I’m Sorry For Being Born In This World!

Chapter 52

Chapter 52. Rewriting Fate – Round 4 (2)

"Ten seconds?"

The saint quickly got to work when I began the countdown. She happily muttered "what do I choose…?" under her breath. The shoe that she chose in the end was a pair of high heels that didn't match her dress at all. The heels were high enough to raise her height by about seven centimeters. Was she she trying to look as tall as possible…? I didn't know she longed for fresh air that much.

Even so, it looks like she might fall over with a pair of heels that high.

I looked around a bit and chose a smaller pair of shoes for her. They were a pair of a flat shiny white shoes that seemed to really match her white fleece skirt.

"Isn't this better? I'm not sure you can even walk in those."

"Hah? What you just said was a very big insult to my womanhood!"

Womanhood…? Does she want to grow that much? The saint became enraged and grabbed her high heels.

"I can take a high heel you know? Even a keel heel is nothing to me! I can take keel heels and even area heals with ease!"

Again with the wordplay. The saint laughed at me with the keel heel on and I just shook my head in response. Was she supposed to be a clown or what? She chose the high heels against everyone's will and took off her shoes.

Ah, was she…

The saint put her hands in her skirt as everyone watched and took off her tights. The black cloth rolled away to reveal a white leg. She stood up like a crane on one leg and attempted to take off the other one from her other leg. Wasn't she embarrassed…?

As I watched her in stupefaction, the saint laughed quietly to herself and stomped over to me.

"To think you'd look at me with those eyes… As I thought, high school girls really are premium products. Right, I'll give this to you as a reward. Please treat it preciously. Ah! Maybe you can use this as your family heirloom."

She was trying to give me her stocking. It even smelled because of the summer heat.

"I don't want it!"

I threw it down on the ground as soon as I got it.



The saint took a giant bite out of her pancake and had a smile on her face while putting her hands around her cheeks. A pancake topped with corn salad, a corn dog, along with ketchup and mustard. It was just $2.5 dollars. She downed it in two bites and began to search for her next target. The whole time she was doing this, she kept glancing at me with a guilty face.

"Cah I hah oh moh pleh?"

"Swallow first. Don't speak with your mouth full."

She eats a lot. Why does it feel like I'm raising a cow? The two of us went up to the seventh floor and I began to feed the saint out of curiosity just to see how much she could eat. The eighth floor is a cinema complex, so… I guess we're going to watch a movie next?

Feels kind of boring.

I shoved bacon sticks and fries into her mouth as I thought about the movie we were going to watch.

Nom nom.

She really eats like a whale. Kinda like pacman. She probably would've eaten my hand if I wasn't paying attention. The saint noticed that I was observing her curiously as I shoved more food into her and handed me a stick of roast meat.

"Heh~ So you're finally feeling hungry, Mr. Murderer? You should eat. Ahh~"

"Don't have to. I don't feel hungry and I can't taste anything anyways."

She kept trying to push it in despite me closing my mouth tightly. My face became covered with sauce thanks to that.

"You'll be able to taste a little if I put a shining buster through your mouth."

"Words can be violence too damn it!"

She really did whatever she wanted. I ended up taking the stick and activated Heart of Gold. I bought the Devourer Ring from the special equipment section. It would look like a couple's ring if I put it on my ring finger, so I'll put it on my middle finger.

Well, we still look like a couple like this.

We just look like one of course.

I had zero feelings for the saint. I, who had no 'heart' to begin with, would probably never end up loving someone. For now, I was planning on satisfying her, so that… She wouldn't get in my way— so that I could focus.

Her memory would reset by the end of the day.

In the end, all this was just being done to satisfy myself. To the saint, all this was completely meaningless.

Hm, in any case…


I quietly looked at the people around us. No matter where we went, people followed. They weren't just following us either. They were taking pictures with their smartphones without trying to hide it. Did they really have that little to do? The saint slipped when she didn't pay attention falling down on the ground with a gasp. We were surrounded with the clamor of shutter sounds again.

As I thought, she wasn't used to the high heels. Why did she pick it then? The reason why people decorated themselves was to look good to a person. The conclusion I reached therefore, was obvious.

To look good in front of me.

No, that delusion is just too big. It shouldn't have hurt that much, but she was crying like a baby as she extended her arms at me. I remember something like this happening before. Back when we were setting the barrier to trap the Warrior.

I told her to get up on her own at the time, but…

I grabbed her arms and helped her up. My hands caught fire when I grabbed hers and I was filled with pain. At the same time, I could feel her warmth along with the soft feeling of her hand.

"What the, look! Look!"


The audience muttered amongst themselves when they saw the holy flame. Well, it's not like it matters if they see it. I could just call it a magic trick.

"…Than… You."

She said thanks with an almost silent voice. She had turned beet red from embarrassment as she dusted off her clothes. Whatever happened to her crying earlier? Anyway, I suppose I should give her a new pair of shoes… I snapped my fingers and asked the guard to take out the white flats. When I pushed the pair onto her, she ended up putting her feet towards me after a bit of initial resistance. Was she trying to be cinderella or something?

"You wear it."

"You weren't going to put it on?"

"Why should I?"

The saint's face turned even redder than before when I refused her outright. Well, it was obvious where this was all going. I refused her despite knowing that. After all, even it was me, putting on shoes for a woman was… a little awkward.

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