Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 300: Wind From Tiger, Cloud From Dragon

Chapter 300: Wind From Tiger, Cloud From Dragon

“Hu chi!”

Xiao Chen shouted and the Dragon opened its jaws to roar loudly. Then, it flew up toward the thunder clouds in the sky.

The holy might contained in the dragon roar extended out for a thousand meters around it. Everywhere it passed, the tough grasses bent down, gales whistled, and even the air seemed to become submissive.

Under the control of Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Sense, the Azure Dragon became faintly discernible in the thunder clouds. Bolts of lightning appeared in the clouds. As the dragon and clouds moved together, Xiao Chen could clearly feel the might of his state of thunder becoming stronger.


Following a few piercing peals of thunder, the aura of the state of thunder rose all the way up, climbing higher and higher. In the end, it reached the same level of might as Murong Chong’s combined state of wind cloud.

However, the Dragon Qi would eventually fade away. When the Dragon Qi was exhausted, the Azure Dragon would become thin, and the aura of the state of thunder would also drop.

When the Azure Dragon completely disappeared, the state of thunder would instantly return to its original form, reverting back to the might it originally had.

Xiao Chen revealed a helpless smile. He waved his hands and scattered his state of thunder. The thunderclouds above him vanished, and only the sound of the strong wind was left.

“There is a proverb, ‘wind comes from tigers and clouds come from dragons’. By combining the dragon with the clouds, it can indeed strengthen my state of thunder. However, such temporary effects are not what I am seeking.”

Xiao Chen looked into the distance and revealed a pondering expression. He said, “What I want is not temporary effects, but something that can thoroughly strengthen the state of thunder.

“However, this string of inquiry is correct. The holy might can indeed strengthen the might of the state of thunder. Only, I am unable to find a way to refine the holy might for now.

“There is no rush, I still have time. I can deal with it slowly,” Xiao Chen said to himself. He sat down on the rock again and closed his eyes, slowly entering deep into thought.

Xiao Chen ended up sitting there for seven days. During these seven days, he did not do anything. He did not even open his eyes. It was like he had entered into a miraculous state of comprehension, trying to solve the problem of refining holy might.

A Martial Saint had no problems with not eating or drinking for a month. The Spiritual Energy they absorbed could turn into some of the energy the body needed.


On this day, the dark clouds in the sky were showing a lot of activity. After a while, there were strong gales and heavy rain. The raindrops fell with a ‘hua la la’ sound, completely drenching Xiao Chen in a short while.

When Xiao Chen felt the thunder in the sky, he immediately opened his eyes. The purest energy of nature appeared before him. Bolts of lightning flashed across the sky, followed by the deafening crash of thunder.

The scene of the bolts of lightning piercing through the air before Xiao Chen’s eyes was imprinted into Xiao Chen’s mind forever. Suddenly, he was enlightened.

Xiao Chen’s body trembled and shook off all the water on his body. The falling rain was stopped by a formless barrier and ceased falling on Xiao Chen.

This was the final clue to the problem Xiao Chen had been wondering about for half a month. Xiao Chen looked up and laughed loudly. This feeling of a sudden enlightenment was simply too exhilarating.

Actually, I have misdirected myself. The Azure Dragon Martial Spirit has already merged into my body. Yet, I looked at it as though it were a separate entity.

Just like the lightning that flashed in the sky, together with the strong wind and heavy rain. They were all a part of the heavenly Daos. They cannot be separated; they are all a part of Heaven’s Will.

My aura should already contain the aura of the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit. It’s just that I have only opened thirteen acupoints. It is relatively small, hence it does not show. There would also be no way to refine it out.

If I want to rely on the strength of my body to refine out the purest Azure Dragon’s aura, I would only be able to do so when I open all 361 acupoints in my body.

By that time, I would already be a Martial Monarch. It is unknown how long it will take for that to happen. However, why do I have to refine it?

I just have to infuse my own aura into the state. Then, the Azure Dragon’s aura would naturally be infused into it.

Doing it the moment he thought of it, this was how Xiao Chen had always been. With just a thought, the dark clouds in the sky became even thicker. Thunder roared and there was a clear-cut difference in his surroundings.

Xiao Chen released his aura, and it kept rising. Then, it gathered in his surroundings, circling around him.

As Xiao Chen’s aura rose, a formless shockwave appeared under Xiao Chen, blowing away all the falling rain.


When Xiao Chen’s aura was raised to the peak, he howled out. The aura circulating around his body rushed up into the sky. The faint image of an Azure Dragon could be seen racing up into the sky with his aura.

The image of the Azure Dragon was incredibly blurry. Even when Xiao Chen used his Spiritual Sense, he could only see a hazy silhouette.

When the aura rushed to the sky at Xiao Chen’s will, it tried merging into the state. This was Xiao Chen’s first attempt at doing so. In the past, he had only tried merging his aura with his Saber Techniques, but he did not have any experience merging it with his state.

Hence, Xiao Chen was somewhat unfamiliar with it. Although Saber Techniques were very different from states, the general idea of it was similar. After trying for more than an hour, he finally found a clue on how to do it.

The formless aura turned into drops of rain and silently merged into the state.

As the aura poured in continuously, the thunder from the clouds became even louder. Flashes of lightning fell relentlessly. In an instant, they actually surpassed the natural ones, making them seem dim.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Just at this moment, the surrounding thunder and lightning became extremely fierce. Every lightning bolt was incredibly frightening, like they would tear the sky apart. The following peal of thunder was even more horrifying.

The sound was ear-shattering, and even the peak Xiao Chen was seated on could not help but tremble. Strong winds and heavy rains poured down, the sky was very dark; the sky looked like it was about to be pushed down.

Xiao Chen’s originally focused expression grew startled, “This is the heavenly Daos displaying its might to me. Earlier, when I infused in my aura, I suppressed the might displayed by the heavenly Daos. Now, it has came back with a stronger retaliation!”

There was an ancient saying, “Every time an Emperor makes a breakthrough, it is no longer a fight against one’s self”. The energy in his body was already raised to the peak, there was no more potential to exploit.

Instead, it was a fight against the heavens. To compete for Daos with Heaven. To use the heavenly Daos to strengthen their own body.

Although Xiao Chen was far from being comparable to those ancient Emperors, not even achieving a ten-thousandth of what they had, he had accidentally done something that only they could.

He had carelessly angered the heavenly Daos. With his current cultivation realm, he had to stop when he was met with such a situation. Otherwise, he would be smote by the thunders of the heavenly Dao, turning him into ash and leaving him without a complete corpse.

However, now was the crucial moment for the merger of aura and state, Xiao Chen was just short of the final step. If he gave it up, all would be for naught.

“I cannot give up now. Otherwise, I will not get such an opportunity again. A state that has fought with the heavens would be much better than an ordinary state.”

Xiao Chen revealed a determined expression as he said that sullenly.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

There was ear-splitting thunder and the lightning tore up the sky; all this never stopped for even a moment. Then, a few bolts of lightning flashed by Xiao Chen.

In the instant of that flash, all the rain water was evaporated, leaving only a dense fog.

Remnant electricity crackled in Xiao Chen’s surroundings, giving off a non-stop ‘pi li pi la’ sound.

Xiao Chen was astonished. The might of this lightning was extraordinarily strong. If it had struck his body, he would not be able to withstand it.

Xiao Chen collected his thoughts and focused on infusing his aura into the state. The clouds above him churned; as his aura was infused into the state, its might begin to steadily rise.

The instant Xiao Chen’s aura was completely infused, the thunder clouds in the sky formed into a huge whirlpool. An extremely thick bolt of lightning streaked through the air.

In an instant, the dark sky was lit up as bright as day. It made the lightning created by the heavenly Daos seem inferior again.

“Success!” Xiao Chen said with a jubilant expression.

Just at this moment, the thunder and lightning in the sky suddenly stopped. Xiao Chen’s expression changed and he quickly jumped off the summit.


After a moment, a strong bolt of lightning, stronger than any Xiao Chen had seen before, tore across the sky from the horizon. The summit Xiao Chen had been standing on was instantly smashed apart.

The massive summit of the two-thousand-meter peak was blasted apart. A horrifying purple shockwave surged over and struck Xiao Chen in an instant.

“Pu ci!”

Xiao Chen immediately vomited out a mouthful of blood. When he turned back and looked at the previously perfectly good peak, it looked like the top half was smashed apart by the fist of a god.

“How horrifying. Just the after-effects are already somewhat unbearable. I wonder how those ancient Emperors challenged the heavenly Daos?” Xiao Chen said with lingering fear in his heart, after he wiped off the blood from his lips.

Although Xiao Chen had suffered from some internal injuries, he had finally completed merging his aura into the state of thunder. In the future, every time I open up more acupoints, the holy might in my aura will become even stronger.

At that time, it would continue to be merged in. There was still a great deal of potential for the might of the state.

Xiao Chen had a somewhat excited expression as he executed the Gravity Spell and descended to the ground slowly.

The rain started quickly and passed in a flash. After that horrifying heavenly lightning, the rain slowly became lighter.

Shortly after that, the sky became clear. A seven-colored rainbow appeared on the horizon, looking extremely beautiful.

The rainbow was was of the world’s most beautiful natural phenomena. Xiao Chen had only heard about it before, when he was in his original world. He had never seen one before, this was his first time. He could not help but stare at it for a long time.

[TL thoughts: Seriously…what kind of cave hermit is he for him to have never seen a rainbow before.]

[Ed Thought: I imagine seeing one live. He’s probably seen all sorts of pictures of one.]

“It is indeed beautiful. However, this is not time to admire the scenery.”

Xiao Chen withdrew his gaze and examined his surroundings. He found a smooth stone and sat down on it. Then, he started to deal with the remnant electricity in his body.

The Lingyun Mountain Range was incredibly vast. Aside from the seven main Peaks, there were countless other lone peaks and desolate valleys. The place Xiao Chen was at now was one such place, so there was no need to worry about being discovered by others.

[Ed Note: Wait...after stirring up a thunderstorm and attracting a heavenly lightning bolt pointing like an arrow to you from beyond the horizon, there were no worries…?!?]

After a long time, the energy created by the heavenly thunder was completely cleared out by Xiao Chen. He slowly opened his eyes and said, “Let’s test the might of the new state of thunder, first.”

With a thought from Xiao Chen, churning thunder clouds immediately gathered from all directions. They formed into a layer of clouds roaring with thunder. In an instant, lightning flashed and thunder roared.

[Ed Note: Yeah, you totally couldn’t see all this happening from fifty+ miles away, nope nope.]

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