I’m Actually a Cultivation Bigshot

Chapter 961 - Wrong State

Chapter 961: Wrong State

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“Big brother, isn’t this beast majestic?” Nanan smiled.

Li Nianfan did not say anything.

He noticed that there were constantly runes that glowed on the beast’s body. They glowed radiantly. Even after being captured, it seemed to still have an incredibly fierce aura. It was easy to see how strong the beast was.

This time was different than all the other times before.

Li Nianfan’s first emotion when he said that was not happiness, but concern.

If the wild game was not strong, then it was called hunting. However, if one lost the game, then it was just offering a meal to the animal.

He long noticed something that changed in the world. The stickies were dark and gloomy, giving out an unsettling feeling. It might be the evil factions that were up to no good. Nanan and the others went to exterminate evil, which meant that there had to be a lot of danger involved.

They must have fought incredibly bitterly to get their prey!

He took a deep breath as he said seriously, “Nanan, tell me honestly. Can you beat this beast?”

Nanan was taken aback slightly before she shook her head meekly.

Li Nianfan looked at Shi Tuqin and Qin Manyun, and they shook their heads as well.

Sure enough, none of them were a match for it, but they still managed to capture it. It must have been a very bitter battle.

Li Nianfan asked again, “Then how did you subdue this beast?”

Qin Manyun thought about it before answering, “We thought of a lot of ways, and even worked with other cultivators. It was hard, but we managed to get through it.”

Managed to get through it?

Li Nianfan could not help but frown. There was so much to unpack from those words. In other words… they were lucky to live.

He let out a sigh of relief before he said, “In the future, you should always make sure you act within your means. If you face any incredibly strong opponents, there’s no need to put your life on the line. You should always protect your life first, understood?”

“Compared to these wild game, I’d rather eat vegetables and fruits every day than have any of you face danger!”

Qin Manyun and the others felt their eyes twitching. A surge of warmth filled their hearts.

They wanted to cry at the expert’s care for them.

Dragin said, “Big brother, don’t worry. We’ll take good care of ourselves!”

“Big brother, this was just a small fry. We managed to subdue it very easily. I’ll get stronger and stronger in the future, so don’t worry,” Nanan lied.

Qin Manyun had a resolved look in her eyes, “We aren’t afraid of danger. We’ll be able to triumph over any danger!”

The gray mist caused chaos in the world. They had to fight it to the death!

Only then would they be able to protect Li Nianfan.

Li Nianfan looked at them, not saying anything else.

He seemed to see through Qin Manyun and the others’ thoughts. They seemed to carry an incredibly heavy duty. At the same time, it was so he could live in peace.

The world was grim and gloomy, and demons were being born everywhere. If they were not exterminating all that evil, he would not have had such a comfortable living environment.

Just because of a dream he had earlier, they resolved to take the risks. Li Nianfan did not know how to respond to their sincerity.

“Ah, Brother Li, we’re all very strong, okay? You don’t have to worry anymore. Just stay home and enjoy yourself,” Little Fox let out a smile as she tugged at Li Nianfan’s arm.

“Fine, fine, you’re all the strongest,” Li Nianfan composed himself. He did not want a somber mood to take over the time they were together. He said as if nothing happened, “This beast is something else. It opened my eyes to something new. I’m salivating at the thought of eating it. I’ll have to think about how we should cook it.”

Dragin’s eyes immediately brightened, “Yes, I’ve already looked at it the whole way. I want those wings to be praised!”

“I want its claws. Make it spicy!” Nanan cheered.

Shi Tuqin licked her lips and said, “Barbecuing the tail will be the best.”

Blackie ran up to Li Nianfan excitedly as he said, “Master, I’ve looked into it. This monster’s whip is incredibly nutritious. You can grill it, braise it, or even deep fry it. You mustn’t let the chance go.”

Li Nianfan tugged at Blackie’s head, “This dog is getting wilder and wilder. I think we have to add another dish, braised dog meat!”

After lecturing Blackie, Li Nianfan said earnestly, “Didn’t all of you say that you had help capturing this beast? If you can, invite everyone over. Invite everyone from the Heavenly Palace as well. We still have a lot leftover from last time. Let’s have some hotpot. We’ll make it a party.”

Nanan frowned, “Big brother, do we have to?”

She did not want to, putting Li Nianfan’s situation into consideration. On top of that, there were so many traitors during the past lifetime. She could not trust anyone.

What if someone took the chance to do something to Li Nianfan? Even if they were good people in the past, the human heart changed easily.

That was why they were the only ones to greet the expert this time. The people of the Heavenly Palace realized it as well and did not come to see the expert for no reason.

“Of course, the Heavenly Palace are old friends of ours. They’ve helped us so much as well. How could we forget those who helped us fight evil? You should have this attitude. You have to learn to be kind. You need to repay your debts.”

Li Nianfan patted Nanan on the head as he explained.

To be kind, Li Nianfan was betrayed in the past life…

Nanan wanted to cry as she looked at Li Nianfan. She would eliminate all those traitors!

“Xiao Bai, you can handle the meat. Just prepare them for a hotpot,” Li Nianfan told Xiao Bai.

Xiao Bai immediately said, “Understood, my dear master.”

After that, he walked toward the dragon with a knife in hand.

After that, Nanan and Dragin headed to the Heavenly Palace, conveying Li Nianfan’s wishes.

“What? The expert wants to treat us to hotpot?!” Cultivator Junjun’s body shook as he exclaimed.

Yang Jian said, “Even in these circumstances, the expert still wants to eat with us. How much does he trust us? I-I won’t disappoint him!”

The drunkard, the strong man, and the Undying were shocked as well.

Only they knew what state Li Nianfan was in at that moment. It was the second stage of the game, and there could not be any mistakes. In the last lifetime, Wisdom opened up the Door of Wisdom, but so many strong cultivators ended up becoming traitors. Yet, he treated everyone to a meal at such a sensitive time now. Was he not afraid of encountering more traitors?

If anyone who had ill intentions decided to do anything to him and disrupt him, then they… would lose very badly!

That was too careless!

The Undying sighed, “This second lifetime was a dangerous move. ‘He’ seems to be in a wrong state!”

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