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Chapter 1471 Jie's Plans

The next day at 07:00 pm, Xiao Tian and Leng Nichang went to the orphanage. The duo was pleasantly surprised when Jie invited them to their thanksgiving party.

Yes, Jie and the others held a small thanksgiving party at Kindred Hearts Orphanage!

She told them she wanted to hold a small party because they managed to protect Kindred Hearts Orphanage from Cao Song.

Of course, they did not know it was a trap set up by Jie and the others because they believed Jie and the others would not hurt them.

They were currently with the orphans and caretakers. They laughed as they chatted happily.

At first, the party was for all ages, but everything changed after all orphans went to bed.

Jie and the others suddenly took out a few beers and put it on the table!

Xiao Tian and Leng Nichang were shocked!

They thought there would be no beer because it was a thanksgiving party, but they were wrong.

Of course, they did not refuse when Jie and the others asked them to drink the beer. They were already adults and had drunk beer many times, so they were fine with it.

“I didn’t expect there would be a beer in this party.” He was already half drunk because Jie kept giving him a strong beer.

“I also thought there would be no beer in this party.” Like Xiao Tian, Leng Nichang was already half drunk too.

At first, the duo could handle it well, but everything changed when Jie and the others kept giving them a beer.

They could not refuse it, so they kept drinking the beer.

Jie and the others smirked when they saw them.

‘Everything is going according to our plan.’

Even though they also drank beer, but they did not drink as much as Xiao Tian and Leng Nichang.

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Xiao Tian shook his head.

‘I can’t drink anymore.’

His vision was already blurry.

He tried to stop drinking beer, but Jie kept filling his glass.


The sound of his head falling onto the table reverberated in the entire area.

He was already drunk, so he did not feel any pain.

“He is down!” Jie stated.

“Nichang is already drunk too.” One of the caretakers said after seeing her.

“Let’s carry out our next plan.” Jie and the others brought Xiao Tian and Leng Nichang to a spare room.

Actually, it was Dali’s bedroom, but no one used it after they kicked him out of the orphanage.

Jie and her mother told the other caretakers to leave the bedroom after putting Xiao Tian and Leng Nichang on the bed because they were not allowed to see their naked bodies.

Yes, Jie and her mother immediately removed Xiao Tian’s and Leng Nichang’s clothes after they left!

The reason was simple.

They wanted to make it look like Xiao Tian, and Leng Nichang had sex after the party!

Sure, their idea was evil, but they did not care about it because it was a faster way to make them a couple.

Jie and her mother then placed their clothes on the floor, bed, table, and chair. They did this because they wanted to make everything look more natural.

They did a high-five before giggling together.

“Let’s leave now.” Jie’s mother uttered.

“Un.” Jie nodded her head.

After walking out of the bedroom, they told the other caretakers what they had to do tomorrow morning.

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They did not want to make a single mistake, so they had to prepare everything.

Time went by quickly, and without realizing it, it was already 05:00 am. At this moment, Leng Nichang had woken up.

The expression of deep shock blossomed on her pretty face after waking up.

She was shocked.

She was stunned by what was going on.

First, she was in the bedroom with Xiao Tian. Second, she was naked on the bed. Third, Xiao Tian was also naked. And lastly, their clothes were scattered all over the place.

One thing appeared in her mind after gathering information.


She suddenly suspected that she had sex with Xiao Tian last night.

‘Did we really do it last night?’

She tried to recall everything, but she did not remember a single thing after she had drunk last night.

She wanted to deny everything, but she could not do that after seeing her surroundings.

Their clothes were scattered all over the place, and she was naked on the bed with him. There was no way that nothing had happened to them after looking around them.

‘Did we do it under the influence of alcohol?’

She knew how dangerous alcohol was because everyone could do anything when they were drunk, including having sex.

She just did not expect them to do it under the influence of alcohol.

‘The first time we did it was under the influence of aphrodisiacs, and now…sigh.’

Of course, she still did not realize that everything was Jie’s and the others’ plans.

At this moment, Xiao Tian was still sleeping, so he did not know what was happening. He had no idea what Leng Nichang felt.

‘Did we really do it or not?’

She still tried her best to remember everything.

‘Well, it has happened, so I can’t do anything about it.’

She finally accepted everything.

Of course, she was not angry at him because she was also at fault. She agreed to have sex with him, so it would be unfair for him if she got mad at him.

‘Now how should I deal with this?’

She shifted her gaze because she wanted to check his body.

However, her gaze stopped when she caught sight of his huge penis.

‘Did his huge rod really go inside me last night?’

Even though it was not her first time seeing his penis, but she was still amazed by it.

‘Oh right, that huge thing was also the one that took my virginity.’

She suddenly remembered what had happened in the abandoned bamboo house.

And as if there was a magnet between his penis and her eyes, she could not take her eyes off his cock.

‘His rod is beautiful!’

She unconsciously praised his penis.

She was a normal girl, so she also watched porn. She had seen many dicks in porn, but in her eyes, Xiao Tian’s penis was the most beautiful one.


She could not help but gulp her saliva when she saw his cock.

The longer she saw his penis, the bigger the desire to touch it. Sure, she had seen his penis two times, but she had never touched it before.

For this reason, the desire to touch it suddenly arose within her.

‘He is sleeping, so he won’t know even if I touch his cock.’

She looked at his sleeping face before returning her attention to his huge penis.

‘I will only touch it once.’

She moved her right hand before finally touching his penis using her right index finger.

‘It’s soft.’

At that moment, a little devil suddenly appeared on her left side and told her to do more than that.

She did not know what had happened to her, but she listened to the little devil’s words instantly and held his soft shaft.

‘It feels good.’

She loved the feeling of holding his penis.

As she was enjoying his penis, Xiao Tian suddenly woke up. “Lady Leng, what are you doing?”

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