I’m Sorry For Being Born In This World!

Chapter 51

Chapter 51. Rewriting Fate – Round 4 (1)

"That's what government work is like. It would be so much better to just send in reports through telepathy. Or you could just document it. But they really seem to want to see my face when I make the report."

Necro was planning on droning on for a bit about the problems he had about his life to Jin. Seeing the their face, it didn't even seem like they were sad about him leaving… This made him feel a need to appeal his importance to the group when he got the chance.

"There's no efficiency in this government. Only procedures. Useless procedures."

Let's tell Jin all about why he had to go back to the republic using this chance. Necro, who had been thinking this to himself, became a little dumbfounded when he saw Jin snatch Morto's hand.

"Heart of Gold!"

The two disappeared with a flash, leaving Necro and Demonic Walker alone at the entrance of the village. Jin yelled "bye!" before he disappeared, so clearly this wasn't an act of kidnapping or anything significant.

Seeing how they were holding hands…

Demonic Walker nodded several times and reached the one conclusion Necro didn't want to reach.

"It's a date. Wow~ he just grabbed her hand as soon as he heard you were leaving. How nice! I didn't know he had that kind of side to him."

Necro's shoulders drooped. For some reason, a ridiculous sense of loneliness overtook him. To think that Jin would actually pull something like this on him… Since when did he become like that?

"…Let's go."

At one point, he was a hero during the great war. Demonic Walker put his hand on the depressed man's shoulder and activated his power.


As soon as I entered the vault, the saint began jumping like a kangaroo in a defensive stance.

"Kyaa! What's this? Kidnapping?"

I left the girl to perform her mock martial arts in one corner of the vault and absorbed the mountain of gold. The amount totaled 31,537,076,503.60 dollars.

If my memory serves, I was missing 990,000,000 dollars.

This was most likely the reason why the day was repeating. An error most likely occurred due to the fact that I raised my luck to a hundred. But was there really a reason for fate to be twisted like this just because I raised my luck? Unless there was an external factor…

There was too little information that I could go off of. I guess I'll just stop here for now. The saint approached me carefully and looked up at my helmet.

"Mr. Murderer…? If you don't answer properly, you might start giving people the wrong impression?"

"Hold on, I'm almost done."

I opened Heart of Gold and chose charm. It's not like I needed a new face, so I'd be satisfied enough with just turning myself back to my former self.


Maybe I can take care of my skin troubles a little bit? I should also adjust a few things… Yeah, something like the me I see through my bathroom window…

I felt my facial structure change as I became enveloped in a warm light. I took off my helmet. The saint, who had been watching what I was doing from the side, widened her eyes in shock.

Was something wrong?

I took a look at my face using the floating eye. Mm… It's exactly as I had expected. Just what I'd expect to see on my bathroom window.

My bald head had turned into a huge jungle of hair, and the burns on my skin had all but faded away. I changed into my T-shirt and jeans immediately and put my hands on the confused saint's shoulders. She trembled as if she had been in shock and tried to run away.

What's up with her? Does she not like it?

This was the first time she had seen my real face. Since she only got to see my burnt self before, I must feel like an entirely different individual.

"What, you don't like it?"

"…Is it really you, Mr. Murderer? You seem like a different person."

"Isn't that much obvious?"

It's not like there's anyone else that would use "Heart of Gold". Plus, she even saw me change in front of her. Why was she so confused? I tightly grabbed onto her shoulder and moved to the Multiplex.

The scenery melted away to take us to the first floor of the building. Was moving like this alright? Everyone would've noticed us moving. Like now. The couple waiting for the elevator in front of us turned to stare at us. Their heads all seemed to be stuck in place, as if time had stopped.

Like I thought, I suppose it was too strange. Because we appeared so suddenly? Or was it because the saint was too pretty?

I don't really get that. The only thing that the saint reminds me of is a small animal…


The saint dropped down onto the ground again, which forced me to grab her up. Seeing her reddened face, she was definitely embarrassed. Well, I guess holding her up myself like this was embarrassing for her. As we quietly waited for the elevator, the couples near us began to talk.

"He must be an actor… Was there a signing event today? Should I get his signature?"

"What do I do~! He looked at me!"

"Wow, he's seriously something. Eh? Dear friend, since when did you look so much like a squid?"

"If only I was born like that…"

An actor?

I looked behind me but didn't see anyone special. Well, it wasn't like I knew what all the actors in the world looked like anyway, and even if I did, why would I care? I checked the wristwatch of the person next to me and confirmed that it indeed was 10AM. Seeing how there were a lot of people on the streets, it seemed to be the weekend.


One of the elevators reached the first floor and the people inside the elevator got off. The very first couple stopped right in their tracks when they saw us. They were forced to keep moving due to the people behind them, but they just kept staring even while moving.

Was something wrong?

My clothes are pretty clean… A white T-shirt and a pair of jeans. Ah, was it because the saint's clothes seemed too foreign? The people in the building kept glancing at us as they moved.

We really should buy some clothes first.

In any case… Everyone in the elevator got off, so why's no one moving? Was the elevator broken? For some reason the people split apart to form a path for us to the elevator. Almost as if they were telling us to get on first.

"…Excuse us."

Since it was dangerous for me to touch the saint directly, I grabbed her clothing and dragged her in. Even after we got on, the people outside didn't bother moving. They were just taking pictures with their smartphones.

"Wow… Amazing."

"The real thing can't even compare…"

Was it really that strange? Well, the saint was a foreigner, so it was a little expected. I assumed that her clothes would get a little attention, but not this much…

No one bothered to move despite the elevator's signal. Really, what was up with them? Was something the matter? We'll just go to the fifth floor for now. The door closed causing the scenery to change. I could feel the increase in force from elevator moving upwards.


The saint didn't say anything in the elevator. In fact, she just kept trying to run to one corner of the elevator. This was the same even when we got to the women's clothing section. Since she tried to pick out whatever without even looking at it, I chose what she had eyed previously and bought it. Since the money would reset after the day, I guess I could squander a bit today. I heard people muttering behind us, so I turned to look at all the people who had gathered.

Was there anything to look at?

I recalled what had happened previously. At that time, the people were staring at me with eyes filled with disgust, but now their eyes were filled with curiosity.

Right, I suppose this was good enough appearance-wise.

To think people would change this much just by changing my face… I guess it would be unfair to insult them for judging people by appearances. After all, I, too, was one of the many people in the world who judged people based on their appearances.

"Super handsome!"

A female student who had been following me from the fifth floor yelled this loudly. Are they all usually like this? She was beginning to embarrass me. I told the saint, who seemed equally embarrassed, to go change and walked over to the counter. A young female worker bowed politely to me again and spoke with a trembling voice.

"Um… Sir. D-do you… Need anyone to h-help you?"


"Ah th-that's, I was wondering if you'd be able to carry all this…"

Hm. Did they have a service like this? Was she planning on calling a porter? I guess I did buy a little too much. And I was planning on buying even more. I could just put it in the vault but… Doing it in a place like this would cause a mess. I wasn't really planning on causing one.

"Please, by all means."

I smiled and took out a black card that was given to me from the Finance section of my power. Royal Centurion. A VVIP card that was used by a select few people. The employee scanned the card a few times, then called someone on the phone. A man in a black suit ran to the counter in just thirty seconds. The name tag on his chest showed me that he was the manager of this multiplex.

"I apologize!"

The man bent at the waist by ninety degrees to bow at me. There wasn't much to apologize about though… There was a familiar person next to the manager. It was the security guard that told me to leave after looking at my face. The manager kept bowing at me.

"Our employee didn't know much. We'll help you with your purchase as fast as we can. I've contacted the management already, so once you're done shopping, I'll take care of your purchases at the entrance."

What was he on about? Was he planning on waiting at the entrance with a card reader at the entrance…? I turned to look at the guard next to him.

"This is…?"

"Ah! In order to enhance your experience here, this man here will help you as much as possible while you shop. He can lift heavy things quite easily. Is there anything you're worried about…? I could change him to someone else if you'd like."

He seemed quite careful with his words. To think a single card would do this… Since he was giving me a porter for free, how could I refuse him.

"Just stay out of my sight."

"Of course!"

The guard quickly bowed when the manager motioned him to. He looked completely different compared to the time when he was trying to chase me out. This was the power of money. I left the two people and walked over to the dressing room. The saint was wearing a set of summer clothes with a beet red face.

"How… How is it…? Does it look good?"

She looks completely different with the one piece dress compared to her usual self with the red jacket and blue cape like this. But…

"Something's missing."

I snapped my fingers and asked the employee to bring me a set of women's shoes. A row of shiny shoes were put on display for her from one end of the store to the other. I spoke once the shoes were all set in front of her.

"Choose. Ten seconds."

I'll just buy all of them if she couldn't choose and just give them all to the guard. I don't know if he'd be able to carry it, but…

Doesn't matter to me, does it?

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