Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 2360 Raw 2467 : Dragon Race Supreme Treasures

Chapter 2360 Raw 2467 : Dragon Race Supreme Treasures

After Sang finished nourishing the Propping Mulberry Tree with Spiritual Energy, he waved his hand and looked at Xiao Chen, saying, “It has been many years. However, I knew that you would return.”

“That is natural. However, as I was coming over from the Yanwu Dynasty, the Desolate Sea did not seem to be suffering much turmoil,” Xiao Chen commented as they strolled, finding it strange.

Sang showed a calm expression, saying casually, “The Desolate Sea is filled with deserts and desolate lands, places with sparse Spiritual Energy. It is not like the Yanwu Dynasty, which is at the center of the storm. However, it is just a matter of time. When the epoch collapses, the chaos will sweep through the entire Great Thousand Realms.”

Xiao Chen frowned and said, “You don’t seem to have any feelings about the epoch changing and order crumbling.”

“What feelings can I have? When I was still within the Propping Mulberry Tree, I witnessed the rise and fall of many epochs. Don’t worry. The people of Azure Mountain Town should be able to avoid trouble, more or less, with the Propping Mulberry Tree’s protection.”

Sang knew that the ordinary citizens of Azure Mountain Town had a deep connection to the Azure Dragon bloodline of the past.

Perhaps they were the descendants of the ordinary citizens that the Azure Dragon bloodline ruled over in the past.

Although Xiao Chen did not say it, he still cared for these people.

“I’ll leave it to you, then.”

Xiao Chen expressed his gratitude. When he turned his head and looked, he happened to see the azure mountain in the distance.

His expression slowly turned grave. After returning to the Azure Dragons’ old lands, he definitely could not avoid this towering mountain that looked like an Azure Dragon soaring.

However, while the azure mountain remained, the dragon head was gone.

It was obvious that the azure mountain once had a dragon head. However, someone had chopped it off.

Xiao Chen guessed that the Divine Master had done it. After defeating Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun in the Desolate Sea, the Divine Master had probably chopped off the dragon head to cut off the Azure Dragon’s Luck.

“Bring me to meet Grandpa Seven and the rest, then.”


Sang led the way, bringing Xiao Chen to meet with his old friends.

Of course, Xiao Chen definitely could not miss out on drinking Grandpa Seven’s Heart Burn.

Late at night, Xiao Chen came out alone. As he looked at the blood moon in the sky, he entered deep thought.

“What are you thinking about?” Sang asked after coming out.

Xiao Chen replied softly after some thought, “Previously, my cultivation was not high. I just thought of the Desolate Sea’s blood moon as a celestial body. There are countless stars in the vast Starry Heavens, so it is nothing surprising. Now that I have reached my current cultivation and observed this blood moon again, it is truly mysterious.”

A blood moon would rise every night in the Desolate Sea. This was an ancient mystery that many Faux Gods failed to solve. Why could one see a blood moon only in the Desolate Sea but not in other places?

What was even more mysterious was that the blood moon was clearly in the sky. However, when one flew into the Starry Heavens, one could not find it.

This was even stranger than a flower in a mirror or the moon reflected in the water.

Xiao Chen thought about the words that Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun left in the Ethereal Immortal Palace. Now that he was back in the Azure Dragons’ old lands, he could not help connecting the blood moon to the Wings of Time.

“This blood moon is indeed strange. It clearly is in the sky, scattering moonlight over the entire Desolate Sea. However, it gives off an illusory feeling.” Sang nodded, agreeing with Xiao Chen’s thoughts.

“Hence, I have to figure it out.”

“What are you going to do?” Sang asked, feeling confused.

Xiao Chen smiled mysteriously and did not explain. Then, the Divine Universe Stele came out of his body silently.

A moment later, a light flashed. Xiao Chen entered the Divine Universe Stele. Then, the Divine Universe Stele vanished into thin air.

Sang searched around in puzzlement but could not find it. However, he did not worry. He shook his head and said, “This fellow is becoming increasingly mysterious. He seems even more unfathomable than those powerhouses of the ancient epochs.”


In the land of the blood moon:

Xiao Chen leaped out of the blood moon while holding the Divine Universe Stele.

Xiao Chen glanced around and saw the Desolate Slave Soul Reaper standing on the city walls in the distance. Its figure looked as intimidating as ever, but its aura was much weaker than before.

Come in.

Xiao Chen just appeared and had not found stable footing yet when the dragon spirit’s voice rang out in his mind.

He turned into a beam of purple flowing light, traversing fifty kilometers with one leap. When he passed Soul Reaper, he turned his head to look at it.

Soul Reaper sensed Xiao Chen and turned its head to look back at him, appearing confused.

Every time Xiao Chen saw Soul Reaper, he felt some sorrow. He sighed softly as he landed on the Dao Platform of the ancient city.

An Azure Dragon statue surrounded the mountains in front of the Dao Platform.

Xiao Chen had come here a few times before and was familiar with the place. He entered the dragon head and pushed open a door.

The dragon spirit had been waiting for a long time. Without saying a word, it brought Xiao Chen to the inheritance hall.

Remaining silent, Xiao Chen raised his leg to enter the inheritance hall. This time, he felt confident of going straight to the highest floor.

“There’s no need. With your current strength, you no longer need to be tested. I will directly give you the subsequent layers of the Ten Thousand Dragons Art.”

The dragon spirit stopped Xiao Chen, directly handing him a jade strip.

“The Ancestor Dragon Art?”

Xiao Chen took a look and saw that the dragon spirit actually handed him the Ancestor Dragon Art.

“That’s right. With your current foundations, you can cultivate it already. When cultivating the Ten Thousand Dragons Art to the end, everything returns to one. No matter what bloodline it is, it will take the path of reverting to its progenitor. You will be able to bring out the Great Desolate Eon Ancestor Dragon’s Dragon Might. However, it is hard to say whether you can cultivate it to the end,” the dragon spirit said indifferently. If Xiao Chen could cultivate the Ancestor Dragon Art, he would be able to burst forth with one percent of a Great Desolate Eon Ancestor Dragon’s strength.

Unfortunately, throughout the many epochs, few had managed to cultivate it to the end.

However, Xiao Chen did not really need the Ancestor Dragon Art right now.

His Flawless saber Dao had already surpassed the epoch, above Immortals, Buddhas, gods, and demons, with the Cycle Dao as its foundation. Regular 9-Vein Sovereign Emperors would not be a match for him.

Furthermore, he had a trump card that no one knew.

Xiao Chen was not a 9-Vein Sovereign Emperor but a 10-Vein Sovereign Emperor.

The special Divine Vein that he opened after absorbing the entire Immortal Burial Lake was actually an independent existence.

Back when he comprehended his Dao and absorbed all the resources of Heavenly Divine Mountain, he had reached 10-Vein Sovereign Emperor.

However, Xiao Chen had not ignited a Divine Flame. He was not a Faux God, but he had one Divine Vein more than 9-Vein Sovereign Emperors.

Perhaps, it should not be called a Divine Vein. It might be more accurate to call it an Immortal Vein.

“Here, this is for you as well.”

After passing the Ancestor Dragon Art to Xiao Chen, the dragon spirit gave him something else.

“The royal genealogical records!”

Xiao Chen received the item and took a look. It was actually the royal genealogical records. One could possess a royal Dragon Race bloodline only by writing their true name into it.

Before Xiao Chen could digest this, the dragon spirit took out another item.

A throne with ten thousand dragons carved on the back appeared before Xiao Chen. Pure Emperor Dragon’s Dragon Might surged out from the throne.

Caught off guard, Xiao Chen stumbled back a few steps.

“This is?”

The dragon spirit smiled and explained, “This is the Emperor Dragon Throne inherited in the Dragon Race and acknowledged by the Ancestor Dragons. The throne in the Divine Dragon Empire is just an imitation.”

Xiao Chen knew about both the royal genealogical records and the Ancestor Dragon Art, so he had not been too startled when the dragon spirit took them out.

However, this throne startled Xiao Chen.

Even with Xiao Chen’s current cultivation, this ancient throne managed to force him back a few steps when he was unprepared.

This showed how influential this revered throne was.

“You are giving this to me too?”


Seeing the dragon spirit being so enthusiastic gave Xiao Chen second thoughts. The dragon spirit was taking out the most valuable treasures.

He asked suspiciously, “What does Senior want me to do?”

The dragon spirit replied somewhat excitedly, “I sense a great change imminent in the world. The Martial Epoch will end soon. With the Emperor Dragon Throne and the royal genealogical records, you will successfully snatch back the Dragon Emperor position. After that, you can lead the Divine Dragon Empire to start a Divine Dragon Epoch, completing Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun’s final wish.”

So, that is what the dragon spirit wants.

Xiao Chen put away the Emperor Dragon Throne but did not rush to place his Spiritual Mark in it. He looked at the dragon spirit and said, “Actually, I did not come today for the Dragon Race’s supreme treasures in the Azure Dragon’s treasure trove. I have a question I would like to ask Senior.”


“Did Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun obtain the Wings of Time back then?”

The dragon spirit fell silent upon hearing that question. After a while, it replied, “Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun did obtain the Wings of Time.”

“Then, why did he not use it against the Divine Master?”

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