I’ll Add Points To All Things

Chapter 944 - ime To Show My Hand

Chapter 944: Time To Show My Hand

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After she said that, the dog beside her opened its mouth and shouted, “Good luck, you guys! Don’t let us down.”

“Our Master has spent a lot of effort to buy time for everyone.”

The woman nodded and said, “That’s right, so you must all cherish this opportunity.”

After saying that, she nodded at everyone and said, “We’ll carry on relieving the flood.”

As she said that, she floated away along the river. It was obvious that she was prepared to get rid of this flood dragon along the way.

After all, just because the flood turned around did not mean that it had disappeared. Once the spiritual energy was used up, a bigger disaster would arrive. Therefore, only by completely dispersing the water vapor would the whole project be completed.

At that moment, in front of the dam and in front of TV, everyone who saw this turned silent.

Moments later.

There was a commotion!

Then, a huge uproar!

The entire internet had really exploded!

When Janet started to relieve the flood, the sharks under her were busy at work as well.

They had been around Janet, providing her with ability support.

Meanwhile, some of the Imperial Guards who could handle the situation alone were responsible for dams downstream, weakening the water and clearing the water vapor in the sky.

Thus, with the help of Janet’s shark race, this great flood that was rarely seen in decades was easily… Resolved.

In the Internet era, these miracles that were shown time and time again were all posted online, and it caused a sensation with Janet.

This was the first time that all of China had witnessed the arrival of a miracle era. It was also the first time that they knew that a huge change was about to happen to the world!

This time, it was not those fraudulent people online, but a live broadcast from the national TV station!

The officials would not cooperate with others to act in a TV drama.

This was a 100% gold medal-worthy show!

However, what they did not know was that… Everything that had happened was indeed just a show.

This was the result of Su Yang’s discussion with the country’s big shots.

Although they did not expect the dam to burst, they had originally wanted Janet to show off a miracle to prepare the entire country.

If they did not call in advance, the live broadcast would probably be shut down when the dam broke. Otherwise, there would be an accident on live broadcast…

Under the arrangement of Su Yang and the country, everyone in the country knew that the world was about to change and that a new era was coming.

This brought about security issues and some acts of thievery.

However, at that moment, the country that had been prepared for this came out with a heavy blow to make these riots disappear, so they did not cause a huge ruckus.

As for other countries…

The people’s IQ was divided into two levels.

Some of them thought that China was just putting on a show. They even joked that this was the new generation’s “Slaying The White Dragon In A Dream” and “A Huge Dream”. It was China’s trick to gain people’s support and take over the world.

There were also smart people who noticed some clues from recent events, so they started to stock up on food.

Because Su Yang did not inform them beforehand, the various countries did not have a proper response, which resulted in chaos abroad.

At this point, Su Yang’s plan was completed. His goal was simple: to give humans a better chance than other living beings. He wanted to give his own country’s people a better chance.

Now, he had done everything he could.

Hence, three days later, Su Yang came to the rooftop of the third floor again. He summoned the system and clicked on the Platinum Race.

Looking at his billions of yuan in savings, Su Yang did not hesitate to give himself more.

All of a sudden, a notification popped up in front of Su Yang. [Are you sure you want to unlock the reproductive ability of this race’s extraordinary individual?]

The moment Su Yang saw the notification, a question mark appeared on his head.

‘So the reason why humans could not become Platinum Race was because we were supernatural individuals, which meant that we were infertile?

‘In other words… If I didn’t evolve all of humanity to Platinum Race, I would not have any descendants?’

At that moment, Su Yang had two thoughts.

The first thought that came to his mind was… ‘Holy sh*t! Then all the tools that I used before have been wasted! You should’ve said so earlier!’

The second thought was… ‘Well, I suppose good karma does happen to good people.’

If he had been as selfish as he was a few years ago when he had not obtained the system, ignoring the safety of the human race, he would have become a “God” and left the human race to fend for themselves. Then he would not have known that he was actually infertile.

‘So… A little more kindness to this world equals a little more kindness to others, and also a little more kindness to yourself.’

At that thought, Su Yang felt satisfied. He clicked on [Confirm].

A moment later, a colorful light descended and enveloped him!

Su Yang felt warm all over, as if his body had undergone some strange changes.

He felt like he could still go on for another 500 rounds!

Most importantly, those 500 rounds would be with both Chu Xia and Tang Jing!

When the light disappeared, another notification appeared before Su Yang. [Human+8 fulfills the requirement to advance to the Platinum Race. Please choose whether to advance or not.]

Su Yang nodded and clicked without hesitation.

Another five-colored light descended from the sky and landed on Su Yang, enveloping him into a cocoon of light.

The cocoon of light kept expanding and contracting, as if it was giving birth to a new life.

After more than half an hour, the five-coloured cocoon of light suddenly shrunk into Su Yang’s body.

At the same time, the seven billion humans heard the sound of chains breaking.

At the same time, Su Yang’s voice was transmitted into the minds of all the humans. “From today onwards, I, Su Yang, shall be the Pioneer and remove the supernatural restrictions on all humans, thus successfully becoming a Platinum Race.”

The sound was like the voice of a god. No matter where they were, where they were, or what state they were in, they all heard it at the same time.

Countless people raised their heads to look at the sky, confused.

However, they only felt that… There seemed to be an infinite life force in their bodies.

After turning humans into Platinum Races, Su Yang slowly closed his eyes and connected to Earth, preparing to add a point to Earth.

Just as Su Yang was about to add some points to Earth…

All the countries on Earth were in an uproar.

Su Yang’s global announcement and the birth of the Platinum Race made all the humans understand what was going on.

At the end of the day, the world had to advance, become extraordinary, and enter a higher dimension. This caused the energy of a higher dimension to enter, causing the world to change.

As the representative of mankind, Su Yang became the first supernatural being under his own efforts. He also became the “Overlord” of the Earth’s promotion ceremony.

For the sake of humanity, he had purposely delayed the Earth’s advancement, giving the humans time to react.

Meanwhile, he had the other mutated creatures moved to another world, leaving Earth completely to the humans.

After that, he consumed his own spiritual energy to bring the humans to the peak, the Platinum Race.

The brand that came from the race was like a supreme law that made all the humans who heard it know that it was real.

In that instant, Su Yang became a god-like figure in the hearts of all humans.

At that moment, Su Yang’s friends and enemies on Earth all had different expressions on their faces when they felt the “notification” coming from their bloodlines.

In Shanghai, Mr Jia smiled, feeling that everything was under control.

In the Imperial Capital…

Guo Fan, who was preparing for “Wandering Planet 2”, and the Little Comparer who was producing “The Devilish Boy 2” were drinking together.

Hearing this, they looked at each other for a moment.

Somewhere else in the Imperial Capital.

Wu Feng was playing a game with his wife when he suddenly heard that mysterious feeling in his heart and he stopped playing his game.

After a while, he shook his head at his wife. “Brother Su… You really are a legendary figure.”

Old Zhou, who was still drinking tea with ginseng water and wolfberries at Shanghai University, smiled bitterly and shook his head. “I already felt that Su Yang was extraordinary back then. But… This is way too extraordinary.”

Meanwhile, Young Master Ying, whose father had passed away, had been promoted. With Su Yang’s help, his company was developing smoothly. At that moment, he sat in the spacious office with his mouth wide open.

After a while, he said, “What the?! What the f*ck? What the actual f*ck?!”

Somewhere else, Old Master Jiang was chatting with Jiang Yan in the sanatorium.

Originally, he was already in his 90s, so his body should have long but collapsed.

However, ever since he drank the special oral serum that Su Yang provided him, his health improved day by day.

Based on his doctor’s judgment, his body seemed as if he had returned to being in his 70s.

This made him more optimistic about Su Yang.

Thus, as Su Yang and the country’s proxy and the most favored granddaughter of the Jiang family, Jiang Yan was often pulled over to chat with him.

The two of them chatted for a long time, where Su Yang would always be brought up constantly.

Just as the two of them were talking about how Su Yang’s breakthrough would affect the world, a voice rang in their hearts.

Hearing that voice, both of them froze.

After a while, Old Master Jiang looked at Jiang Yan, adjusted his glasses, and smiled kindly. “Huh… Little Su, you really like to do big things without a single word.”

Jiang Yan nodded coldly.

Elder Jiang looked at Jiang Yan and shook his head. “It’s a pity that he’s not our family’s son-in-law.”

Jiang Yan’s cold face fell.

Somewhere else, Han Yi, who had long become a global S-list celebrity, was acting for a film at that moment.

When that voice rang out, everyone froze, and filming automatically stopped.

After hearing the voice, everyone looked at Han Yi strangely.

After all, Han Yi was Su Yang’s female celebrity. She was able to achieve her current achievements and become a global superstar because of Su Yang’s support.

At that moment, Han Yi’s eyes were also sparkling. “Su Yang…”

She still remembered when she arrived at the company and participated in the “Legend Of Wu Zetian” project. She felt uneasy and went to look for Su Yang.

At the time, Su Yang took out a few hundred million yuan and made a bet with her to reassure her. He also told her that no matter if she succeeded or failed, she would be invincible.

At that moment, she thought that he was crazy.

But now that she recalled everything, she realized that it was probably only such a person who would be able to accomplish such a huge feat.

Meanwhile, in Korea’s Prison…

Lee Jaerong, the former vice president of Samsung, and the company’s Crown Prince, stared at the sky, speechless for a long time.

In America…

Draenor, who had left his post and was living in fear at home, was trembling. He finally realized what kind of monster he had provoked.

In Jincheng.

The King Of Zhejiang, who was in a prison cell, felt his hands tremble before he started to laugh crazily. His eyes were filled with tears.

In Shanghai.

Sixth Liu, who was carrying bricks at the construction site, looked up.

‘Su Yang… What a distant name.’

As for the women related to Su Yang…

First of all, Chu Xia…

Hearing Su Yang’s voice and the ‘notification’ from her race, Chuxia smiled and her eyes curled up.

“That’s the man I chose.”

Secondly, Tang Jing, who was dressed in office attire and had light makeup on, but seemed more and more beautiful thanks to Su Yang’s “nutrients”, was having a meeting with her subordinates in her office.

She smiled gently but did not say anything.

As for Tang Xiaomi…

While she was absent-mindedly twirling her pen in class, she mumbled, “As expected of the man that I have taken a fancy to! Although… Mommy stole him away from me. Hmph.”

Meanwhile, Qu Xiaomeng, who had not appeared for a long time, had stars in her eyes. “Wow, Su Yang is amazing!”

Then, Pan Zhaodi, who was quietly cleaning Su Yang’s villa, looked up at the sky, remaining expressionless with her cold face.

Meanwhile, in the Imperial Capital…

When Lin Jiali heard this, she quickly took out a small notebook from her pocket.

The notebook recorded all the weird things that happened to her. For example, how her clothes were pulled up for no reason, how she saw Su Yang coming out of her toilet in the middle of the night…

After a while, she put on a coat, went to the kitchen to pick up a kitchen knife and rushed out…

An hour later, Tan Mei, the boss of Jiadian Entertainment, bailed out a dejected Lin Jiali.

However, the fact that the knife was gone did not mean that Lin Jiali had given up on settling scores with Su Yang.

Two hours later, she boarded a plane to Shanghai…

At that moment, Su Yang, who was in the virtual space, did not know how much of an impact he had after he add brought humanity to become a Platinum Race.

He was connected to Earth. Like before, the darkness before his eyes slowly darkened and was shrouded in black fog.

When he opened his eyes, he was already above Earth.

Looking at the beautiful planet before him, Su Yang turned on the system and clicked [Diamond Point].

A translucent [+] symbol appeared on the Earth before him.

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