I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot

Chapter 407 - You Don't Even Know You've Been Cheated

Chapter 407: You Don’t Even Know You’ve Been Cheated

She was a sweet little girl in everyone’s eyes.

And her temper was very good to most people. She always seemed so gentle, and her fans online felt that she was a down-to-earth and approachable celebrity.

Qiao Anxin had more than 10 million followers on her Weibo.

When the news first came about online, many of her fans simply refused to believe it. They felt that the gentle little girl they knew couldn’t possibly hit someone else.

Unless there was a very good reason for it.

They were waiting for a plot twist, an explanation.

Now that the declaration was made public, the fans got back at everyone who said something mean about Qiao Anxin.

Many online users dared not even voice their opinions about Qiao Anxin anymore.

They were afraid of being openly targeted by her fans.

These loyal fans, together with the so-called “supporters” deployed by Star Splendor, took over the internet.

Some renowned celebrities even stood forward to defend Qiao Anxin too.

The situation suddenly took on a very different twist.

Qiao Mianmian quietly looked through Weibo.

She’d already guessed that Star Splendor would clean up this mess for Qiao Anxin.

Qiao Anxin was an artiste that Star Splendor put so many resources into grooming. Given that fact, and her unique relationship with Su Ze, how could he not do anything about it?

It was obvious from the sheer number of “supporters” that Star Splendor spent a huge sum to clear up her image.

What was important was that it seemed very successful.

The problem was more or less settled.

In a few more days, another headline would replace “Qiao Anxin fights in public,” and this would soon be forgotten.

In this day and age, information was being transmitted at an alarming rate.

No matter how huge the news was, it wouldn’t stay on the front page for long.

Especially when Star Splendor was doing all it could to suppress it.

At the Su household.

Mother Su slammed her cell phone on the table angrily. “Tell me, what’s with this? How did Qiao Anxin end up in a fight with someone else? She doesn’t even care about her image now.

“You want me to approve of such a woman as my daughter-in-law?”

“Mom.” Su Ze was rubbing his forehead. “It isn’t what you think it is. Anxin’s temper is usually very good, and she’s never fought with anyone before. This is her first time getting physical with anyone. I’ve asked her about it; the other person scolded her first, that’s why she lost it.”

Mother Su sneered. “Never fought with anyone before? Looking at the way she fought, it doesn’t seem like her first time. Ah Ze, you can’t just judge her by how she looks. As long as she wants to put on a show, she’ll be able to do a good job at it. Are you sure you know her for who she really is?”

Su Ze looked up at his mother with his brows furrowed. “Mom, Anxin and I have known each other for years. I know very well what sort of person she is. Your son isn’t that silly.”

“Ha.” Mother Su smirked again. “I do think you’re silly and lacking in judgment. You don’t even know you’ve been cheated. How could I have given birth to such a foolish son.”


“You said she isn’t lying. Then, let me ask you. Didn’t she say that she was less than three months pregnant?”

Su Ze was a little stunned.

He had been suspicious about this the previous day too.

But when he took Qiao Anxin to the hospital for a check-up…

The report showed that Qiao Anxin was in fact pregnant.

After seeing the report, he no longer had any doubts.

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