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Chapter 1714  Fighting Lan Ruoxi

Chapter 1714  Fighting Lan Ruoxi

As Feng Zeshan was trying to kill Xiao Yaling, a group of ten people rushed toward the abandoned factory.

Two of them were candidates to be the Ruler, while the rest were ordinary martial artists at the grandmaster stage.

If the only lady in the group were not wearing a mask, Xiao Tian would know who she was right away because she was someone he liked and hated at the same time.

Lan Ruoxi!

Yes, her name was Lan Ruoxi.

Lan Ruoxi and the others rushed to the abandoned factory because one of the Xiao family people requested emergency help.

Xiao Yaling and Xiao Jianhong were the successors of the Xiao family, so they had to save their young master and young miss.

"Blue Phoenix, you go save young master Jianhong." An old man, who was in his sixties, uttered, "I will save young miss Yaling."

Lan Ruoxi nodded her head before finally speeding up.

Four of them followed her.

Now, five people were trying to save Xiao Yaling, while the others tried to save Xiao Jianhong.

"Uaak…" Xiao Yaling was thrown several meters before finally crashing against a tree.

'Damn it.'

She was not as strong as usual because her head was dizzy.

"Kill her!" Feng Zeshan roared.

"Cough…Cough…" Xiao Yaling couched up blood after rising to her feet.

'Am I going to die?'

She could not run away in her current condition, so that question suddenly appeared in her mind.

'No! I can't die. I must survive.'

She shook her head.

When Feng Zeshan and the others were about to kill Xiao Yaling, a wave of energy flew at them.

"Danger!" Feng Zeshan grabbed Fu Rou and Butler Ming before finally avoiding the energy slash.

Fu Rou and Butler Ming were not candidates to be the Ruler, so they could not see or feel the slash.

"Young miss." The old man rushed toward Xiao Yaling.

'Her right arm?'

He instantly looked at Feng Zeshan and the others.

"He is already at the sixth stage. Leave this place now." Feng Zeshan knew they would not be able to defeat that old man because that old man was already at the sixth stage.

"Chase them. Bring their heads to me." The old man uttered.

"Understood." The four people standing behind him responded in unison before finally running after Feng Zeshan and the others.

"Young miss, we must return now and treat your injuries." The old man did not chase Feng Zeshan and the others because Xiao Yaling's life was more important.

After she nodded her head, the old man brought her to the Xiao family. He did not try to save Xiao Jianhong because he believed Lan Ruoxi could save him.

As the old man took Xiao Yaling back to the Xiao family, Xiao Tian tortured Xiao Jianhong.

Xiao Jianhong was lying on the ground.

His body was filled with blood.

He could no longer run or walk because Xiao Tian had injured both of his legs.

"Cough…Cough…Cough…" Xiao Jianhong coughed up blood, and his vision started to blur.

'I did not expect to die today.'

He believed Xiao Tian would kill him because he knew how deep his hatred for him was.

"Goodbye, Xiao Jianhong." After saying that, Xiao Tian raised his special sword, intending to kill Xiao Jianhong.

But before his sword landed on Xiao Jianhong's neck, a voice suddenly rang out. "Stop!"

Xiao subconsciously stopped his sword.

'The Xiao family people?'

He saw five people running toward him: four men and one woman.

These four men did not hide their faces while the young lady was wearing a Blue Phoenix mask.

"Save me. Save me." Xiao Jianhong screamed for help when he saw Lan Ruoxi and the others.

Lan Ruoxi, who was rushing toward them, was startled.

'My love?'

She did not expect to meet Xiao Tian in that place.

Xiao Tian returned his attention to Xiao Jianhong.


He swung his sword.

"NO!" Xiao Jianhong screamed.

"Stop!" the Xiao family's people shouted.


Xiao Jianhong's head rolled on the ground.

The eyes of the Xiao family people were bloodshot.

An eye for an eye.

Because Xiao Tian had killed Xiao Jianhong, they would kill him too.

"Bastard! Die!" they rushed toward him with their eyes filled with the flames of anger.

Xiao Tian looked at them before finally swinging his special sword, sending a huge wave of energy at them.

Of course, they did not know about it and kept rushing toward him because they were only ordinary martial artists.

"Uuakkk…" they were thrown several meters when his attack hit them.

Lan Ruoxi, who was standing behind them, was shocked.

'They…they are thrown away?'

She shifted her gaze from her subordinates to Xiao Tian.

'Don't… don't tell me. He used energy to attack them?!'

She knew he was a candidate to be the Ruler because she was the first person to know about it.

'But wasn't it less than a year since he found out about the real world of martial artists?'

She still found it hard to believe what was happening.

She knew he was a genius martial artist, but she did not expect that he could master the sixth stage in less than a year.

She, who was called a genius by his master and a few martial artists, could only reach the third stage after training hard for four years.

But Xiao Tian could reach the sixth stage in less than a year.

'What is this? I have never heard something like this before.'

She was lost in her thought.

"He is a candidate to be the Ruler and has mastered the sixth stage!" even though they were not candidates to be the Ruler, they knew about it.

"We won't be able to defeat him."

"He is too strong for us."

"We should run away."

"Yes. We should run away."

They gave up their intention to kill Xiao Tian when they found out that he had mastered the sixth stage. "Do you think you can run away from me?" after saying that, Xiao Tian used the Dragon Move technique.


In less than three seconds, he killed them all.

"You are the last." Xiao Tian walked closer to Lan Ruoxi.

He did not know that the person standing before him was Lan Ruoxi because she was not using her Phoenix sword.

Lan Ruoxi came to her senses when she felt his deadly aura.

"Die." after saying that, Xiao Tian rushed toward Lan Ruoxi.


The sound of weapons clashing reverberated in the entire area.

Even though both of them were candidates to be the Ruler, Xiao Tian had the upper hand in the fight.

Lan Ruoxi was only at the third stage, while Xiao Tian was already at the sixth stage, so the difference in strength between them was like heaven and earth.


Lan Ruoxi was thrown several meters before finally chasing against a tree.

"Cough…Cough…" she coughed up blood before finally standing up.

Like before, Xiao Tian attacked her again.

She was the subordinate of the Xiao family, so Xiao Tian planned to kill her.

He did not care whether she was a female or male. As long as they were his enemies, he would kill them all.


His sword split her mask in half.

Lan Ruoxi's mask immediately fell to the ground, revealing her face.

'Lan Ruoxi?'

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