illicit relationship

Chapter 10 - The Legendary Relationship Part 4

After Xiao Tian put his mother and aunt on the bed, he brought his face closer to his aunt's face until their foreheads and noses touched each other.

Ye Qingyu instantly wrapped her arms around his neck and stared at him with lustful eyes. Because Xiao Tian could no longer hold back the flames of lust within him, he immediately kissed her lips.

As they were kissing, Ye Qingyu slowly shut her eyes because she wanted to feel the kiss, but she suddenly reopened her eyes when she felt something soft trying to enter her little mouth.

Since it wasn't her first kiss, Ye Qingyu immediately knew that it was her nephew's tongue. At this moment, she still hadn't opened her mouth.

Because Xiao Tian desired to have a passionate kiss with his aunt, he bit her lower lip so that she would open her mouth.

"Ah!" Ye Qingyu instantly opened her mouth after Xiao Tian bit her lower lip.

When Xiao Tian learned that an opportunity had arisen, he instantly pushed his tongue into her small mouth before finally, his tongue began to look for hers.

Not long after Xiao Tian's tongue found hers, they started to exchange hot kisses like lovers.

As Xiao Tian was kissing his aunt intensely, Ye Xueyin started licking his cock and playing with his testicles.

And after playing with Xiao Tian's penis for several minutes, Ye Xueyin's pussy started twitching on its own.

Because Ye Xueyin was unable to hold back the flames of lust within her, she took off her blue T-shaped lace underwear and threw it on the bed.

Without waiting for another second, Ye Xueyin pushed Xiao Tian to the other side, making him lie down on his back.

At this time, Ye Xueyin felt that her body was hot, and she desired her son's cock to penetrate her pussy so soon as possible.

That was why Ye Xueyin immediately grabbed Xiao Tian's huge penis and rubbed the tip of his cock against her entrance pussy five times before she finally lowered her body slowly.

"Ahhh... So deep….Ah...." with the help of her love juices, Xiao Tian's cock entered her pussy smoothly.

Because she didn't want to wait even for a second, Ye Xueyin began moving her hips up and down while also squeezing her breasts.

"Ah…" Xiao Tian broke the kiss when his mother began moving her hips. After that, Xiao Tian grabbed Ye Qingyu's waist and put her butt right on top of his face.

Upon seeing Ye Qingyu's wet thong, Xiao Tian stuck out his tongue and began to lick her wet thong for about ten seconds before finally sliding her thong to the other side and licking her pussy directly.

"Oh… Ahhh...Ahh…" Ye Qingyu wailed in delight when her nephew was licking her vagina.

As Xiao Tian was licking Ye Qingyu's pussy, Ye Xueyin moved her waist faster and faster, causing Xiao Tian to be unable to lick Ye Qingyu's vagina properly.

Because Xiao Tian felt good when his mother's pussy was squeezing his cock wildly, he started moving his waist, following the movements of his mother's rhythm.

"Ohhh... So deep…Ah... Ah….Tian….Tian…Ah… " Ye Xueyin started to move her hips to the right and left.

The sound of their immoral activities reverberated throughout the room.

Not long after that, Ye Qingyu turned around and stared at her big sister. At this moment, Ye Qingyu and Ye Xueyin were looking at each other for a few seconds.

And as if they could read each other's minds, Ye Qingyu and Ye Xueyin brought their faces closer before finally they kissed passionately.

As they kissed, saliva dripped down from the corners of their mouths. Ye Qingyu and Ye Xueyin had a deep kiss for about two minutes before finally, Ye Qingyu broke the kiss.

When Xiao Tian started to play with Ye Qingyu's pussy again, his lips curled into a grin when he saw her beautiful pink ass hole.

Xiao Tian took some of her love juices from her pussy using his right middle finger before finally, putting it on her butt hole.

"Ahh… Tian… What…what do you want to do with your aunt's ass hole?" Ye Qingyu was startled when Xiao Tian suddenly rubbed her butt hole.

"Your ass hole is beautiful, aunt." Xiao Tian responded as he rubbed Ye Qingyu's butt hole.

"Tian… Not my ass hole… Aunt… Aunt can't…Ahhhhhh...." before Ye Qingyu had finished her words, Xiao Tian thrust his right middle finger into her butt hole.

"Aunt, your ass hole is so tight." Xiao Tian uttered as he felt the muscles of her butt hole squeezing his right middle finger wildly.

"Tian….. I'm cumminggggg… I'm cummingggg" Ye Xueyin's body quivered for about seven seconds after she had an orgasm.

However, Xiao Tian started to move his waist again shortly after she had an orgasm.

"Ahhh…Tian…. Mother's body is still sensitive….Wait…. Ohhhh… Ah….It feels good…Ahhh.." Ye Xueyin, who was still in a weak state, almost fell onto the bed when Xiao Tian suddenly moved his waist again

His cock kept hitting her womb as if his penis wanted to mark her pussy. And every time Xiao Tian's cock hit Ye Xueyin's womb, her body twitched, and her pussy became even tighter.

"Tian… Ahhh…Slow down…Ahhh... Ah… " because Xiao Tian's penis kept hitting her womb, Ye Xueyin's body became frail, making her head fall on Ye Qingyu's left shoulder.

As Xiao Tian moved his waist, he didn't forget his aunt. He kept thrusting his right index finger and licking her pussy, making Ye Qingyu's face full of fascinating expression.

"Cumming…. Ahhh….Mother is cumming again…Ahh…Ah… I'm cummmingggg." Ye Xueyin tilted her head back as she moaned.

After Ye Xueyin had another orgasm, she fell on Xiao Tian's left side. At this time, her body was quivering for about seven seconds, and saliva was also dripping from the corner of her mouth.

Not long after that, Ye Qingyu also reached her limit. "Tian…Ahhhhh. I'm cumming…..Ahhhhh"

After Ye Qingyu had an orgasm, she fell on top of his body.

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