Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 2363 Raw 2470 : Xiao Chen’s Strength

Chapter 2363 Raw 2470 : Xiao Chen’s Strength

“That’s right… You are the only one who can be certain of my identity. After all, you personally saw me consume the Black Dragon King’s demonic nature back then.”

Upon hearing that Xiao Chen had figured out his identity, Zhen Yuan openly acknowledged it after showing some surprise on his face.

“Did you merge with the Black Dragon King’s demonic nature?” Xiao Chen asked seriously.

“It can be considered as such. However, it is no longer important. You do not have a choice. Everyone knows that you will go and fight to become the Dragon Emperor. However, if you go to the Divine Dragon Empire, only death awaits you there,” Zhen Yuan said calmly as he looked at Xiao Chen.

Yan Cangming continued, “Work with us. We all are just getting what we want. Take a step back and look at the situation. You don’t want Qin Ming to become the Dragon Emperor, right? Xi’s strength is equally horrifying now. You do not have a choice!”

Although Xiao Chen had figured out the two’s intentions, Yan Cangming and Zhen Yuan were not afraid.

They did not fear Xiao Chen’s refusal, as he had no choice.

“I have no choice? Wrong. As long as my heart is large enough, I always have a choice.”


Right after Xiao Chen spoke, he suddenly attacked, punching at Zhen Yuan.

Regardless of whether Zhen Yuan and the Black Dragon King’s demonic nature had merged or not, Xiao Chen naturally would not let him off since Zhen Yuan had delivered himself over.

When Xiao Chen punched, he silently circulated the Cycle Great Dao, bringing out the unlimited power of cycles.

The power of cycles gathered in Xiao Chen’s fist light, blooming like a flower in the dark night and making the blood moon in the sky appear dim.

Zhen Yuan’s expression changed drastically. He had not expected Xiao Chen to attack suddenly.

Zhen Yuan snorted coldly, and overwhelming Demonic Qi erupted from his body. The aura of destruction surged out from his body.

There was a vast starry river in Zhen Yuan’s eyes. The many stars there continuously exploded, causing his aura of destruction to reach a horrifying level. It was like there really were stars exploding in his body.


However, before Zhen Yuan, who was on the passive receiving end, could fully extend his arm, Xiao Chen sent him flying like a meteor.


At the side, Yan Cangming was shocked. Unexpectedly, Xiao Chen’s punch contained such horrifying force. He quickly tried to stop Xiao Chen from giving chase.

The mysteries of death spread out from Yan Cangming’s body like a tide. The black aura seemed liquid, materializing strange and evil-looking tentacles at Yan Cangming’s palm.

These terrifying mysteries of death inspired chills and fear with just one look, lest one fail to avoid it and come into contact with it.

Yan Cangming’s Death Dao Domain had already reached the ninth layer, only one step away from the tenth layer.

Its offensive power was extremely terrifying.

Compared to other killing moves, the Martial Techniques driven by the Death Dao Domain could injure the source of a cultivator’s lifeforce.

If one were severely injured, the damage to the lifeforce would be hard to recover from.

However, Xiao Chen showed no fear when he faced this killing move materialized by the Death Dao Domain. He merely raised his hand and clashed with it.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

When the two palm strikes clashed, vigorous lifeforce surged out from behind Xiao Chen. Lush greenery instantly sprouted behind Xiao Chen at a visible pace.

Grass grew tall, and the place flourished as if spring had arrived. The vast grassy plain also had thousands of flowers blooming, showing all sorts of color.

“My mysteries of death!”

Horror appeared in Yan Cangming’s eyes, mixed with heavy confusion.

The other party actually transformed his vast and boundless mysteries of death into vigorous lifeforce and scattered it over this previously desolate wasteland.

“Flowers bloom and flowers wilt. The cycle never ends,” Xiao Chen shouted, and a wildfire seemed to spread through the vast prairie, burning everything away. No grass remained, and the many flowers wilted.

The instant the many flowers wilted, Xiao Chen threw a palm strike at Yan Cangming. The mysteries of death contained in his palm strike were even stronger than what Yan Cangming had sent out.


Yan Cangming gaped in disbelief. To think that Xiao Chen was even more skilled than he was at the Death Dao Domain.

Xiao Chen’s even more ferocious Death Dao Domain directly shattered the strong mysteries of death on Yan Cangming’s body, causing him to vomit blood. This attack sent him flying even farther than Zhen Yuan, reducing him to an even more miserable state.

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The instant Yan Cangming and Zhen Yuan landed, they flew back up at the same time and charged at Xiao Chen. This time, they went all out.

Zhen Yuan drew his saber, and Yan Cangming held a black whip that had a sticky, black liquid on it. Dense, black dragon scales appeared on Yan Cangming’s face.

Alloy Dragon Armor!

Xiao Chen activated his Alloy Dragon Armor with a thought. Then, he grasped the handle of the Tyrant Saber on his back with his right hand.

As the two charged over, Xiao Chen drew his Tyrant Saber in an instant. Under the blood moon, this flash of saber light looked as vibrant as the scarlet moonflower and seemed to suppress all gods and demons.

Xiao Chen alone suppressed the auras of Zhen Yuan and Yan Cangming.

Yan Cangming gave a war cry and swung his black whip in the air. It produced an ear-splitting crack that sounded like thunder and seemed to summon phantoms from hell.


Zhen Yuan appeared expressionless, like a demonic Buddha arriving in the world. He held up World Extermining Saber, bringing out a dark saber light that swept through everything. It contained a boldness that wanted to destroy everything around.

Even so, the two had to retreat before Xiao Chen’s saber.

Xiao Chen’s saber light seemed to have surpassed the epoch’s limit, not restricted by the world. It seemed transcendent, like the blazing sun. Its surging energy soared endlessly.

“Damn it…what level of strength is this?! This is definitely not the strength of a 9-Vein Sovereign Emperor. Even a Faux God would not be this strong,” Yan Cangming exclaimed with some despair. To think that the two of them were no match for Xiao Chen even when working together.

In every exchange, the two ended up retreating.

However, Xiao Chen remained unfathomable. Under the blood moon, every move he made seemed to freeze time. In the eyes of others, he looked peerless and magnificent.

After one hundred moves, Zhen Yuan revealed a strange smile and reached for the sky.


Contaminated by the Destruction Great Dao, the boundless night turned darker until it hid even the blood moon.

“Let’s go.”

When the blood moon vanished, Zhen Yuan grabbed Yan Cangming and quickly fled far away.

The boundless darkness lasted for only a moment. Before anyone noticed it, the blood moon reappeared.

However, Yan Cangming and Zhen Yuan had already disappeared.

“They escaped?”

Regret flashed in Xiao Chen’s eyes. It was not because Zhen Yuan escaped, but because he could sense that Zhen Yuan had not brought out his full power.

Before Xiao Chen could have a proper fight, the other party already ran. The fight felt incomplete.

Now, Xiao Chen was an unprecedented 10-Vein Sovereign Emperor and had the Cycle Great Dao, merging the Flawless saber Dao with Immortals, Buddhas, demons, and gods. He wanted to know how strong he was now.

Unfortunately, Zhen Yuan…or rather, the Black Dragon King was still sealed. His strength was not at his peak, and he did not want to fight with Xiao Chen yet.

All he showed so far is the strength resulting from the Black Dragon King’s demonic nature merging with Zhen Yuan’s soul. This was not the sealed Black Dragon King’s main body. Even when filled with the Black Dragon King’s energy, he can only be considered a clone. Just how strong is the Black Dragon King’s main body? Xiao Chen entered deep thought after sheathing the Tyrant Saber and calming down.

No wonder the powerful Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun had to put in all his effort into laying two startlingly massive formations to kill the Black Dragon King.

When thinking of Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun and the arrangement that he made before dying, Xiao Chen sighed.

The effect of that is now appearing…After Xi came to know the truth, he contacted all the potential Epoch Masters of the Righteous Dao and the Demonic Dao in a plot to kill me in the Divine Dragon Empire.

Xiao Chen looked up and saw a faint light on the horizon. Dawn had arrived.

The vast blazing sun would soon rise.

Xiao Chen’s heart skipped a beat. The Desolate Sea has the blood moon at night and the incomparably huge, blazing sun during the day. The sun roasts the Desolate Sea all year round.

Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun made the blood moon. In that case, who made this blazing sun that is even larger than the sun outside?


Far away, Yan Cangming and Zhen Yuan stood side by side, still feeling fearful.

“This person is too horrifying… No wonder he does not want to work with us. He does not need to at all. To think that he could perfectly merge the Life Dao and the Death Dao.”

“That is the Cycle Great Dao, one of the ultimate Great Dao.”

“The Cycle Great Dao?”

“Yes. Don’t ask too much about the details. In any case, we already accomplished our purpose. Hehe! Initially, we worried about him being too weak, making it easy for Xi to crush him. Now, there will be a good show to watch,” Zhen Yuan said softly, revealing a playful smile.

Beside him, Yan Cangming remained silent for a long time until he finally could not resist asking, “If we let him continue growing, might he reach the point where the Black Dragon King’s main body cannot do anything to him after being unsealed?”

The moment Yan Cangming said this, Zhen Yuan showed a complicated expression. He sighed and replied, “It’s useless. The Black Dragon King represents the end and destruction. If all the potential Epoch Masters work together, the other side might barely be able to put up a fight. Anything else would be pointless. When the Black Dragon King appears, the Martial Epoch will end.”

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