I’ll Add Points To All Things

Chapter 942 - Is Spiritual Energy Being Revived?

Chapter 942: Is Spiritual Energy Being Revived?

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No one could live forever without fear of death.

Being able to live forever and live as long as the heavens was a great temptation for a living being.

Especially when there was a power that could surpass this dimension and become omnipotent.

There was no way Su Yang could reject that.

After confirming this, the only thing left was when Su Yang would add the point onto himself.

Based on the information that he had just received, Su Yang could choose the time to add the point for Earth and himself. Even if Su Yang lived for a hundred years as an ordinary person, he could still add the point right before he died.

After all, a hundred years of human life was only a blink of an eye for Earth.

So, Earth could wait.

However, Su Yang did not want to wait that long.

In the few years that he had lived, whether it was ability or luck, he had fought his way from the bottom to the status of the ruler of Earth.

After everything that had happened, he was tired. All he wanted to do was enjoy his retirement with his girlfriend… With an “s” at the back.

If he was tired, he would return to Earth and travel incognito.

He could be a couple. Well… A trio of carefree immortals.

However, Su Yang felt that there were still many things that he had yet to do.

For example, he felt that the most important thing which he should do was to add a point for the human race.

After all, it was just like the enlightenment that Su Yang had just received. After Su Yang added a point onto Earth, Earth would start a new era: the path of biological evolution.

By then, the spiritual energy would be inverted, and the spiritual energy would revive. All the living beings would start to compete again and choose the new era’s overlord.

Before the dawn of the magically rich era, the Platinum Race that possessed spiritual energy and special abilities were naturally closer to the finish line than other living beings.

As a member of the human race, Su Yang naturally could not allow such a thing to happen. Regardless of whether he was the master of the Platinum Races, whether he was the god of Earth in the future, the fact of the matter was he was still part of the human race. Therefore, he wanted to do something for them.

That was, before adding points to Earth, before the dawn of the magically rich era, the humans would be transformed into Platinum Races. This would remind the humans that a new era had arrived.

As for what happened after that, he would leave it for them to decide.

After all, opening a new path of evolution was a life-changing opportunity for all humans. It allowed humans to live a short life.

Coupled with the ability of humans to rule the Earth for thousands of years and the care of the little monsters under Su Yang, if they could not reign supreme again, then… Su Yang would have nothing to say.

However, Su Yang would be worried about other countries. He was confident about his own country and his family.

The Chinese people had a good tradition of enduring hardships, being brave and confident, fighting against the heavens and the earth with endless joy. They would definitely be able to make a name for themselves in this new world.

After deciding on his plan, Su Yang started to work on it patiently.

He first went to meet the big shots of China and told them about the news that he had received. Of course, he omitted his part and only said that it was obtained through research.

Even though they did not really understand what Su Yang meant by “evolution” and “the revival of spiritual energy”, and even thought that it was a little nonsensical for that matter, the big shots of China decided to trust Su Yang after a long discussion and were mentally prepared.

So… They began to quietly stockpile resources, distribute disaster-resistant guidelines, and train the entire population to begin protective measures against disaster.

When Su Yang saw this, he felt a headache…

‘This is going to become a magically rich era, not the end of the world. Furthermore, I’m the one who’s going to be paving the way for you all, so there’s no need to be so sensitive.’

However, there was nothing he could do about it. His country was just that reliable, always thinking ahead and putting in maximum effort to deal with everything.

‘Anyway, better be safe than sorry.’

Su Yang could only hypnotize himself with this saying.

Previously, Su Yang had completed the final mission. From the moment he obtained the system until now, he had obtained 4 billion coins and could now turn humans into a Platinum Race.

However, Su Yang had previously made Janet, Xue Ya, and the other little monsters into Platinum Races. He had also covered the entire virtual world with virtual spaces, which added up to 700 to 800 million coins.

Together with the miscellaneous expenses…

On the whole, there was still about one billion coins short until he could add points to the entire human race.

For the sake of this billion yuan, Su Yang was so worried that his hair had turned white. He had thought of all sorts of methods.

He first went to the slums of various countries to ask for help from those who could not even use their phones or internet. Then, with Tang Jing’s reminder, he remembered that there were many babies and children.

No matter when, money was always the most effective way to influence people.

So he… Once again brought out huge sums of money to start distributing subsidies to children and babies around the world.

Of course, when it came to subsidies, Su Yang had a targeted market as well.

For example, the subsidies that the farmers received were about 10 times the amount, while some African countries and white people received much less.

In order to prevent the parents from spending the money on their own and not giving their children any expenses, Su Yang even set up a strict system to pursue the matter. He forbade the families who received the subsidies from spending the money on other matters.

After all, they were all given digital currency, and Little Deeny’s current computing power was terrifying. Therefore, Little Deeny would know what the people who received the money bought.

If they were to spend money recklessly, a notification would pop up on one’s glass phone, reminding them that if they were to spend a lot of money recklessly, then Jiadian Group had the right to freeze their accounts.

Under such coercion, the lives of children around the world improved greatly.

This also bought Su Yang a new batch of influencers.

Just like that, Su Yang’s influence started to increase. Coupled with the money that Jiadian Group had been throwing around the world all these years, their lives had changed. With the addition of Jiadian Group, all the wars in the world stopped.

Finally, in 2025, Su Yang accumulated more than 4 billion coins!

There was a reason why the accumulation of coins was so slow, this was because there were only so many people in the world. When this all began, literally anyone could be influenced and have a coin gained.

However, when the number of people influenced passed the five billion mark, most of the people in the world would have already been affected.

Most of the ones who had yet to be influenced were at the bottom of the hierarchy.

For example, those who lived in the slums in Mexico and were forced to commit crimes.

In India, for example, the people who lived in poor villages

There were many countries that lived in the mountains and were isolated from the world who were included in this list as well.

These people were extremely difficult to influence and needed to be treated with great effort.

Of course, other than these people, there were also those who were wary of Jiadian Group and hated Su Yang. Due to their preconceived notions, most of them would not accept the benefits given by Jiadian Group just for the convenience of their livelihood.

Hence, when these two categories of people were added together, the remaining amount of people to be influenced became very high.

Therefore, Su Yang was considered to have put in a lot of hard work in order to gather enough people in a few years.

In the past few years, the world had changed drastically.

The first was the transitioning of the world’s absolute ruler.

Ever since that battle, America had been unable to recover from the setback. Furthermore, due to Su Yang’s “extra care”, their economy could no longer keep up with the progress.

Su Yang, in particular, had the most powerful military force in the world and the highest level of technology. Hence, under his leadership, the western technology blockade on China was broken.

For example, the famous Wassenaar Agreement was directly abolished: the original prohibition on providing the latest technological products to China became a thing of the past.

Due to the fall of the hegemonic power of America, China, who was the second most powerful country in the world, began to rise.

With Su Yang’s help and England’s bootlicking, China’s products started to dominate the global market.

In addition, Su Yang had sold all the fighter planes and aircraft carriers he obtained from America to China, thus allowing the country to gradually gain the confidence to be the world’s overlord. At that moment, they had aircraft carriers cruising around the world, and more and more foreign military bases established.

Gradually, China gained the intention to take over the world order.

Initially, the world thought that Su Yang would fight to the death with China since he was the representative of both China and Central Asia.

However, the face of the matter was that he did not.

Instead, he merely silently acknowledged, pretending as if he was completely unaware of what’s happening.

On the other hand, when other countries wanted to play tricks, Su Yang would always visit those countries with a missile at hand.

Therefore, the countries gradually understood Su Yang’s hidden meaning…

What was more important was Su Yang’s plan for Central Asia.

Even though Su Yang was very friendly to the locals in Central Asia, he had been letting China citizens migrate to Central Asia and had given them a lot of support.

With the support of two countries, China started to spread their influence in Central Asia and gradually became a mainstay of Central Asia.

On the other hand, Su Yang used the fact that the Central Asia region needed some military assistance to get a Chinese company to station tens of thousands of troops there.

In a sense, Central Asia was also considered to be China.

Sometimes, the whole world wondered if Jiadian Group was actually supported by China.

‘Is Su Yang always being supported by China?’

However, only China knew the answer to that question, that Su Yang was really developing everything on his own.

After that, Su Yang’s sudden “rebellion” against the other countries had caused China to be confused as well. They thought that they had raised a wild wolf.

However, what happened after that proved Su Yang’s determination.

At that moment, Old Master Jiang was grinning from ear to ear every day, saying that he had not misjudged him.

After all, to be able to be like Su Yang and have technology that transcended times, build up a base in another country, fight against America, transfer the risks to help the country dominate Earth, and then give everything to the people from his homeland… All of these actions deemed Su Yang as a true saint.

This also proved Old Master Jiang’s judgment of character.

After all, during Su Yang’s most difficult times, Old Master Jiang was the one who used his many years of pride and dignity to help Su Yang withstand all the pressure and gave Su Yang ample room for development.

Now that Old Master Jiang was drinking tea and the special oral fluids that Su Yang gave him every day, his body’s condition was improving day by day. The most said statement Old Master Jiang would utter everyday was, “Su Yang is a good lad! I didn’t misjudge him back then!”

The second statement was to ask Jiang Yan if it was possible between her and Su Yang.

Whenever this happened, Young Master Jiang would look helpless and did not want to answer. She felt like a woman from the old era where she would be forced to marry someone in an arranged marriage…

After accumulating sufficient coins to evolve humanity into a Platinum Races, Su Yang was ready to add the point onto Earth and become a god himself.

Then, he began his last plan, which was to give humanity a sufficient heads up…

In March 2025, in important cities like Shanghai, the Imperial Capital, and London, a group of winged flying fish suddenly flew across the sky.

This phenomenon caused a global uproar.

Some people said it was a special effect, some said it was a biological mutation, and some said it was fake. All in all, there were all kinds of explanations…

In April of that same year, a dragon-shaped living being suddenly appeared at Dongting Lake who began to absorb the water within.

In May, someone saw a flock of crows turn into… A cute girl in Shanghai.

In June, a fleet discovered a coconut tree made of gold in the Pacific.

As these things were exposed, more and more people realized that something was amiss.

At that moment, under Su Yang’s instructions, various countries announced the discovery of strange living beings near the North Pole and the Hawaiian Islands a few years ago. They also suggested that this might be a sign that modern living beings were rapidly evolving.

While the whole world was enjoying the show, the netizens of China were getting more and more excited.

After some analysis, netizens with rich reading experience thought that this might be a sign.

It was a sign of the magically rich era’s arrival!

Perhaps the world line had changed, and all the living beings were about to evolve!

And humans could very well welcome the peak of their race in this evolutionary feast.

And the effect of these analyses…Almost amounted to nothing.

After all, this was too magical of an analysis to make. It was like making up a story, and no one believed that it was real.

On the Internet, there were more liars who said that they could breathe fire or water, and even fly…

Su Yang, who was holding the red button to evolution in his hand, burst out laughing when he saw the frauds’ performances.

“These people are seriously awesome! If I hadn’t brought about the magically rich era, I would have really been tricked by you all!”

Even though there were more and more anomalies in the world, the netizens from the various countries and the people were just gossiping about it.

Even the netizens who had analyzed the magical era treated this as a joke and did not take it seriously.

All except for… The big shots in China.

They were really prepared for an apocalyptic disaster.

Su Yang shook his head repeatedly at their actions.

However, their preparations were not useless, because before the magical era started, another disaster arrived in this country…

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