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Chapter 1715  Why Did You Betray Me?

Chapter 1715  Why Did You Betray Me?

An old man was flying in the sky.

If Lan Ruoxi saw him, she would know him right away because he was the one who taught her martial arts.

Lian Xun!

Yes, the name of the old man was none other than Lian Xun, Lan Ruoxi's master.

Lian Xun flew toward the abandoned factory when he heard her disciple would fight Xiao Tian.

He knew they were enemies, but he did not want her disciple to fight Xiao Tian because he did not want something bad to happen to them.

'I hope I won't late.'


Unknown Place, Forest.

Lan Ruoxi did not try to hide her face when her mask fell to the ground. She only stood and looked at Xiao Tian.

"My love, you are strong now." Lan Ruoxi smiled at him. "You are stronger than me now."

Memories of his women coma in the hospital suddenly appeared in his mind when he saw Lan Ruoxi's face. His subordinates said Lan Ruoxi was the one who attacked his women, so the flames of anger grew drastically when he knew she was Lan Ruoxi.

"LAN RUOXI!" Xiao Tian rushed toward her and attacked her again.




He kicked and punched her continuously.

He did not show mercy and kept attacking.

Head, legs, arms, chest, and stomach:  every single part of her body was hit by him continuously. "Lan Ruoxi, why did you betray me? Why did you hurt them?" after saying that, he punched her mid-torso.

"Uakkk…" Lan Ruoxi coughed up blood as she was thrown into mid-air.

Xiao Tian used the Dragon Move technique to appear next to her.

"Why did you hurt my women?" after saying that, he kicked her waist.

Like before, she coughed up blood again.

Bang! The sound of her body landing on the ground reverberated in the entire area.

Lan Ruoxi's body rolled on the ground for several meters before finally stopping. Xiao Tian immediately sat on her stomach and raised his sword.

But when he was about to kill her, memories of them laughing and talking happily appeared in his mind.

His determination to kill her was instantly shattered.

He hated her, but he also loved her.

Half of him wanted to kill her, but the other half did not want her to die. His feelings were a mess, and he did not know what to do. "Aghhh…" he stabbed his sword into the ground near her head. "Why? Why?"

Even though he was not crying, but a great pang gripped his heart. "Why?" He said with sadness in his voice.

She slowly cupped his face when she saw the sadness in his eyes. 'My love, I'm sorry.'

She could only apologize in her mind because, from her point of view, she did not deserve his forgiveness.

Lian Xun, who saw them from the sky, sighed sadly.

'I was too late'

He slowly descended from the sky.

Xiao Tian and Lan Ruoxi looked at Lian Xun when he walked closer to them.

Xiao Tian rose to his feet and uttered, "Leave! Leave and never appear in front of me again."

He felt like someone was squeezing his heart when he said this.

However, he could not forgive her because she had injured his women, causing them to fall into a coma.

Lian Xun immediately carried his disciple because she was heavily injured.

'This world is so cruel to them.'

He looked at Xiao Tian one last time before finally flying toward his house.

As Xiao Tian was drowning in sadness, Feng Zeshan was fighting against four of the Xiao family people.

Even though they were powerful martial artists, but Feng Zeshan and the others had the upper hand in the fight.

These people were only ordinary martial artists, so they were not his opponents. Coupled with the help of Fu Rou and Butler Ming, it made the Xiao family even more helpless.

"It's a pity that we failed to kill her." Feng Zeshan was still annoyed because Xiao Yaling would have been dead by now if the old man had not appeared.

"At least we managed to cut off her right arm, Young Master." Butler Ming said, "So, it could be said that we did not fail completely."

"That's right, young master." Fu Rou added. "Let's go back to the abandoned factory and see Xiao Tian. I want to know whether he managed to kill Xiao Jianhong or not." Of course, Feng Zeshan hoped Xiao Tian managed to kill Xiao Jianhong. "He killed Xiao Jianhong, young master." Butler Ming said happily.

"But why is he wearing such a sad face?" Fu Rou was startled when she saw his sad face because she previously thought he would be happy.

Feng Zeshan did not say anything and only stared at Xiao Tian.

'Did something happen earlier? But what is it? Shouldn't he be happy now? So why?'

Countless questions appeared in his mind.

But no matter how hard he tried to find the answer, he could not find it.

"Let's return to our organization." Feng Zeshan decided to return to their organization because they no longer had any business there.

"Understood." Fu Rou and the others responded in unison.




One by one, Xiao Tian's underlings walked closer to him.

Xiao Tian looked at Xiao Jianhong's corpse and uttered, "Burn his corpse."

His underling immediately burned Xiao Jianhong's corpse.


Xiao Family Hospital, Xiao Yaling's Patient Room.

Xiao Yaling was lying on the patient bed.

The old man who saved her, was standing next to her. She was angry and relieved at the same time.

She was angry because she had lost her right arm and relieved because she managed to survive.

"Young miss, please focus on recovering first." The old man uttered, "I will order some people to hunt them down later." As they were talking, her father and uncles stepped into her patient room. After arriving at the hospital, the old man informed them so they knew where she was.

"Father, uncles." Xiao Yaling said when she saw her father and uncles.

"Who did it?" Xiao Deng Jiang wanted to know the one who cut off his daughter's right arm.

"It's Feng Zeshan from the Feng family." Xiao Yaling gave an honest answer.

"Feng Zeshan from the Feng family?" Xiao Yimu said in surprise. "Do you mean that Feng family?"

"Yes." Xiao Yaling began explaining everything in detail.

She told them that they fought Feng Zeshan and his subordinates earlier. At first, the situation was under their control, but everything changed when Xiao Tian appeared.

"Xiao Tian? He has reached the sixth stage?!" Xiao Jianhao was shocked after hearing her explanation.

Not only him, but Xiao Yimu and the others were also startled.

Xiao Yaling, who was called a genius and two years older than him, could only reach the third stage.

But here, Xiao Tian had reached the sixth stage. If she was a genius, then what was he?

A monster?

A genius among geniuses?

Or God's son?

"Damn it!" Xiao Jianhao cursed venomously in his heart. "Then what about Jianhong? Where is he?"

"I don't know because we got separated earlier." Xiao Yaling did not tell them that she left him behind earlier.

At this moment, one of the Xiao family's subordinates entered her patient room.

"Master, I have bad news." The green-haired man uttered.

"What is it?" Xiao Deng Jian inquired.

"Young master Jianhong is dead. Xiao Tian killed him." the green-haired man responded. 

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