I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot

Chapter 163 - Both Mother and Daughter Had Fainted

Chapter 163: Both Mother and Daughter Had Fainted

The man squinted and coldly replied, “Very well.”

But these two words made the three of them even more afraid.

“Mister, my dad didn’t hit my sister for no good reason.” Qiao Anxin hurriedly explained, “Sister got someone to hit my mother, and my dad only hit her because he was too angry. Sister was the one who went overboard. My dad was right to discipline her.”

“That’s right, she’s so rude! She doesn’t even have any respect towards her stepmother. What’s the big deal with that slap? Who are you, why do you care about the Qiao family matters? Why, are you trying to save the damsel in distress? Do you think we’ll be afraid of you because of a few threatening words?”

“I’ve been through so much all these years. Lad, I suggest you stay out of this. Otherwise, I won’t be nice.”

The moment Lin Huizhen said those words, she felt a gush of cold air envelope her.

She couldn’t help but shiver.

When she looked up, she was met with a pair of extremely cold eyes.

There wasn’t even a hint of warmth in the man’s eyes.

She suddenly felt fear in the depths of her heart.

Mo Yesi eyed her for a few seconds and then looked away.

The man smiled slowly and dangerously. “Old Mister Qiao, since you’re disciplining your daughter, how could you just do that to one of them?

“Your second daughter doesn’t care about respect or shame and actually seduced her brother-in-law-to-be. Isn’t it strange that you aren’t disciplining her?”

Before they could react, he instructed the bodyguards. “Help Old Mister Qiao out to teach Second Miss Qiao a lesson. Don’t go too easy on her, lest he gets unsatisfied with the disciplining.”

“Yes, Chairman Mo.”

The bodyguards acted quickly and grabbed Qiao Anxin before she managed to flee.

They held her on her left and right arms and gave two quick slaps to her pretty face.

The bodyguards were professionally trained.

They knew how to exert just the right amount of force for the best effect.

With just two slaps, Qiao Anxin was already bleeding from the mouth.

Everything was spinning before her eyes.

The next moment, she fainted.

“Anxin, Anxin, what’s wrong with you!” Lin Huizhen quickly staggered towards her when she saw that her daughter had fainted. “Let go of Anxin. If anything happens to my precious, I’ll make you pay with your life!”

Before she even got to her, another two bodyguards captured her.

“Let go of me, let go of me!” Lin Huizhen screamed like a lunatic. “You bunch of hooligans. Ah, I’ll fight you!”

With that, she slammed her head against the bodyguard.

She ended up passing out from it.

In just a short moment, both mother and daughter had fainted.

“Sinner!” Qiao Ruhai pointed a trembling finger at Qiao Mianmian and growled when he saw that his wife and daughter had passed out. “Are you trying to ruin this family?! If I’d known you’d turn out to be a sinner, I should’ve just strangled you to death the day you were born!”

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