I’ll Add Points To All Things

Chapter 945 (END) - This Might Be What Happiness Feels Like

Chapter 945: This Might Be What Happiness Feels Like

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He had known that the system’s program for ‘simple’ spiritual energy usage was created by Earth long ago. However, he still found it slightly hilarious.

‘Does this count as me “lifting myself up” in a sense? From this view, Earth is actually quite cute…

‘However, it’s a pity that Earth doesn’t have consciousness. Its actions are more like how when we feel an itch, our hands would already begin scratching it before our minds could even react. Or perhaps… When a person was unconscious and thirsty, they would automatically begin to drink when someone fed them water.

‘This is all basic instincts.

‘One is a biological instinct, while the other is the planet’s instinct.’

After lamenting for a while, Su Yang tapped on the semi-transparent [+] symbol on Earth.

Suddenly, a notification appeared in front of him: [Are you sure you want to add a point onto Earth?]

Based on what the scientists had deciphered previously, when Su Yang tapped the [+] symbol for the first time, he did not inject spiritual energy into the object. He merely opened the “switch” that could be injected.

Su Yang then clicked [Yes].

The high-dimensional energy that was originally stored in Su Yang’s body started to be sucked out and poured into Earth.

The energy from the higher dimension and higher life form enveloped the entire Earth, forming a translucent “membrane”. It was like a brand new embryo was being born, and it caused the Earth to slowly change.

The “Earth’s Flicker” that Su Yang, Spirit Building and the rest had observed earlier had also started to appear.

If it had been a month or two ago, now, the Earth was beating like a heart.

Based on his previous understanding, Su Yang understood that this was Earth’s transition to a higher dimension.

He sat in the air and silently observed the scene below.

Obviously, adding a point onto Earth was not something that could be accomplished overnight. Su Yang ended up waiting for five years.

Over the past five years, Su Yang had been observing the changes on Earth.

The outer layer was not “physical”, so it was not outside the atmospheric layer.

It was a state similar to the previous manifestation of spiritual energy. In a higher dimension, it was a mysterious state.

After observing Earth for five years, Su Yang’s brows furrowed deeper.

Because he realized that even though the humans on Earth had evolved a lot over the past five years, they had not gained any abilities.

Furthermore, in the past few thousand years, humans have mainly evolved with intelligence. This led to the individual strength of humans being slightly inferior to other species.

Meanwhile, the revival of spiritual energy allowed the brains of other species to develop rapidly. Coupled with the physical fitness of other species, they were much stronger than humans in the early stages.

Of course, because humans had firearms and thermonuclear weapons, these species that evolved with humans did not cause much trouble.

However, the most important thing was that Su Yang had added a few points to the North Pole when he was in Hawaii.

Those few boosts had caused a large number of creatures to mutate.

Those mutations only happened in higher dimensions, and they could not affect the real world.

However, because the Earth had started to upgrade, their abilities were directly reflected in the real world.

These creatures became the overlords of Earth and started to cause trouble on Earth.

Even some newly-developed flying fishes could toy with humans.

Su Yang looked at everything before him and made a decision.

Five years passed in the blink of an eye, and the Earth’s point had been successfully added.

However, Su Yang was not in a hurry to give himself more points. Instead, he returned to the virtual space.

After returning to the virtual space, Su Yang spent a huge amount of effort and coins to get Little Deeny to transfer all the “little monsters” that were causing trouble on Earth to the virtual world along with all the employees of Jiadian Group.

In those five years, Su Yang made a decision.

Instead of watching the little monsters and humans that he had enlightened kill each other, it was better to split the two worlds into two.

As for Su Yang’s parents, Chu Xia, Tang Jing, Tang Xiaomi and the rest, Su Yang did not move them along.

He planned to leave them in the real world first.

This was the early stage of the magically rich era. Staying in the real world was much better for their health and future development.

After he was done, he would bring them into the virtual space.

As for the safety of his family and friends…

Su Yang was not worried.

With the country and Little Deeny’s 24-hour surveillance, nothing could happen.

After dealing with the troublemaking little monsters, Su Yang did not dare to delay anymore. He had to level up at the same time as Earth.

Therefore, he once again arrived above Earth and activated the system.

Su Yang clicked on the [+] symbol above his head.

A moment later, a seven-colored radiance landed on Su Yang’s body and wrapped him up.

Su Yang felt his body relax and fell asleep…

However, what Su Yang did not know was that due to time constraints, he did not contact his parents or friends. As a result, he caused a particularly silly female celebrity, who had been staying at Su Yang’s parents’ house, to wait for five years for nothing.

At that moment, the silly female celebrity was at Su Yang’s parents’ house just like her own home. She was wearing a cotton-padded jacket with her hair tied up in a braid. With her hands clasped together, she looked like a village girl. Even so, it could not hide her stunning beauty.

In addition, she had been filial to Su Yang’s parents for the past five years, apart from constantly asking if Su Yang had returned. Other than occasionally losing her mind, she was doing well in every other aspect.

Even though she might not have any ulterior motives, every time Su Yang’s parents saw her, they would look at her as if she was their daughter-in-law. They would be so happy that their eyes would curl…

Of course, if they knew that this silly woman had a rope in her arms and was prepared to strangle Su Yang the moment she saw him, they would probably no longer think that of her anymore… Ahem.

In the blink of an eye, another year passed.

Su Yang gradually woke up.

When he woke up this time, Su Yang realized that he was different from before.

It felt like a real transformation from a human to a god.

Not only was his body perfect, but it was also filled with power. His every move had a natural quality, and with a single thought, he could see through everything and understand the essence of everything.

He lowered his head to look inside his body, reached out, and pulled out a ball of light.

‘So, this is my system.’

The rules of the system were originally extremely complicated, but in Su Yang’s eyes, they were extremely clear. In fact, he could even create another one if he wanted to.

Su Yang rolled the system into a ball and placed it in his pocket. He looked down at Earth.

Humans were always the most adaptable creatures.

With Su Yang’s protection, the other creatures that had been “evolving” in the early stages were moved into the virtual space. Hence, Earth was now full of life.

Many people’s bodies started to evolve again after being infused with spirit energy. They were stronger, faster, and had longer lifespans.

But the only problem was… ‘Why do none of them have any special abilities?’

Su Yang was dumbfounded.

‘Is there a problem with their Platinum Races?

‘Wouldn’t the Platinum Race inherit abilities from the first extraordinary being?

‘Why haven’t they inherited it then?’

With this thought in mind, Su Yang communicated with the rules of Earth.

As the creature with the highest authority, Su Yang knew the reason easily.

It turned out that it was because his abilities were all too powerful, being A-Ranked or S-Ranked. There were only two low-ranked abilities, but they were still a little too high for humans. With the current concentration of spiritual energy on Earth, it was impossible for that many humans to possess such abilities.

Su Yang pondered for a while.

‘Since my abilities are too advanced, I won’t be able to pass it down to them.

‘Should I create some abilities then?

‘In any case, I’ve already had the decrypted system, so I can now create any special item or special ability.

‘Wouldn’t it be fine if I create more then?’

With that thought in mind, Su Yang returned to the virtual space and summoned all the little monsters to work together to create special abilities.

Little monsters like Qing Zhu did not have much creativity to speak of. All they talked about was the ability to spit fire, water, and ink.

As for the Clown Sea Serpent and Little Hus, their suggestions were much weirder.

They came up with abilities like the [Bloodthirsty Time Bomb], [Zombie WeChat Group], [True Game of Thrones], [Demon’s Fortune Dice], and some other strange-sounding abilities whose abilities were even stranger…

For a moment, Su Yang suspected that these guys were courting death.

Just like that, Su Yang was busy for more than a month and created a few thousand skills. Initially, he was already exhausted from just over a hundred skills. Therefore, he wrote an auto-production skill for the system and made a few thousand skills.

Even though these abilities were relatively rare for humans, Su Yang felt that it was enough.

‘This will be enough for everyone to have a wide variety of special abilities.

During that time, the little monsters even chose some interesting abilities for themselves.

The worst was the Clown Sea Serpent. He chose seven or eight abilities in one go and asked Su Yang to help him “install” them in his body.

Perhaps it was because he wanted to get closer to Su Yang, or perhaps it was purely because of his evil interest, he even prayed that Su Yang would separate these abilities and place them in different parts of his body.

For example, left hand, right hand, eyes, and so on.

‘On of these days, these b*stard’s body is going to be destroyed by all these different special abilities embedded in his different body parts…’

After that, Su Yang returned to Earth.

Since everything was exposed, Su Yang did not need to keep everything a secret anymore.

He directly revealed his cards to his parents and friends.

“There’s no more need for me to keep pretending. I’m the most powerful super powered human! I’ve even opened up an entirely new world. Come play with me!”

Since the virtual world and the real world could be interconnected, Su Yang’s parents and friends agreed to visit him.

Just like that, the first batch of human guests settled there.

Among them were Chu Xia’s parents, Tang Jing and Tang Xiaomi, Pan Zhaodi, Old Master Jiang, Jiang Yan, Old Zhou and his wife, Mr. Jia, Jia Xiaoqian, Xue Ya, Qu Xuan, Qu Xuan’s parents, etc.


The only thing that Su Yang did not expect was for Qu Xuan to bring his parents along, which even included his sister, Qu Xiaomeng…

‘This guy’s definitely up to no good…’

As for Wu Feng, Guo Fan, and the rest, because they were still young and needed to work hard, they did not join Su Yang. They only said that they would join when they were old and about to retire.

In order to ensure that everyone’s lives in the real world would not be affected, Su Yang even built a transportation channel for them in the virtual world.

Su Yang was then caught by Lin Jiali when he was picking up his parents.

Even though he was already a “god” and could crush Lin Jiali with a single finger, when he saw how Lin Jiali was holding onto the rope and asking him about the weird things that happened at home and the strange changes in her body, Su Yang was terrified.

So… He was “coerced” into taking Lin Jiali to the virtual world.

In fact, Lin Jiali made herself right at home naturally without treating herself as a stranger. Rather than build a house outside, she directly moved and stayed inside the castle.

Instead, it was Chu Xia and Tang Jing who looked at Su Yang strangely when they saw the current situation they were in…

Actually, they were not the only ones…

Su Yang himself also found it weird.

‘Five women have moved into the villa all of a sudden…

‘Chu Xia, Tang Jing, Tang Xiaomi, Pan Zhaodi, and Lin Jiali.

‘There’s also Qu Xiaomeng whom Qu Xuan would send to visit every day.

‘Sh*t… I can feel a headache incoming.’

On the other hand, Su Yang’s parents were grinning from ear to ear every day.

They were happy with whoever they saw!

‘Perhaps, this is the frustration with having happiness.

‘After all, isn’t this what happiness should be like?

‘Family next to my side, friends nearby, and loved ones… By my side as well.’

“Xiaoming! Su Yang is already the richest man in the world. Why do you still want me to teach him English?”

“Sis, he thinks that there’s no end to learning.”

“But his English is already very good though.”

“He wants to climb to the top!”

“But if I go, he will always avoid me and not want to let me teach him.”

“That’s your fault then, Sis. As his teacher, you didn’t even realize that he’s skipped classes for three years. Go on, hurry up and go pursue him… Pui! Hurry up and go after him to give him his lessons, it’s your responsibility as a teacher!”

“Jiali. Can I call you Jiali? Thank you for helping take care of Xiaomi.”

“Sister Jing, it’s no trouble at all. I like Xiaomi very much too.”

Then, with a coquettish voice, “Sister Jiali, you’re so pretty. Will I be as pretty as you when I grow up?”

“Of course. You’ll be even prettier in fact.”

“Sister Jiali, why did you come to the virtual world instead of being a celebrity?”

“Sigh, I probably am not fated to a life of fame, so I’ll just live around however I can and wait for my time to die. By the way, I’m not staying in Su Yang’s place for free, I’ve paid my rental.”


“Su Yang, why can’t Gru talk?”

“How should I know?”

“Then why don’t we teach it how to talk?”

“Um, okay…”

Su Yang could never reject Chuxia’s requests.

Half a month later.

“Gru, say ‘Su Yang’.”


“Su ~ Yang ~”

“G ~ Ru ~”

“Su Yang…”


One month later, in the morning.

Su Yang woke up from his sleep and realized that Gru was lying beside his bed, looking at him with its big eyes.

“Gru, G-G… Gu… Su… Su… Su Yang?”

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