. The strength Duanmu Qing exhibited caused him to not dare be as reckless as he was earlier. He looked coldly at Xiao Chen and said, “Trash of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion, you best pray that you don’t run into me after this mission ends.”


Just as Sun Wei spoke, thunder roared in the sky for no reason at all; it was deafening.

A light flashed in Xiao Chen’s previously calm eyes. Killing intent immediately poured out as his right hand grasped his saber hilt.

“Windwalk Shoes activate! Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art’s high leveled technique, Roaming Dragon’s Nine Transformations! Qingyun Peak’s secret technique, Clear Wind Chop!”

Suddenly, nine cool breezes blew in the courtyard. As the cool breeze blew, everyone felt comfortable. Xiao Chen’s body had unexpectedly split into nine.

Xiao Chen had drawn his saber, and nine resplendent saber lights lit up. However, no one felt any killing intent. With the assistance of the Windwalk Shoes, Xiao Chen’s speed immediately broke the sound barrier.

The saber lights flew around chaotically, moving as fast as lightning. The nine figures were like the wind, dazzling everyone’s eyes; they could not differentiate the real from the fake.


When the cool breezes stopped, the nine figures merged, and nine wounds appeared on Sun Wei. He did not even have the opportunity to draw his sword.

The Lunar Shadow Saber’s shining blade pressed against his throat. He did not even dare breathe. Blood poured from his wounds.

Sun Wei’s complexion immediately paled. The saber blade at his throat made him feel death so close for the first time. Even his wounds grew numb; he totally lost all his senses.

Xiao Chen’s hand moved a little and broke the skin of Sun Wei’s neck, leaving a trickle of blood. He said indifferently, “Now that I have run into you, what do you think about that?”

Sun Wei was very pale; he was incredibly angry. However, when he saw Xiao Chen’s cold eyes, he did not dare retort. He felt that, if he showed any sign of resistance, this person would definitely kill him without hesitation.

Without Mu Chengxue, the person leading the Nanling Province’s outstanding talents was Ji Changkong.

Now that Xiao Chen pressed his blade against Sun Wei, it would be inappropriate if Ji Changkong, as the leader of the Nanling Province, said nothing.

Ji Changkong stood and slowly walked over. Stars were destroyed and reborn in his eyes, forming a boundless sea of stars.

This made Ji Changkong’s eyes look boundless. It looked like, if one were not careful, they would fall into them.

Ji Changkong walked to ten meters away from Xiao Chen. Then, he said sullenly, “Friend, I think you are going slightly overboard.”

Xiao Chen turned around and met Ji Changkong’s gaze. He said indifferently, “How is this overboard? Is he allowed to humiliate and threaten me without retaliation?”

The moment Xiao Chen walked into the front yard, Sun Wei mocked Xiao Chen. Although Xiao Chen could not be bothered with him, he was not a sage either, allowing people to mock him without retaliation.

The second time, after Sun Wei attacked, he immediately threatened Xiao Chen. This crossed Xiao Chen’s bottom-line completely.

Although Xiao Chen had already given this person a death sentence, he did not intend to kill this person here.

This mission was definitely not simple. Without displaying some strength, he might not even obtain the qualification to take part.

Xiao Chen made a heavy move with the purpose of warning the crowd. At the same time, he also proved his strength, so Sun Wei would not dare be so unbridled.

This was how this world worked. If Xiao Chen displayed his strength from the start, there would not be so many questions about him.

Ji Changkong looked at Sun Wei’s injuries and said, “Let go of him first. I, Ji Changkong, guarantee that Sun Wei will not seek trouble with you during this mission. You can be a part of this fortuitous encounter.”

He will not look for trouble during the mission, but afterward will no longer be Ji Changkong’s business, Xiao Chen thought to himself and smiled. This Ji Changkong really knows how to play word games.

However, Xiao Chen had already achieved his purpose. It was fine for him to withdraw. If the other party wanted to seek trouble with him afterward, he would not be afraid; Xiao Chen would simply kill Sun Wei.

“Ka ca!”

Xiao Chen sheathed his saber and said indifferently, “I hope your guarantee is effective.”

Sun Wei felt the release. He quickly pressed an acupoint on his chest and stopped the gushing blood. The two Sun Clan disciples following him immediately rushed over and supported him.

“Hu chi!”

The instant Xiao Chen turned, Ji Changkong made a move. The stars in the sky flickered, and he sent out a palm strike. Starlight shone from everywhere; an area of one hundred meters around Ji Changkong seemed to transform into a resplendent river of stars.

“I guaranteed that Sun Wei would not seek trouble with you, but I did not guarantee anything about myself. Don’t think there is no one left in our Nanling Province, and you can do anything you want,” Ji Changkong said with a sinister expression.

Xiao Chen spun around and a tiger and dragon circled his body. The Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Art circulated quickly. He punched with the Tiger Leaps Dragon Soars, welcoming that palm strike.


When the palm and fist met, there was a loud sound. An intense shockwave spread out, turning into a strong wind. The wind fluttered everyone’s clothes and hair.

The stars behind Ji Changkong all infused into his palm; the strength of the river of stars all gathered together.

However, Xiao Chen had used the final move of the Great Dragon Tiger Fist—Tiger Leaps Dragon Soars. This was the first time Xiao Chen had used this move after he reached the fifth layer of the Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Art.

Xiao Chen’s strength had reached fifteen thousand kilograms. Regarding aura and strength, he was not inferior to his opponent.

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