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Chapter 962 - Gathering Again

Chapter 962: Gathering Again

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Wisdom was forced to come out during this second lifetime.

The last time, the gray mist caused chaos in the world and the traitors had ill intentions. Under various negative circumstances, Wisdom was forced to cut itself off before preparing for the new lifetime.

He might have returned, but it represented even greater dangers.

Wisdom was supposed to be formless and shapeless, with no start and no end. Yet, the second lifetime broke that rule. Compared to the long river of time, the Wisdom of the second lifetime was just a sprout. It could not be disturbed at all. So, it was an incredibly dangerous period that should have been kept out of any outside disturbances. Yet, he asked for a meal together.

Any amount of carelessness this time would cause irreversible damage!

“Wisdom is thoughtless and works in its ways. It doesn’t know to avoid danger. So that’s the most dangerous thing about the second lifetime.”

The drunkard sighed as he took a sip of his wine before saying, “In truth, when Wisdom left the first lifetime, we already knew that it would be even harder this time. We did not know what Wisdom had in mind. The only thing we were sure about was our resolve as protectors!”

The strong man said, “Be it the traitors or the gray mist. This lifetime. We will… Win!”

The Undying rasped, “Once we win, please let me die in peace. Stop disturbing my rest.”

“Seniors, what do we do? Should we still attend?” Cultivator Junjun knew how serious the matter was, and he asked anxiously.

The drunkard immediately said, “Since the expert already said so, it’d be worse if we didn’t go.”

The strong man said, “We have to go, but we need to properly pick and choose who goes. We have to make sure the risk is as low as possible.”

Yang Jian nodded, saying, “The expert is a very nostalgic person, and treats everyone kindly. Let’s just invite our old friends. Let’s not invite anyone else. Just a gathering between old friends would be lively enough.”

“That’s not a bad idea. They’ve been with the expert the whole time and were chosen by Wisdom early on. There won’t be a problem,” Cultivator Junjun and the others agreed.

The drunkard quietly looked at Cultivator Junjun and the rest, and could not help but nod to himself.

Facing the expert’s invitation, their first reaction was to be concerned for the expert instead of being greedy for the opportunities that the expert would give them. It meant that the hearts of the protectors this time were not bad. There won’t be as many traitors as the last time.

The next day, the night sky was slightly chilly.

However, the foot of Fallen Immortal Mountain was completely lit up.

Many white lotuses were placed everywhere. Those white lotuses glowed by themselves, illuminating the area. It was an incredibly dream-like scene. A mist formed of immortal powers slowly drifted around.

Since it was a banquet, Li Nianfan’s residence was too small for the crowd. So, they decided to have it done outside. It also gave the feeling of camping out at night.

Everyone there was an immortal, so they did not even need any gas. They just needed to prepare a few pots.

The meats that were not finished from the last time as well as the Dao-Devouring Dragon’s meat were all masterfully sliced by Xiao Bai. the thickness was perfect, and the meat glistened. It all looked incredibly alluring.

Other than that, the ox tongue, donkey tail, dragon heart, and so on were all neatly displayed. It was like a buffet with various foods placed all around them for them to take their pick.

Other than the meats, wine and fruits were all naturally provided.

When they looked at the food in front of them, the group from the Heavenly Palace had complicated feelings in their heart. They felt their hearts shaken.

Anything they could eat there was filled with the power of Wisdom. The meats were all filled with the aura of the strong, especially the Dao-Devouring Dragon’s meat. The level of luxury of this meal was something they could never have even imagined. Sure enough, eating with the expert was always amazing.

Li Nianfan let out a smile at the scene. The place was decorated by Xiao Bai, Daji, and the others as well as the Heavenly Palace. It felt like an immortal realm.

At the same time, he saw a lot of old friends as well.

Luo Emperor, Luo Shiyu, Gu Changqing, Gu Yuan, Gu Ziyao, Gu Ziyu, Yao Mengji…

All of them were Heavenly soldiers or generals. Just like back then, they came up to greet Li Nianfan. It caused Li Nianfan to feel incredibly nostalgic thinking about what happened back then.

At the same time, those from Underworld and Buddhism came as well. Li Nianfan saw Meng Po, Cow Horse and Jiechi…

He could not help but ask, “Luo Emperor, how is Fallen Immortal City?”

Fallen Immortal City was at the foot of Fallen Immortal Mountain, but after the changes in the world, the land expanded rapidly. It caused the distance between the two to increase a hundredfold. It was a long time since Li Nianfan went over.

Luo Emperor smiled and said, “Lord Saint, thank you for the concern. Everything is great in Fallen Immortal City. even the fishmonger’s daughter is about to become immortal. She plans to serve the Heavenly Palace.”

“The fishmonger’s daughter… Little Fish?”

Li Nianfan thought about it and could not help but smile, “It looks like that girl is quite talented.”

He asked again, “Horse, how’s the Meng Po Soup?”

“Hahaha, it’s the same as always. With Lord Saint’s adjustments, everyone keeps wanting more,” The horse and cow laughed at the same time, eliciting a smile on everyone’s faces.

After that, Li Nianfan talked about the past with Gu Qingyun and the others. They would talk about things that happened before.

“Master, the soup is already ready,” At that moment, Xiao Bai walked over and said.

“Alright, let’s all start then,” With a wave from Li Nianfan, everyone got incredibly excited as they all picked up their bowls. All of them sat at a table.

Whether it be the meats or the sauces, it was all buffet-style.

“The spicy sauce, I like spicy food.”

“Old Mother? What kind of sauce is this? Let me try it out.”

“Sesame oil with some coriander. That taste is perfect.”

“Get me some beef and donkey slices.”

“The vegetables in the soup are amazing too.”

Various immortals happily picked up their chopsticks and picked out their food. The night was incredibly lively.

“There’s so much amazing wine as well. I hit the jackpot!” The drunkard’s full attention was attracted by the wine. His eyes threatened to pop out of their sockets and leap right onto the gourds. He drank as he poured the wine into his gourd, laughing wildly.

As for those from Buddhism, Jiechi brought Lord Demon and the other disciples to sit at their table. They did not eat the same meats and wines as everyone else. Everything in front of them were vegetables, and there was only sesame oil for them. It was a little bit of a bitter sight.

Lord Demon chewed on some cabbage as he looked at everyone else wolfing down the meat of the Dao-Devouring Dragon, almost crying from envy.

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