Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 2364 Raw 2471 : Huge Changes in the Golden Crow Empire

Chapter 2364 Raw 2471 : Huge Changes in the Golden Crow Empire

The morning sun rose, climbing into the sky.

A larger sun than the sun in any other place gave off a dazzling radiance on the horizon.

As the sunlight shone, it swept away the cold of the Desolate Sea’s night.

After Xiao Chen said his goodbyes to Sang, he used the Heavenly Alliance medallion to verify the information from Yan Cangming with Mu Zifeng.

“It’s true. Jiang He already left the Heavenly Alliance and headed for the Divine Dragon Empire. The Purple Gold Dragon Emperor will abdicate seven days later. At that time, all the Martial God Palace upper echelon will go there. The other super factions will be present as well.”

“What do you think?”

“I hope that you can rush to the Divine Dragon Empire. Qin Ming absolutely cannot obtain the Dragon Emperor position. The Heavenly Alliance will fully support you.”

“I understand.”

Mu Zifeng’s image, which came from the medallion, slowly faded. Xiao Chen muttered to himself; no one knew what he was thinking.

Xiao Chen did not tell Mu Zifeng about obtaining the royal genealogical record and the Emperor Dragon Throne.

However, it did not matter whether Xiao Chen told him or not. The Heavenly Alliance had already placed all its bets on Xiao Chen. It would unconditionally support him.

Qin Ming’s becoming the Dragon Emperor would deal a massive blow to Xiao Chen that would reduce his Luck by a large margin.

With the epoch change imminent, the ever-ethereal Luck would be even more critical.

A negligible event might have a huge impact, causing one to fall in the competition to start the new epoch.

“Dragon Emperor.”

Xiao Chen sighed softly and shook his head. Then, he put away the Heavenly Alliance medallion.

Compared to becoming the Dragon Emperor, Xiao Chen cared more about another piece of information that Mu Zifeng told him.

The White Dragon bloodline had confirmed that it would send Liu Ruyue to fight for the Dragon Emperor position.

The Six Colored Divine Dragons and the Heavenly Dragon Palace were all qualified to send disciples to fight to become the Dragon Emperor.

However, this competition was just a formality now. After gaining the Martial God Palace’s full support, Qin Ming was much stronger than any other competitor.

Of course, that was if Xiao Chen did not appear.

“Let’s go to the Golden Crow Empire first.”

A bright light blazed in Xiao Chen’s eyes. He did not let this incident change his original plan.

In merely two days, Xiao Chen traversed the Desolate Sea and entered the Golden Crow Empire’s territory.

“Something is not right.”

The instant Xiao Chen stepped into the Golden Crow Empire’s territory, he sensed a strange Divine Energy fluctuation in the air.

The Divine Energy fluctuations were extremely weak. An ordinary Sovereign Emperor would not have noticed anything without paying attention.

However, Xiao Chen was a 10-Vein Sovereign Emperor. He instantly noticed something off.

“This is…”

Xiao Chen thought for a while before raising his head to look towards the Golden Crow Empire’s capital.

Then, he opened his Heavenly Eye. His vision continuously extended out.

Many cities, rivers, mountains, prairies, and deserts quickly flashed past in his vision.


After a while, Xiao Chen’s vision reached the vast nation’s capital after crossing a boundless distance.

However, when Xiao Chen prepared to look farther in, he discovered that something obstructed his vision.

An invisible force blocked his vision, making him feel suspicious.

Xiao Chen withdrew his gaze. Then, he closed his eyes to probe with his Soul Energy. However, something blocked that as well.

Be it Xiao Chen’s Soul Energy or Heavenly Eye, neither let him see the truth within the Golden Crow Empire’s capital.

There were only two possible explanations: the Golden Crow Empire had activated its protective formations, or Faux Gods had worked together to lay a formation. Otherwise, it would be impossible to prevent Xiao Chen from looking in.

What’s going on?

Either explanation felt shocking. This meant that a huge change had happened in the Golden Crow Empire.

Xiao Chen opened his eyes, and a murderous intent flashed in them.

This huge change had many possibilities. Hopefully, it was not the one that Xiao Chen guessed.


Xiao Chen pushed off the ground gently. Then, he turned into a lightning bolt that merged into the clouds.

Lightning streaked through the clouds, passing in a flash and advancing at an incredible speed.

After about eight minutes, a lightning bolt plunged towards the summit of a tall mountain fifty kilometers away from the Golden Crow Empire’s capital.

The electric light coalesced, and the white-clad Xiao Chen firmly landed.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

No sooner had Xiao Chen appeared than he detected the aura of a few Sovereign Emperors quickly rushing towards his location.

“This place is indeed tightly guarded. I just arrived, and they discovered me already,” Xiao Chen muttered to himself. He sensed that something major happened in the capital.

Three figures appeared before Xiao Chen. All of them lacked the Golden Crow bloodline.

The leader looked old and had white hair. On his forehead was a vibrant red mark indicating that he was of the White Marsh Beast Empire’s Royal Clan.

The other two middle-aged people gave off an unruly air. They were people from the Heavenly Wolf Empire.

The white-haired old man had a benevolent face. Smiling at Xiao Chen, he asked softly, “Honored sir, do you intend to enter the capital?”

Xiao Chen felt suspicious, but his expression did not change. He replied, “I saw that the capital was tightly guarded, seeming to have activated its protective formations, so I came to take a look.”

“Honored sir’s cultivation is startling to be able to sense that despite not being from the Golden Crow Empire. However, I don’t think I’ve seen you in the Divine Dragon Empire before,” the white-haired old man probed, having noticed Xiao Chen’s Dragon Race bloodline.

Xiao Chen retorted indifferently, “I’m just a mixed-blood dragon. It’s normal that you have not met me.”

The white-haired old man immediately understood. In that case, it was not strange. The Dragon Race cultivators he interacted with in the Martial God Palace were all Divine Dragon Sovereign Emperors. However, this was surprising. Although this person withdrew his Dragon Might, his temperament was quite outstanding, unconcealable.

Unexpectedly, such a person was a mixed-blood dragon.

“If you are not a Golden Crow Empire Sovereign Emperor, then go farther away. Don’t meddle with things unrelated to you,” one of the middle-aged men at the side said in a hostile tone as he stared at Xiao Chen.

“Alright. I was just curious anyway.”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly as he turned and left, vanishing from the three’s sight in the blink of an eye.

“This person is rather wise. He should be a mixed-blood dragon wandering outside, unaware of the Martial God Palace’s matters,” the other middle-aged Sovereign Emperor murmured.

The white-haired old man withdrew his smile, showing a ferocious expression. He no longer looked as benevolent as he had earlier but more like a venomous snake. He said coldly, “We can’t be careless. Nothing can go wrong at such a crucial moment.”

Suddenly, the white-haired old man’s expression changed dramatically. After a pause, he said, “Why do I feel that this white-clad person’s temperament, appearance, and bloodline seem similar to that of a certain rumored person?”

“Like who?”

Just as the white-haired old man was about to speak, he sensed a faint killing intent. He shouted, “There’s killing intent!”


However, the warning was still too late. The two 6-Vein Great Perfection Sovereign Emperors beside him could not react in time.

Xiao Chen had gone around silently and punched.

Supreme Dragon Fist, Only I Am Supreme!

A towering Azure Dragon image appeared, and a fist light containing a vast and suffocating Dragon Might landed.

Before the two 6-Vein Sovereign Emperors could turn around, Xiao Chen smashed them to pieces with one punch.

He immediately reduced the two to ashes, destroying their souls.

The 8-Vein Sovereign Emperor white-haired old man had fled far away. When he saw this scene after turning around, he gaped in shock, dumbfounded.

What level of strength is this? He managed to destroy two 6-Vein Sovereign Emperors with one punch!

Although there was the element of surprise, the power of this punch was too horrifying.

Ice small world!

There was no time to think. The white-haired old man instantly brought out his tenth-layer Ice Dao Domain and formed an ice small world, encasing Xiao Chen.


Before the white-haired old man could do anything, a saber light flashed, shattering the small world into countless ice shards.

Xiao Chen destroyed the ice small world with one saber strike.

This stunned the white-haired old man. Now, he was out of ideas, so he grasped a Martial God Palace medallion in his hand.


A miserable shriek rang out. He had not seen the white-clad person move at all before his right hand, which grasped the medallion, got chopped off.

Xiao Chen reached out and grabbed the medallion. Then, he clenched his hand, crushed the medallion, and casually tossed it aside.

“You are Xiao Chen!”

The white-haired old man stared at Xiao Chen in horror. He finally figured out Xiao Chen’s identity.

“Since you know me, you had better be more obedient. Don’t even think of trying to involve any Faux God experts. Tell me, what happened in the Golden Crow Empire’s capital? Don’t blame me for anything if you don’t speak within three seconds,” Xiao Chen said indifferently as he stood without fear in front of the old man.

The white-haired old man understood that even if he did not say it, Xiao Chen had other means to extract the answer from him.

The old man had no choice but to tell Xiao Chen. Otherwise, who knew what torture he would suffer?

“You don’t have to threaten me. The winner is king, and the loser is evil. I am clearer than you on the methods of a Sovereign Emperor. I’ll just tell you. The Martial God Palace wants the Golden Crow Empire to offer the Golden Crow Holy Beast as a congratulatory gift to Qin Ming, who will become the Dragon Emperor five days later. The Golden Crow is to sign a contract and become his pet.”

The white-haired old man sighed, “You can see the results for yourself. The Golden Crow Empire refused, so the Martial God Palace used force. The Golden Crow Empire’s Royal Clan has retreated to the Solar Divine Temple. However, those people cannot last for much longer. They cannot possibly resist the entire Martial God Palace by themselves.”

Xiao Chen remained silent, not saying anything for a while.

The white-haired old man felt nervous, so he probed, “It looks like you are quite wise; knowing that a Faux God is in charge there, you do not dare to act rashly. Since that is the case, why make things difficult for me? If I am missing for too long, it will startle the Faux God. That would not be good for you—”


Xiao Chen casually swung his Tyrant Saber, then sheathed it. He chopped the white-hair old man—both the physical body and Divine Seal—in half before the old man finished speaking.

Xiao Chen turned his head to look at the capital. Unexpectedly, it was the last result that he wanted to see.

A golden clump of light struggled continuously behind Xiao Chen.

That was the white-clad old man’s soul. However, that soul contained saber intent. No matter how he struggled, he was helpless, unable to change the fate of his soul scattering.

From the start to the end, Xiao Chen never turned his head to look at it.

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