Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 299: True Expert of the Divine Saber Camp

Chapter 299: True Expert of the Divine Saber Camp

Honestly speaking, Xiao Chen did not feel any enmity towards Murong Chong. Although this person did not get along with him, he had a decisive character, and he was open and candid in the way he did things. In fact, Xiao Chen rather appreciated such a character.

“I don’t know; I’ll think about it after I leave the Great Qin Nation. Out of the other nations in the Tianwu Continent, the Great Qin Nation is the weakest. If I limit my sight to the Great Qin Nation, I will not accomplish much in the future. I have to leave the Great Qin Nation.”

Leaving the Great Qin Nation? Xiao Chen agreed with the decision. After the Tianwu Dynasty was destroyed, all the Spirit Veins on the continent were in chaos.

Aside from the Great Jin Nation, the density of the other four nations’ Spiritual Energy could not compare to the time of the Tianwu Dynasty, not to even mention the Ancient Era.

With the thinning of Spiritual Energy, a cultivator’s cultivation speed lowered. With the same amount of talent and different training environments, there was a great difference in the growth of strength.

Furthermore, out of the four nations, the Great Qin Nation’s Spiritual Energy density was the lowest. This was why the Great Qin Nation only had three great sects. There were too few Spirit Veins.

Someday, Xiao Chen would leave as well. This world was so broad and wonderful. If he did not explore and look, he would obtain many regrets in life.

Xiao Chen had heard that, aside from the Tianwu Continent, there were countless islands on the other side of the boundless sea. Each island was the size of a nation.

Furthermore, their Spirit Veins were deep in the sea. They remained intact since the Ancient Era. One could only imagine how horrifying the geniuses there were.

However, there were many things that Xiao Chen had yet to accomplish in the Great Qin Nation. He could leave for now. He had to, at the very least, comprehend the Listening to the Sword and Communicating With It before he could leave.

Murong Chong said, “Don’t think that you are strongest in the Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s younger generation after defeating me.”

Was Murong Chong not the true first ranker? Xiao Chen was filled with doubt as he asked, “What do you mean?”

Murong Chong said, “Since the ancient times, the true experts of Heavenly Saber Pavilion have stayed in the Divine Saber Camp. Only after you enter the Divine Saber Camp would the Heavenly Saber Pavilion pass down the true secret techniques to you.”

Xiao Chen had personally experienced the strength of the Divine Saber Camp. All they had to do was to glare at him, and he felt fear. The Martial Techniques that followed the way of killing were indeed horrifying.

However, this was different now. Xiao Chen had not comprehended any states then. If it were the current Xiao Chen, even if he could not defeat them, he would not lose regarding aura when facing a Divine Saber Camp expert.

“Then why did you not join the Divine Saber Camp? Given your talent, they should have already extended an invitation to you.” Xiao Chen said.

Murong Chong’s expression did not change. He said in a drawn-out fashion, “I received the invitation two years ago. However, I rejected it. You will understand why after you receive the invitation.”

“Aside from the Divine Saber Camp, there is only one person you have to pay attention to in the Heavenly Saber Pavilion.”

Xiao Chen’s interest was piqued, he asked, “Who?”

“Leng Liusu.” Murong Chong answered indifferently, “The previous Pavilion Master’s daughter, Leng Liusu. There is a secret realm in the Heavenly Saber Pavilion. The Spirit Vein Origin of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion runs through there. Only the descendants of the Saber Emperor cultivate there after they advanced to Martial Saint.

“Half a year ago, Leng Liusu advanced to Martial Saint. Her talent is no lower than yours or mine. She also has the bloodline of the Saber Emperor. With the assistance of the Spirit Vein Origin, she will shock the entire Great Qin Nation when she emerges.

Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s secret realm and Spirit Vein Origin… When Xiao Chen heard this, he was startled. He recalled the underground world and the strange space he entered.

There was also that prayer mat in the tree hole. The secret realm that Murong Chong mentioned was likely there.

No wonder he could not sit on it in the past. Aside from not having sufficient cultivation, he also needed to possess the Saber Emperor’s bloodline. Xiao Chen was finally enlightened about it.

The Spirit Vein was something even the Fiend King wanted. Just by thinking about it, one could imagine cultivating on it and how much cultivation speed would improve.

“I will take my leave. Although you will be leaving sooner or later, I hope you will spread the name of Qingyun Peak before you leave.” Murong Chong cupped his hands and said, “I hope we will meet again in the future.”

Immediately after he spoke, Murong Chong’s figure flashed in the darkness and quickly blended in, completely disappearing from Xiao Chen’s vision.

The corners of Xiao Chen’s lips curled up in an arc. He smiled faintly and said, “What an interesting person. After saying so much, the last thing he said was the most important. He is clearly still unable to let go; why is he still pretending?”

Within the seven days, Xiao Chen had heard about Murong Chong’s Three Weather Styles. After he had created it, he had gained a deeper understanding of his strength.

He was able to combine his states at such a young age, just 20 years old. Then, he created his own Martial Technique. Such talent in the Tianwu Continent, even in the ancient times, was rare.

Furthermore, the feeling Xiao Chen got was that the Three Weather Styles were not truly completed yet. After the Rebuking Heaven and Earth, there should be at least five more moves. After he completed the latter moves, Xiao Chen believed it would be very difficult to defeat him.

Even if Murong Chong did not climb to the peak of the Martial Path, his name would be passed down to the latter generations because of this Wind Cloud Saber Technique.

Murong Chong had to be considered one of the true bladesmen Yun Kexin mentioned, regardless of the state of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion.


After the sky grew bright, Xiao Chen went and greeted the Jade Maiden Peak’s people before leaving Jade Maiden Peak for Qingyun Peak.

Xiao Chen finally returned to the familiar Qingyun peak. Like before, there were very few signs of human habitation. Along the way, Xiao Chen thought of Murong Chong’s words. He sighed to himself, There are indeed too few people in Qingyun Peak.

Before I leave, I must do all I can to help Qingyun Peak regain its old prestige.

Xiao Chen did not walk very far before seeing a familiar white figure. It was Xiao Bai quickly running towards him. Following behind was Liu Ruyue, Liu Suifeng, Shao Yang, and Xiao Meng.

Xiao Chen smiled gently and lifted Xiao Bai into his embrace. Then he headed for Liu Ruyue and the others.

Xiao Meng laughed and said, “Xiao Bai is really fantastic; it knew you were returning from so far away. Even we did not know you would completely recover today.”

Liu Ruyue’s complexion improved with each passing day. At this moment, when Xiao Chen saw her, she had already recovered her charms from the past. After suffering such an injury, her opportunity to advance to Martial King would likely arrive after she completely healed.

“Have you completely recovered?” Liu Ruyue asked in a soft voice.

Xiao Chen nodded slightly. When Liu Suifeng saw the situation, he laughed and said, “Come, Ye Chen; let’s go drinking. Shao Yang and Xiao Meng will come as well. Let us formally celebrate your victory over Murong Chong.”

When Xiao Bai heard the word ‘drinking,’ it immediately grew restless. It cried out relentlessly, indicating that it wanted to go as well, making everyone laugh.

Seeing the smile on everybody’s face, Xiao Chen felt a certain warmth in his heart. Although there were very few people on Qingyun Peak, it was impossible to find such harmony in the other peaks.

Even if he left Qingyun Peak in the future, he would always treasure these moments in his heart and never forget them.

“Very well. Let’s drink to our heart’s content tonight,” Xiao Chen collected his thoughts and smiled.


On the lone peak of Lingyun Mountain Range, with no signs of human habitation, Xiao Chen was seated on a rock. Boundless thunder clouds churned in the sky above him.

The day after everyone celebrated and got drunk, Xiao Chen started cultivating. After the fight with Murong Chong, he knew where he lacked.

Because the might of his state was insufficient, it resulted in his combat prowess dropping to that of an ordinary Martial Saint. The might of all his moves also dropped.

Hence, in the past half month, he tried to think of ways to strengthen his state, attempting to make up for his shortcomings.

Because Xiao Chen cultivated the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation, his state of thunder was much purer than ordinary cultivators. Naturally, it’s might was also much stronger.

A state similarly in Small Perfection could not hold up against Xiao Chen’s state of thunder; they would be easily suppressed. This was the reason he could use a Small Perfection to hold his ground against Murong Chong’s Great Perfection state.

All of this was because of the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation that was equivalent to a Heaven Ranked Cultivation Technique. Likewise, it also made advancing his state to Great Perfection much more difficult than usual.

The initial stage only required the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation to raise to the fifth layer before he could make a breakthrough.

Once he successfully broke through, his Great Perfection State of Thunder would be equivalent to the peak Great Perfection state of others. This was a tremendous benefit.

For now, since Xiao Chen could not advance to the Great Perfection State, he had to think of other ideas.

Back when Xiao Chen fought Murong Chong, when the holy might of the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit unleashed, it suppressed his opponent’s state of wind cloud. This gave Xiao Chen a great idea.

If he infused the holy might into the state, even without his state breaking through to Great Perfection, its might would significantly increase.

This was a very good method but putting it into action was extremely difficult. After trying for half a month, he could not infuse in the holy might of the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit.

The holy might could be considered an aura from the ancient Holy Beast; it was like the auras of humans. The ancient Holy Beasts definitely had their own unique aura.

Although Xiao Chen’s proficiency with auras was not at the level of some expects, where they could use a sharp gaze to turn their aura into a blade and cause fear in the opponent, he was still able to release or withdraw it as he pleased. Infusing his own aura into the state was not difficult.

However, it was difficult to control the aura of the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit. In the past, when Xiao Chen’s Martial Spirit was whole, it would have been possible; he just had to draw it out of his Dantian.

Now, his Martial Spirit had been shattered and rested in the three hundred odd acupoints of his body. He had currently only opened thirteen of the eighteen acupoints on his right arm.

Using the thirteen Dragon Qi together with the aura and striking someone was simple; he just needed to send it out.

Turning the Dragon Qi into the Azure Dragon’s aura, refining it, and infusing it into the state was a big problem.

Xiao Chen raised his head and glanced at the thunder clouds above him. He slowly stretched his right hand out, and with a thought, the Fengyan Acupoint immediately exploded out. An azure Dragon Qi emerged.

Laogong Acupoint, Daling Acupoint, Neiguan Acupoint… strands of azure-colored Dragon Qi flowed out. The thirteen acupoints on his right arm opened, and all the Dragon Qi merged.

They formed an Azure Dragon about ten-odd meters long, circling Xiao Chen’s right arm. Dragon scales covered the dragon’s body; it looked quite real. Aside from its eyes being relatively expressionless, this Azure Dragon was hard to distinguish from the real one.

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