illicit relationship

Chapter 1472 I Don’t Remember Anything

“Lady Leng, what are you doing?” Xiao Tian was shocked after waking up.

He was surprised when he found himself lying on the bed with Leng Nichang. But what surprised him most was that they were naked, and she was holding his penis.

‘What is this? How did we end up on the bed naked? And why is she holding my cock?’

He was stunned by what was going on.

She instantly shifted her gaze from his penis to his face. Due to how shocked she was, she forgot to remove her right hand from his shaft.

Yes, she was still holding his penis!

It was still 05:05 am, so she thought he would not wake up, but she was wrong.

“Oh, you have woken up?” even though she was nervous deep inside her, but she tried her best to behave normally.

“How did we end up in this bedroom? And why are we naked? Did we do…” he did not finish his last question and skimmed his surroundings.

‘Our clothes are scattered all over the place and we are naked. It looks like we had sex last night.’

He returned his attention to her after skimming his surroundings.

“It seems like we had sex under the influence of alcohol last night.” Like before, she tried her best to behave normally.

She was older than him and often teased him, so it would ruin her image if he showed her nervousness.

“I see.” Unlike her, he could accept everything quickly. “By the way, lady Leng. Why are you holding my cock?”

She instantly removed her right hand from his penis and tried to find a good excuse. “There was a spider on your thing earlier, so I decided to protect your rod after removing it.”

“Pftt!” a peal of suppressed laughter burst out. He found her excuse funny. “Spider? Protecting my rod? Your excuse is so bad! Hehe.”

“I’m not lying.” She kept lying to him.

“Hehe.” He chuckled.

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“Ehm!” she cleared her throat. “By the way, do you remember what we did last night?”

“Sorry, but I don’t remember anything. I only remember that we drank beer last night.” He tried to recall everything, but he only remembered that he drank beers with her and the others.

“I also don’t remember anything.” she still suspected that they had sex under the influence of alcohol last night. “Our first time was under the influence of aphrodisiacs and last night, we did it under the influence of alcohol. Isn’t that a little funny?”

“We are not under the influence of aphrodisiacs or alcohol now, so how about we do it again?” like usual, he did not forget to try to take advantage of the situation.

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“Hehe.” She giggled after hearing his words.

“Why are you giggling like that?” he pretended as if he did not know the reason why she giggled like that.

“We had sex a few hours ago and you still want to take advantage of the situation? You are really a pervert young man.” actually, she had guessed he would say something like that because he was a pervert, a handsome pervert.

“Well, there is a beautiful woman naked next to me, so it’s normal if I want to take advantage of the situation. It’s called male nature.” After saying that, he glanced at her naked body.

‘She has a killer body and beautiful breasts.’

He was able to see her naked body clearly because she did not try to cover her body with her arms.

“Are you trying to seduce me now?” she asked as she smiled softly as if she was trying to seduce him.

“I’m not trying to seduce you. I’m stating the truth.” He responded, “I’m sure you are already aware of this.”

Her lips curled up into a smile when she noticed that he was looking at her breasts. “Xiao Tian, do you want to feel my breasts?”

“We are naked and alone in this bedroom. Are you sure you want to keep teasing me? Are you not afraid of the consequences?” he was a healthy man, and she was a gorgeous lady, so he would not be able to hold back if she kept teasing him.

To his surprise, she grabbed his right hand and placed it on her flat stomach. “How is it?”

“I suggest you to stop this.” Even though his women were beautiful, but she was also attractive.

However, she ignored his words as if she was challenging him to do something to her. “How does my stomach feel? Just for information, I’m quite proud of my belly.”

He glanced at her.

Was he afraid to accept the challenge?

Of course, not!

He was a pervert.


He was a healthy young man, so he was not always immune to women’s seduction, especially if she was beautiful and also naked.

“Yes. Your belly is attractive.” After saying that, he moved his right hand from her flat stomach to her left breast. “And your breasts are beautiful too. They are big and soft.”

She widened her eyes for a second.

She could not stop him on time because he suddenly moved his right hand from her belly to her breasts.

She looked at his handsome face before shifting her gaze to her left breast. She wavered whether she should remove his right hand from her breasts or not.

‘We have had sex twice, so I will let him feel my breasts just for today.’

They had already had sex, and she held his penis earlier, so she decided to let him feel her breasts longer.

However, Xiao Tian had a different thought.

‘Green light!’

He thought it was a green light because she did not stop him from feeling her breasts.

Without giving her a warning, he lay on top of her and looked at her pink lips. “And your lips are beautiful too.”

She was startled when he suddenly lay on top of her.

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‘His rod is pressing against my vagina.’

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She could feel his penis between her thighs.

Instead of pushing him away, she spread her legs a little wider.

Not only that, but she also placed her hands on his ass and pulled his waist towards hers as if she wanted his penis to meet her pussy.

“Why are you suddenly lying on top of me?” she inquired, “Are you going to kiss me now?”

‘His huge penis is slowly erect!’

His cock was pressing against her pussy, so she could feel it when his penis was slowly erect.

‘It makes me horny.’

She pulled his waist towards hers even more.

Actually, he was shocked by her actions, but he did not show it on his face.

‘I can feel her soft vagina through my cock.’

Like her, he was suddenly horny.

His penis pressed against her pussy, so it was normal if he suddenly got horny because he was a healthy young man.

At this moment, his waist suddenly moved on its own. It was as If his waist had its own thought.

“Mmm…” she tried her best not to moan. “Why don’t you answer my question? And why are you suddenly moving your waist?”

Instead of answering her question, he inquired, “Do you want to know how I kissed Xingyi passionately for the first time?”

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