I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot

Chapter 406 - She Really Felt Like He Was Pursuing Her

Chapter 406: She Really Felt Like He Was Pursuing Her

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She knew what he was getting at.

She went warm on the inside and couldn’t help but smile.

When she hadn’t replied even after a while, Mo Yesi sent another message: [Miss Qiao, I’ll come over to pick you up?]

Qiao Mianmian was about to laugh when she saw how he’d changed the way he addressed her too.

This whole dating thing seemed rather legitimate.

She suddenly felt that she actually enjoyed her current relationship with Mo Yesi.

She really felt like he was pursuing her.

Any woman who was being pursued by such an outstanding man would feel good about herself.

Qiao Mianmian guessed that he needed an answer soon and replied: [Mm. Come and pick me up, then.]

Mo Yesi responded instantly: [I’ll be at your dormitory in 20 minutes, at most. Think about what you want for lunch.]

Qiao Mianmian scrolled through Weibo while waiting for Mo Yesi’s arrival. She saw Qiao Anxin’s news again.

It was a public declaration regarding the incident.

Qiao Anxin wrote a post about why she and that female celebrity ended up in a hustle in the first place. She mentioned that it was the other party who humiliated her very badly and provoked her intentionally. She only got physical because she couldn’t hold it in any longer.

And after the incident, she ended up with more wounds than the other celebrity.

So, she was the one who’d really been hit.

Qiao Anxin sounded very innocent and helpless in her post.

In any case, it sounded as if everything she did was justifiable, and the fault lay solely with the other celebrity.

She even said that she’d send that artiste her lawyer’s letter, suing her for slander.

Star Splendor probably used their resources to salvage Qiao Anxin’s image. Almost all of the comments on this declaration were in support of her. The very few nasty ones were drowned out easily.

Some of the official entertainment firm accounts reposted Qiao Anxin’s original post too.

Qiao Mianmian went to the comment section of those reposts and saw the same sort of comments by the “supporters.”

Such as: It’s fine as long as she learns from her mistake. We’ve all made mistakes before. Moreover, it’s the other party who insulted Qiao Anxin first. Anyone would get angry if they were in her shoes.

And also: Qiao Anxin only got physical because the other party started it. Honestly, if someone scolded me in my face, and put me down so badly, I’d get physical too. Nobody’s a saint, so don’t use that sort of standard to judge someone else. Think about how you would have reacted if you were her. Would you have been able to keep a smile on?

Some of them commented that it wasn’t good for a celebrity to hit others in public and that these acts would be detrimental to her younger fans. But these comments were quickly rebutted as well by the “supporters.”

The comment section was practically drowned out and “cleaned” by those supporting accounts.

Soon, some so-called witnesses appeared and claimed that it was indeed the other party who provoked Qiao Anxin intentionally. It seemed that Qiao Anxin held it in for a long time, but the other party wouldn’t stop, and that was why Qiao Anxin lost it eventually.

The so-called witnesses even said that if they’d been in Qiao Anxin’s position, they’d have done the same because her words were too crude and mean.

Qiao Anxin’s image was supposed to be that of a first love in school. She’d always appeared pure and innocent.

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