I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot

Chapter 164 - Why Would Sister Treat Me This Way

Chapter 164: Why Would Sister Treat Me This Way

“I won’t let you off if anything happens to your Aunt Lin and Anxin!”

Qiao Mianmian went pale.

She clenched the hand by her side.

Qiao Ruhai’s words were like a dagger to her heart.

Although she didn’t have many expectations for this father of hers anymore, she was still deeply hurt by his words.

“Someone, get an ambulance! Send Madam and Second Miss to the hospital, quick!”

Qiao Ruhai looked at Lin Huizhen and Qiao Anxin anxiously after telling Qiao Mianmian off.

The disgust on his face was now replaced by a look of worry. He was acting like a good husband and father now.

What a stark contrast.

Qiao Mianmian lowered her eyes and smiled sadly as if she’d finally seen through it all. But her eyes went teary.

All the housemaids around were terrified.

It was only when Qiao Ruhai bellowed again did they react and hurriedly help the mother and daughter up.

Qiao Anxin slowly opened her eyes as she was lifted to her feet.

A while later, she was conscious again.

“Anxin, you’re awake.” Qiao Ruhai was overjoyed to see that, but he quickly asked in concern, “Do you feel unwell? We’ll get you to the hospital right away.”

Qiao Anxin was still giddy from the beating and her face was beginning to sting.

Her cheeks were badly swollen.

The first people she saw when she opened her eyes were the two bodyguards who hit her. She instinctively grabbed Qiao Ruhai’s hand and cried out, “Dad, I’m so scared. What did I do wrong? Why would Sister treat me this way?

“Sister, I’m sorry. I’m wrong. I know my mistake now.”

She looked up with teary eyes and cried pitifully. “I was thinking that Aunt Su has left for so many years, so I could take her room temporarily for the sake of my baby. I didn’t think you would be against it.

“If I had known you’d be so upset by it, I wouldn’t even have dared to go in.

“I was the one who wanted to move into this room, it’s got nothing to do with Mom and Dad. Sister, if you’re still angry, put it all on me. Please, don’t drag innocent people into this anymore.”

Tears rolled down her swollen, reddened face.

There was still blood at the tip of her mouth.

She looked extremely vulnerable and pitiful.

The more sad and timid she looked, the more Qiao Mianmian would appear vicious as a sister.

Especially with the look of fear she displayed, it made Qiao Mianmian look like a bully who often trampled all over her.

Qiao Mianmian watched her performance coldly.

Qiao Anxin’s scheme was more than familiar to her.

What else was she capable of besides trying to gain sympathy?

It was so obvious that she’d been acting all along, and yet nobody could see through her act.

Upon hearing Qiao Anxin’s sobs, Qiao Ruhai got even more furious.

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