Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 2361 Raw 2468 : The Secret of the Pas

Chapter 2361 Raw 2468 : The Secret of the Pas

“Then, why did he not use it against the Divine Master?”

Xiao Chen voiced his question, hoping to get an answer as he looked at the dragon spirit.

The dragon spirit remained silent. It seemed that there was more to this.

Xiao Chen found this strange but did not continue asking, just quietly waited for the other party.

After a while, the dragon spirit suggested, “How about I tell you after you become the Dragon Emperor?”

Xiao Chen countered softly, “It’s better to tell me now. I’m afraid of changes happening. This matter is very important. How long is Senior going to hide it from me?”

The dragon spirit sighed. After a while, he said, “Alright. It is indeed time to tell you.”

“Back then, the Dragon Emperor did quietly take away the Wings of Time. He also did not use the Wings of Time to fight the Divine Master, as he was preparing to use it against an even stronger enemy.”

“The Black Dragon King!”

An enemy stronger than the Divine Master. Naturally, Xiao Chen thought about the Black Dragon King.

“That’s right. When the Blood-Soaked Dragon Emperor used the Martial Epoch’s Luck, he only barely sealed the Black Dragon King. Since then, the Martial Epoch entered a decline, and the seal weakened. Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun had a greater goal. He wanted to kill the Black Dragon King and deal with this hidden danger in one go.”

Xiao Chen felt startled. This Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun was very ambitious. To think that he wanted to try to kill the Black Dragon King, something that the Blood-Soaked Dragon Emperor failed to do.

After some thought, Xiao Chen asked, “What preparations did he make? If I guessed right, it has something to do with the blood moon above the Desolate Sea, right?”

The dragon spirit’s eyes lit up as it looked at Xiao Chen. Then, it murmured, “It looks like you already suspected it. Indeed, it has something to do with that blood moon. The Desolate Sea is the origin of the entire Martial Epoch. Back then, after Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun obtained the Wings of Time, he turned it into a blood moon and used it as the core of two sets of formations.”

“Two sets of formations?”

Xiao Chen knew about the Heavenly Dao Killing Formation in the vast Desolate Sea, which had the blood moon as the formation core.

In that case, where was the other formation?

“I believe you know about the Heavenly Dao Killing Formation in the Desolate Sea. The other set of formations is above the skies.”

“Above the skies?”

“Yes, in the vast Starry Heavens. Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun made use of various Dragon Race disciples in various astral regions throughout the Great Thousand Realms to establish nodes, with the vast universe as the backdrop, millions of stars as nodes, and the Wings of Time as the core of the formation to trigger the ancient Great Desolate Blood Dragon Formation. Once this formation is activated, the blood moon would drive the millions of stars and form an ancient Great Desolate Eon Blood Dragon.”

The dragon spirit showed a disappointed and frustrated expression as it spoke about Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun’s shocking actions back then.

Xiao Chen was astounded in his heart, his expression changing slightly.

The Great Desolate Blood Dragon Formation used the universe as its backdrop and millions of stars as formation nodes. If this formation were activated, how gargantuan would the materialized Great Desolate Eon Blood Dragon be? It would simply be inconceivable, incredible.

“Do you think that is very strong? However, in reality, just the Great Desolate Blood Dragon Formation cannot kill the Black Dragon King, as he is the manifestation of the Heavenly Dao. He is destruction personified, a monster used by the Heavenly Dao to destroy the Martial Epoch. Hence, it still needs to work with the Heavenly Dao Killing Formation. Two formations layered over each other would use the Great Desolate Eon Blood Dragon’s boundless Dragon Might to suppress him and then the Heavenly Dao’s killing intent to destroy him.” The dragon spirit spoke without pause.

Xiao Chen raised his eyebrows. Then, with the flip of his hand, Heavenly Slayer appeared in his hands.

“My Heavenly Slayer Saber.”

The Desolate Sea was the starting point of the Martial Epoch. The Heavenly Dao Killing Formation Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun laid was designed to gather the killing intent born from the Heavenly Dao in this epoch.

Coincidentally, Xiao Chen’s Heavenly Slayer could activate the Heavenly Dao’s killing intent. When the killing intent was brought out, one would get injured if one did not kill.

One refrained from drawing it. Once it was drawn, it had to taste blood.

Both Heavenly Slayer and the Heavenly Dao Killing Formation could draw on the Heavenly Dao’s killing intent.

The dragon spirit said softly, “It looks like you are not stupid. The Heavenly Slayer Saber in your hand is used to activate the Heavenly Dao Killing Formation.”

“Is the Great Desolate Blood Dragon Formation activated by the Xuewu Dynasty’s Blood Dragon cloak?”

Xiao Chen immediately remembered the Blood Dragon cloak that Xi wore. When he first saw it, he had found it extremely familiar.

“Indeed, you know about it already.”

The dragon spirit did not show a surprised expression. It said, “Back then, Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun dual cultivated righteous and demonic. He left behind two inheritances. Naturally, one is this place. The other is the Demonic Dao Hall. The two inheritances each control one formation. They are intended to compete with each other, with the victor gaining both Heavenly Slayer and the Blood Dragon cloak, truly merging the two great formations and becoming Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun’s true inheritor.”

Xiao Chen could not help a self-mocking smile. “Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun hid very deeply. All this was just to establish a Divine Dragon Epoch and pass on his will. From the very start, Xi and I are just his pawns. Only one person can gain his inheritance. Both of us have been cheated.”

Xiao Chen was sure that Xi did not know this, either.

Back at the Ethereal Immortal Palace, Xi had not faked his shock when he saw the “Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun visited this place” message.

However, Xi probably knew more than Xiao Chen did.

“You could continue hiding it. Why tell me now?” Xiao Chen asked as he looked at the dragon spirit.

The dragon spirit sighed, “According to Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun’s intent, the guardians of his two inheritances would tell you the truth when you became the Dragon Emperor, and the other party became the Demonic Emperor to get you two to kill each other. The survivor would be able to merge the two formations.

“However, you are already suspicious. I believe the other person should be, as well. I cannot guarantee that the inheritance guardian at the Demonic Dao Hall will not tell the other party the truth in advance. If he knows the truth and you do not, you will be at a great disadvantage. In my heart, I definitely hope that the pure-blooded Dragon Race bloodline will start the Divine Dragon Epoch, rather than a Demonic Dao cultivator without the Dragon Race bloodline.”

The dragon spirit showed a guilty expression, but it still told Xiao Chen the reason.

“Don’t blame Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun… Back then, when he finished laying the two formations, he had already exhausted himself.

“When he was about to enter closed-door cultivation to recover, the Golden Dragons betrayed him. They told the Divine Master of his decreased strength. Then, the Divine Master suddenly attacked. His defeat was undeserved. He simply could not swallow this frustration; that’s why he laid out that somewhat unscrupulous plan as a backup.”

Upon hearing the dragon spirit’s explanation about Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun, Xiao Chen felt suspicious. He asked, “How come I heard that Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun took the initiative to challenge the Divine Master before being defeated?”

The dragon spirit laughed and retorted, “Back then, he fell incredibly weak after he finished laying the two formations. How could he be so stupid to attack the Divine Master? The winner writes history. Naturally, the Divine Master would not record that it was a sneak attack, something dishonorable.”

Xiao Chen thought about it and agreed. It explained why Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun did not use the Wings of Time against the Divine Master.

“However, the Divine Master suffered as well. Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun severely injured the Divine Master’s body. Now, the Divine Master is practically bound to the Faux God World. For the past fifty thousand years, he has been trying to pry into the secrets of the Azure Dragons’ old lands. However, he could only materialize Divine Soldiers to attack this place, and Soul Reaper has blocked them all.”

So, that’s the case. Those golden figures that appeared in this world came from the Divine Master.

Given that, the Divine Master was indeed severely injured.

“Now, I no longer have any more secrets. I already told you everything I know. You need to be the one to start the Divine Dragon Epoch. You must snatch that person’s Blood Dragon cloak. You can drive Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun’s two formations only after obtaining both items,” the dragon spirit said with a grave and serious expression as it looked at Xiao Chen.

The truth was cruel. The perfect image of Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun in Xiao Chen’s heart crumbled.

This was surprising but also reasonable.

If possible, Xiao Chen would rather not have faced this truth. This was too sorrowful.

Xiao Chen ignored the grave dragon spirit, directly leaving this place. Then, he saw Soul Reaper standing idly on the city wall.

The first time he met Soul Reaper, he had felt only fear and horror.

When he saw Soul Reaper now, he felt sorrow and respect.

Compared to Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun, the Desolate Slave Soul Reaper held a much higher place in Xiao Chen’s heart.

Xiao Chen silently arrived beside Desolate Slave Soul Reaper’s mountain-like body. Then, he extended his hand.

Soul Reaper seemed to sense something and clumsily raised its large hand as well.

When the two hands—one large and one small—touched, Xiao Chen circulated the Cycle Great Dao and slowly absorbed the Death Qi in Soul Reaper’s body.

Then, he transformed the Death Qi into vigorous lifeforce, exhibiting the power of cycles.

The Death Qi in the Desolate Slave Soul Reaper disappeared at a visible pace.

Soul Reaper had died long ago. However, the Death Qi in it resulted in it not truly dying, only able to guard this secret realm as a Desolate Slave.


The instant the Death Qi vanished, the Desolate Slave Soul Reaper’s gigantic body disappeared, reduced to ashes.

As Xiao Chen watched Soul Reaper turn to ashes, he felt deeply moved, figuring out some things.

Being despicable was a despicable person’s way of doing things. All explanations would be moot. Respect was a respectable person’s trademark. Not a single word would be needed. Such a person used their life to demonstrate their character, which inspired awe and respect.

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