illicit relationship

Chapter 9 - The Legendary Relationship Part 3

Not long after that, Xiao Tian reached his limit. "I'm cumminggggg."

Ye Xueyin instantly moved her right hand up and down faster and faster before finally putting half of his cock into her little mouth so that she could receive his sperm later.

"I'm cummingggg" when Xiao Tian was having an orgasm, he unconsciously pinched their nipples hard.

"Ahhh….." Ye Qingyu cried out loudly when Xiao Tian suddenly pinched her left nipple.

As for Ye Xueyin, she could only widen her eyes, "Mmm…"

Xiao Tian's huge cock was still in her mouth, and she was still receiving his sperm, so when he suddenly pinched her right nipple, it really shocked her. That was why she could not moan.

After a few seconds, Xiao Tian finally finished letting out all of his sperm in his mother's mouth. Then Ye Xueyin raised her head to look at Xiao Tian before finally opening her little mouth.

When Xiao Tian saw his mother showing the sperm that was in her mouth, he smiled awkwardly. "You don't need to show it to me, you know?"


The sound of Ye Xueyin drinking her son's sperm could be heard in her ears.

After drinking Xiao Tian's sperm, a satisfied smile emerged on her face. "As expected of my son, his sperm is so tasty. Tian, after drinking your sperm, I'm sure you will have healthy children in the future"

"It's not fair big sis. I also want to taste it!" Ye Qingyu uttered with an envy face. After seeing the expression on her big sister's face, she suddenly wanted to drink her nephew's sperm too.

Ye Xueyin turned her head to look at her little sister and responded, "Ah! Qingyu, you didn't say it earlier, so I drank it alone. Here take it!"

After saying that, Ye Xueyin gave Xiao Tian's cock to Ye Qingyu as if his cock belonged to her. Then Ye Xueyin rose to her feet and stared at her son, lustfully.

Because she was wearing a loose sleeveless strap nightgown, Xiao Tian could easily make her sleeveless strap nightgown fall to her feet.

Soon, a pair of beautiful big breasts could be seen in his eyes. Xiao Tian was startled after seeing his mother's beautiful breasts. His mother was already thirty-five years old, but her breasts were still in good shape.

After recalling his predecessor's memory, Xiao Tian knew why his mother was still beautiful, and her breasts weren't saggy.

It was because Ye Xueyin exercised every day in the morning or afternoon. She also always ate healthy foods and often avoided fast foods. If she ate fast food or something like that, she always exercised longer than usual.

No wonder my mother's breasts are still beautiful. Xiao Tian thought to himself.

Without waiting for another second, Xiao Tian began squeezing his mother's breasts before finally playing with her nipples.

"Ahh..." Ye Xueyin let out a seductive moan.

Ye Qingyu stopped licking Xiao Tian's cock after hearing her big sister's cries.

'She is almost naked!'

Those were the words that appeared in her mind when she noticed that her big sister was only wearing blue color t-shaped lace panties.

Because Ye Qingyu was focused on Xiao Tian's huge cock, she had no idea that her big sister was no longer wearing a sleeveless strap nightgown earlier.

She only found out that her big sister's sleeveless nightgown was at her big sister's feet after lowering her head.

"Ahh…it feels good…Ahhh…" Ye Xueyin was entirely lost in lust, and she no longer cared that the person who was sucking her breasts was none other than her son. "Qingyu, what are you doing? Suck his cock!"

Upon hearing her big sister's words, Ye Qingyu looked at her nephew's throbbing penis. Without waiting for another second, she opened her little mouth and put her nephew's huge cock into her mouth.

Xiao Tian stared at Ye Qingyu when she was giving him a blowjob.

'She is inexperienced at giving a blowjob.'

In his previous life, Xiao Tian had experienced many types of blowjob from many women, so he knew that his aunt was in the inexperienced category.

However, because his aunt was trying her best to give him pleasure, Xiao Tian said nothing.

"Tian, lick and suck mother's breasts too." Ye Xueyin then grabbed her left breast and directed it at him.

"You want your son to give you pleasure, huh?" even though Xiao Tian said something like that, but he still did what he was told because he also had the intention of licking and sucking Ye Xueyin's breasts.

Xiao Tian wasted no time and started licking her nipples.

"Ah…Ah…. It feels good…. Ah…" Ye Xueyin wailed as she started to wring his hair.

When he noticed his mother's mind was on cloud nine, Xiao Tian decided to bite her left nipple a little hard.

"Ahhhh... Ah...Ah…More…Ah..." Ye Xueyin spoke with a fascinating expression.

Ye Qingyu, who was giving Xiao Tian a blowjob, moved her right hand to her thong. She then slid her thong to the right side before finally playing with her bare pussy.

"Ahhh.." Ye Xueyin wailed in delight.

As Xiao Tian was sucking Ye Xueyin's left nipple, he rubbed her flat tummy using his left hand before working his way down to her blue color t-shaped lace panties. "It's already wet mother,"

"Ah….Ahhh…." Ye Xueyin's head fell on her son's right shoulder after feeling that one of her son's fingers was already inside her vagina. "Ahh…. Not my clitoris too….. Ahhh...Ah….."

Upon hearing her moan, Xiao Tian decided to insert one more finger into her vagina.

"Ohhh…. Don't add another finger….. Ahhh… Tian….Ahhhhh…..Tian..." Ye Xueyin tilted her head back and opened her mouth.

After fingering his mother for several minutes, her pussy became wetter, and he knew that she was about to cum too.

Ye Qingyu, who was fingering herself and sucking Xiao Tian's big cock, had reached her limit too.

And not long after that, both Ye Qingyu and Ye Xueyin moaned in unison. "Ahhhh….. I'm cummingggggg,"

After Ye Qingyu and Ye Xueyin had an orgasm, Xiao Tian was unable to hold back the flames of lust within him.

For this reason, he dragged his mother and aunt to the bed. "Now it's time for the main dish."

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